The Easter Bunny Gets Transed: Who Could Have Predicted?
By Ben Bartee - April 11, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

They did it to Santa Claus.

Why wouldn’t the transgenderists forcibly trans the Easter Bunny as well?

Source: Pride Basics

The irony of gendered transgender t-shirt styles!

Source: Amazon

The transed Easter egg imagery is interesting, ironic, and totally blasphemous — given that the Easter Bunny represents renewal and fertility in Christian symbolism. The kids the transgenderists put on puberty blockers and artificial hormones, of course, will likely be infertile for life.

Nothing is sacred to these people.

Nothing is beyond the grasp of the black hand of gender transitionism, even genderless religious icons.

And let’s be honest: the Easter Bunny was ripe for targeting. It doesn’t exude rugged masculinity in the same way the bearded, gluttonous Santa Claus does, plus it’s usually purple or pink or some pastel shade thereof.

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