The Euro Is Finished? And What Comes Next? …
By Staff News & Analysis - May 11, 2012

It's too late for Germany to save the euro … Despite belated gestures from Berlin, the single currency cannot survive if and when Greece leaves it … Greece's motorcycling Marxist, Alexis Tsipras, makes an unlikely champion, with his commuter leathers and largely unrealistic Left-wing views, but he seems to be about the best of a bad bunch right now … Rightly, he's rejected Berlin's austerity programme as "barbaric" and counter-productive (though, incongruously, he rides to parliament on a German-made BMW), but he's not yet managed to reconcile himself to the logical corollary of this analysis – that Greece must take back control of its own destiny by leaving the euro. As it is, the economy is condemned only to permanent depression. Youth unemployment in Greece was yesterday revealed to have overtaken even that of Spain, at an almost unbelievable 53.8 per cent. This for an economy which, if it sticks to the programme, has a further 150,000 public sector jobs still to shed. Those who think that, with the requisite degree of structural reform, the private sector will automatically move in and fill the gap can forget it. The banking system is insolvent, credit is plummeting, the flight of capital continues unabated and businesses are going bust in record numbers. As long as Greece remains in the euro, there is no plausible path back to growth. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: The euro is done but we shall stagger on …

Free-Market Analysis: The power elite that we cover as part of our brief to understand the Way the World Really Works focuses apparently on the goal of world government.

It follows many paths to get there.

One path it follows is of ever-increasing centralization. The power elite has helped create regional unions throughout the world and these were to be the world's building blocks to one-world government.

But now the world's major union – the European Union – is falling apart.

This is a great victory for those who do not want more centralization of finance, regulation and government generally.

But the elites that are trying to run the world (and are bankrolled by its central banks) are not about to give up easily. They intended to use the unrolling euro-crisis to create a closer and more powerful European Union.

No doubt they still hope to accomplish this. But if they cannot, then they will move in the other direction. They will encourage and even create chaos. Because ….

Out of chaos, order. If the power elite cannot consolidate Europe, it will doubtless encourage the chaotic break-up of the union.

But either approach is aimed at the same goal – making people feel so miserable and helpless that they acquiesce gratefully to world government as a way of alleviating the pain.

There is now a spate of articles – such as this one that we excerpted above – speculating about the breakup of the euro and even the EU. Such things are not by accident, perhaps.

The power elite OWNS the mainstream media just the way it owns central banks around the world. Over time, it prepares and disseminates certain dominant social themes.

If there is within the mainstream media a broad promotion for a certain sociopolitical or economic aspect, then chances are it is no accident, in our humble view.

Thus, if we continue to see a wave of speculation in the mainstream media about the break-up of the EU or the euro, we'd have to conclude that the powers-that-be are focusing on this possibility and intend to use it to help create world government.

This does not mitigate the elites' setback. In the era of the Internet Reformation it's difficult to move quickly and silently toward formal world domination.

But if the elites have decided that the best way to achieve their aims currently is via additional chaos and the breakdown of structured society, then we are likely entering a new era.

It will be one that has considerable promise, for it will become evident that the one-world conspiracy of the past century, anyway, is losing its grip.

After Thoughts

At the same time it will likely be a painful era, one filled with war and bloodshed, along with economic chaos and authoritarian rule. The elites will not go easily, if they go. A "step-back" is about the best that can be hoped for. But that would be quite something.

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