The Ron Paul Story
By Staff News & Analysis - May 29, 2010

In less than two years since its founding, [the Congressman Ron Paul-generated] Campaign for Liberty has shocked the political establishment and taken the fight right to the statists in Washington, D.C. The level of success you and I have achieved would have been unbelievable just a few short years ago. Before the Freedom Revolution, no one in the inside the beltway political establishment would have thought a complete audit of the Federal Reserve would ever be seriously considered. But you and I have proved them wrong. Because you and hundreds of thousands of other Americans stood up and fought back, creating a firestorm of activity and putting the Fed under greater public scrutiny than ever before. – John Tate, President, Campaign for Liberty

Dominant Social Theme: A new political dynasty is forming?

Free-Market Analysis: While we usually focus on the dominant social these of the elite, we wanted to take the time over this weekend to comment on the Paul clan and how it has been shaking up the political establishment. We are aware of the reports circulating that Ron Paul (above left) is part of the "controlled opposition." But he was close to Murray Rothbard and labored in obscurity for decades as regards his anti-military, pro hard-money beliefs. Thus, regardless of some surprising Youtube videos, we will take this small moment to recognize the progress that the libertarian movement has made in part as a result of Ron Paul's higher profile.

It is true that for several decades there has not been much to celebrate, certainly not in America (or in Britain for that matter). Since Ronald Reagan's time (and the Gipper did seem to be a genuine libertarian conservative in many ways), the American libertarian community has lagged in popularity. Times are a-changing. In fact, this is something of a Daily Bell dominant social theme – that the Internet has become not only a force for freedom and truth-telling but that it has generated a whole penumbra of actionable socio-political results that have tended to undermine power elite fear-based promotions.

These results include the freedom-based Tea Party movement in America, the erosion of the global warming meme worldwide, and even the growing dissatisfaction with the EU over in Europe. While it is probably too early to say with certainty that libertarian Congressman Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul, is going to be the next Senator from Kentucky, it is still fairly likely (despite the smears) that Rand Paul may win, thus in one stroke politically outdo his father who is a mere, albeit effective, House Congressman. This would mean that America would truly have a new political dynasty to celebrate.

Another reason to celebrate is because of the success of the Campaign for Liberty (see excerpt above). This group has truly made undeniable strides in the two years of its existence. While its achievements for obvious reasons (to us anyway) are not made much of in the media, its influence continues to grow. Here's some more from the "update letter" excerpted above:

Here are just a few examples [of Campaign for Liberty successes]:

– In November 2009, when the Fed's friends in Congress attempted to kill Audit the Fed in the House Financial Services Committee, C4L members defeated their plans and pushed the Paul/Grayson amendment to victory by a vote of 43-26.

– Last January, Ben Bernanke was appointed to a second term as Fed chairman, but intense pressure on the Senate led to him receiving fewer votes than any other chairman in history.

– A hot-off-the-presses Rasmussen survey this May has revealed that 80% of the American people want to hold the Fed accountable by thoroughly auditing its books, proving our efforts to educate our family, friends, and neighbors are working.

But the establishment isn't going to give up easily, and much remains to be done. Throughout the rest of the year, C4L will undertake several projects to advance the liberty message.

In addition to our continuing work on Audit the Fed, we're launching a major effort to contact millions of Americans about Ron Paul's End the Mandate Act, H.R. 4995, which would repeal the newly-passed federal mandate requiring Americans to carry government-approved health insurance. As election season heats up, C4L wants to keep incumbents and candidates accountable by making sure they go on the record about issues critical to liberty with our Candidate Survey program.

In just a few months, we'll be holding our New Hampshire Regional Conference, providing more top-notch grassroots training for grassroots activists and featuring leading speakers to educate and motivate us for the road ahead. … And we're going to continue pushing for a standalone, up or down vote on Audit the Fed, H.R. 1207 and S. 604, on the House and Senate floors.

Every day, more Americans are awakening to the failures of an out of control government, and there has never been a better chance for us to reclaim the Republic our forefathers entrusted to us.

It is always tempting to focus on the negative. (In addition hearing the rumors about Ron Paul, we have stated our belief that Rand Paul could be clearer about his libertarian tendencies … see: "Rand Paul Disappoints.") But as mentioned above, we see positives as well. The power elite in our estimation is having increasing difficulty with its promotions.

After having had the luxury of an almost hermetic mainstream message system (via the mainstream media) for at least 50 years (post World War II), the Internet has changed the environment radically and prised open the cloistered oyster-shell of power elite plans. Thousands of articles each day track the machinations of the elite and the corruption of Western government. Millions of readers each day comment on these articles and on freedom videos. Proof positive: here at the modest little Bell we received more than four million hits last month – and we're just getting started! It is truly a new century.

After Thoughts

We are well aware of course that even if Rand Paul wins his Senate seat, the chances of the mainstream media treating the Pauls with real adulation (like the Kennedys) are infinitesimal. Heck, to be honest, they are impossible. But, you know, the Pauls will roll on, rumors and all, and, likely, so will the freedom movement – which has a life of its own. It has spread, we think, beyond a single individual or institution.

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