The New Meme of Open Borders
By Staff News & Analysis - May 03, 2013

If People Could Immigrate Anywhere, Would Poverty Be Eliminated? … What if there was a program that would cost nothing, improve the lives of millions of people from poorer nations, and double world GDP? At least one economist says that increased mobility of people is by far the biggest missed opportunity in development. And an informally aligned group of advocates is doing its best to make the world aware of the "open borders" movement, which suggests that individuals should be able to move between countries at will. – The Atlantic

Dominant Social Theme: Immigration and emigration are necessary.

Free-Market Analysis: We are not fooled by this emergent meme. It sounds reasonable but it is really intended, in our view, to flood with the West with other cultures and other ethnicities.

In theory, this is great; in practice not so.

It is more than likely a globalist gambit, intended to continue the work of breaking down society so as to build up a truly global one.

The only trouble is that culture is resilient and nothing will invite social chaos, resentment and violence more than forcibly shoving one culture onto another.

In France, people are rioting over Islamic religious and cultural practices.

The English are not big fans of the Indian influx.

The United States has still not figured out how to bridge the black-white divide.

Here's how the article ends:

The goals of the group are still small in scope compared to the changes championed by … open borders advocates. The first principle stated on the site is "comprehensive immigration reform that allows for the hiring of the best and brightest." That "best and brightest" qualification makes this goal the opposite of comprehensive …

"Open borders will become a reality when the public stops believing that immigrants are a threat," sociologist Fabio Rojas recently wrote, comparing the open borders movement to the gay rights movement. "Even if a pro-immigration referendum fails to pass, it will still serve the function of forcing the issue onto the public stage. These actions won't !change the minds of those strongly committed to anti-immigration policy. Instead, they will make immigration seem 'normal' to a later generation of people."

The article misses the point. There is nothing wrong with open immigration in a free society. The problem is that the free market is NOT organizing the immigration process.

The POLITICAL process is in charge and will stay in charge even as this "open borders" debate is promoted.

Because it is not about offering a better life to immigrants. It is about breaking down culture so that internationalism can be advanced.

Get rid of welfare programs and public property. Let immigrants travel within the structure of a private marketplace. If the Earth were owned by people and companies instead of held in the "public trust" this sort of movement would make sense.

Worry about reestablishing the right for people to own private property throughout their land. Worry about the abuse of public lands and the way they are manipulated by the UN, etc.

Immigration needs to be PRIVATIZED before it is opened … To add an "open borders movement" to the current lamentable situation as regards private property is simply inviting trouble – both class and ethnic conflict.

After Thoughts

Watch it happen.

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