The Pure Fiat Con: Every Transaction Available for Official Scrutiny – and That's Just the Point?
By Staff News & Analysis - September 18, 2012

Bitcoin Exchange Scam – Bitcoins Are Now Worthless … What do you think? Would you put your life savings into Bitcoin? –

Dominant Social Theme: Use pure fiat and record all your transactions … just to be sure you stay anonymous!

Free-Market Analysis: In a previous article we examined what increasingly seems to be a monetary con – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a pure electronic, fiat currency with no metals backing at all. It is accruing "value" and has huge exposure on such mainstream sites as Reddit.

Supposedly you can make use of Bitcoin anonymous by using Tor. We doubt it. Here's something recently posted at Reddit:

Anything in Tor is completely traceable. This is an important point, so I'll reiterate it in big scary letters:


Any low-latency mixnet is. There's no two ways about it. Anyone who can observe a sufficiently large part of the internet over time can correlate your traffic to that of the server and get a pretty good idea that it's you.

I'll observe your IP connecting to an entry node and sending 13981 bytes to it. Then I'll observe an exit node sending exactly 13981 bytes to a server a second later. That's you, with an overwhelming probability. It's a bit of a simplification, but it's really that easy. I just have to be powerful enough to be able to observe large parts of the internet, since Tor nodes are spread around the globe.

Bitcoin may well be one more way of acclimating people to using traceable actions in an electronic environment. What is not traceable may surely be traceable in the future. You just have to store the data.

People remain enamored of Bitcoin despite all the news about its manipulation. It's not like gold or silver that have a history of thousands of years of value.

In fact, Bitcoins have had significant ups and downs – and various charges of manipulation – but is continually promoted in the manner of elite dominant social themes. These are fear-based promotions aimed at pushing middle classes to give up power and wealth to elitist facilities building world government.

In this case, the fear being promoted is of central bank currency – and the solution is UN LETS currencies and pure fiat like Bitcoin.

The idea is apparently to get people used to keeping track of EVERY transaction they make – because that's how these sorts of currencies work.

At the same time as these evil people promoting these currencies – and surely evil is not too strong a word if we are correct in our suspicions this is a psy-op – advance the idea that using gold and silver only enables the power elite.

The pressure to use these ersatz currencies has been building for decades, even centuries – as good elite promotions tend to do. Now there is a virtual frenzy to use these monetary facilities.

There is a great deal of learned talk about "usury" and it suggests that people who want to charge interest to recognize the time value of money are criminals who ought to go to jail.

The Protocols of Zion are invoked by such worthies as the "inventor" of social credit, Major Douglas, and his co-authoritarian partner, Silvio Gesell – of whom Douglas was openly contemptuous for advocating a sinking-money tax beyond what any human had conceived before.

The viciousness and bile is almost endless. But perhaps that should only be expected given that these currency methodologies – criminalization of interest, for instance – were utilized by Adolf Hitler to build his command-and-control war machine.

Poison of Neo-National Socialist Public Banking

And now it would seem the power elite has brought them here – to the modern-day West – for a second run. The elites always do everything twice it seems.

Shame on these paid apologists of the elites – or so they would seem. It is said, for instance, that the use of such currencies will deal a blow to Jewish interests as "all" Jews (and surely every Jew is a Zionist) are interest oppressors. These currencies, then, are positioned as a Christian duty.

Even Ezra Pound finally recanted of anti-Semitism, realizing that to tar all people of a certain type as "evil" was a "stupid suburban prejudice." But that won't stop what appears to be the modern purveyors of hate.

We recently reported on the Socialist Party of Great Britain's posting of an article entitled "Major Douglas rides again: The revival of currency crankism." You can see our article about it here: Currency and Credit Schemes Blow Up … and Go Green.

If anyone can recognize Fabian propaganda, it's a fellow socialist! The article begins as follows:

In the course of our nearly one hundred years of socialist activity, one of the ideas that we have had to deal with from time to time has been currency crankism—the idea that economic and social problems are caused by some flaw in the monetary system and that what is required to put things right is not to get rid of the profit system that is capitalism but mere monetary reform (of one kind or another, depending on which particular school the currency crank belongs to).

Between the wars the most popular school of currency crankism in Britain was Social Credit, based on the ideas of Major Douglas (as he was known). His explanation for the slump—of poverty amidst potential plenty, of unmet needs alongside idle factories and widespread unemployment, of piles of unsold goods being destroyed—was simple, not to say simplistic: it was due to a lack of purchasing power, to people not having enough money to buy what they needed or to constitute a market worth catering for.

The solution, too, was simplistic: distribute purchasing power free to people in the form of a "social dividend" paid by the government. Douglas believed that banks could "create credit" by the mere stroke of a pen, but that they deliberately kept money scarce so as to be able to charge a higher rate of interest. Hence his solution that the banks should be taken over by the government and their supposed power to create credit exercised but in the general interest, as "social credit".

You see the essentially authoritarian nature of these people. Not only have they figured out what ails the world, they're perfectly willing to force their choices on YOU using government power.

The article also argues that banks cannot "create credit" as they are "essentially only financial intermediaries, borrowing money at one rate of interest from people with cash to spare and lending this at a higher rate to those needing money to spend or invest, their profits coming from the difference between the two interest rates."

Good for the socialists. When it comes to analyzing fraudulent promotions they have a lot of experience and good judgment, too. This was only the end result of continual research into how these currencies worked and who was behind them. Their promoters may have purposefully been brought in from abroad (an old Intel trick).

After continually researching these currencies and finding out just how deeply the UN was involved in them, we realized that the reason for the promotion might well have to do with conditioning people to accept that all their transactions were to be logged and monitored. In LETS programs these transactions may even be made public!

Bitcoin itself is just part of a larger questionable series of facilities based around pure fiat currencies that are being sponsored by the UN and were developed in conjunction with the power elite's Fabian socialists.

In our article entitled "Elites Promote Pure Fiat Currencies – Mutual and Social Credit – for Traceability?" we pointed out what seemed to us the evolution of the con.

One after the other, websites and blogs have suddenly sprung up like mushrooms dutifully prating the idea that people should not be allowed to use interest, that gold and silver were entirely controlled by the Rothschilds (they are not) and that monopoly private banking was the duty of the government (God help us) not private "banksters."

It seems to us, perhaps, to have the signature of a power elite promotion … [Even] the US government via Lockheed Martin is anticipating the popularity of such systems as well – both Bitcoin and something called Secondlife.

Why the heck would the military-industrial complex search out specialists in such? Understanding the way these currencies work better now, we think we've figured it out.

Traceability! Almost all the modern schemes demand ledgers where transactions are recorded. It surely would be easy enough for "authorities" to gain access to these records, if they wished to.

You don't have to be doing something illegal to want anonymity. With these systems you surely don't seem to get it. Their very operation demands intensive record keeping, sometimes of every transaction.

This is a forensic financial investigator's dream situation. It is possible, perhaps, to reconstruct just about any transaction. It's not like paper fiat where greenbacks are anonymous and gold and silver are traded (often) without identifying signatures …

When we researched these systems we were astonished to find that the United Nations was a big proponent of them and that one of the top promoters of such systems was Margrit Kennedy − who used to work for UNESCO.

After Thoughts

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