The Unspoken Strife of Conspiracy Realists: You Are Not Alone
By Nicholas Creed - September 22, 2022

by Nicholas Creed via

Throughout this world-view shattering chaos and calamity, your amateur philosophical writer has struggled with inner conflict, despair, and desperation.

For many others in the conspiracy realist space, I know that your pain stretches back much, much further. Perhaps 911 was the pivotal moment when many were awoken to how this twisted world really works. The mystery of the real power structures somewhat laid bare, yet always scratching at you for want of deeper and more honest revelatory truth.

If you are as lucky as I am, then you have a small number of awakened confidants in your inner circle, whom you can talk with freely and openly. Those fellow enlightened souls, who keep your sanity in check, whom you can share stories with on trying to reach your loved ones.

It really does make the difference between being able to laugh at clown world, rather than helplessly crying.

If you feel like you truly are alone in this alternative reality, for a lack of any trusted friends or loved ones on the same page, then you need to know that you are not alone in this.

Although those who can see, may often be, geographically, thousands of miles apart, living lives of quiet desperation in different cities, countries, and continents, they are a part of something beautiful and righteous.

This is a spiritual war.

The Greek philosopher, Socrates (470-399 B.C), is recorded in history as having once said:

“All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.”

Parallel universes

For anyone reading this who still believes in government benevolence mixed with incompetency, to explain away the string of public health and economic disasters that have befallen us, I ask that you suspend such beliefs just for the duration of this article, as a thought experiment.

Surrounded by narrative-clingers, their willful ignorance is blissful for them, yet torturous to their black sheep loved ones. Less and less common conversational ground and small talk arenas remain, as all the intersecting agendas pervade all aspects of our lives.

It becomes nigh impossible to bite the tongue, to avoid interjecting during the fooled ones’ regurgitated MSM sound bites. In fact, it is the duty of the awakened to gently yet firmly reaffirm facts and actual reality in the face of those clinging to the narratives. It can be a sad and lonely place living in reality.

However, it is to live righteously, to be true to yourself, and to protect the purity of your soul.

Nobody talks about the mental onslaught of descending down the deepest, darkest rabbit holes on a daily basis, to uncover new horrors and forecasts on ADR, ADE, SIDS, SADS, VAIDS etc… Then somehow re-emerge from the hole unscathed, as a functioning member of society. If you are managing to do this, then you are as strong as a bull, with the heart of a lion.

Seamlessly alternating between your morning dose of dystopic degeneration, then allowing yourself to be present, to genuinely and naturally smile, to take a breath and have the courage to accept what you cannot change, yet have the perseverance to know how you can influence change.

Before midday you might have read yet another article on undertakers in yet another country, reporting a huge order increase in child-sized coffins. You scroll down the RSS feed to the next piece, informing you of the latest increase in the number of children reported dead as a result of the COVID-19 injectable products across VAERS, MHRA Yellow Card, and EudraVigilance…

Then in the afternoon, you’re cheerily told by your hairdresser that their child has just been boosted, and therefore they are now allowed back to school.

New York State has just run an ad campaign about children’s myocarditis awareness:


Meanwhile in the city of Toronto…

How the hell do you reconcile something like that in your conscience? How do you react?

The art of red-pilling

In the beginning, I would incoherently spurt out all the pent-up alternative media information I’d learned, coming across as a nutcase to any normal, well-adjusted person. Then as more conspiracy theories were validated as being true, some people would become more receptive to alternative sources of information and news.

Feeling like I was on a roll, I’d blast them with links in the same frequency as would be shared within my inner circle. That was a mistake. It was too much too soon and overwhelming for the old-world-viewers. They told me stop sending them links, that they wanted to get on with their lives. Relationships and friendships were strained, some irreparably broken, others hung by a thread.

The next stage of the gauntlet was carefully picking and choosing select links to share, only to be replied to with fact checks cited (or as Zuckerberg described his fact-checkers as having “protected opinion”). Add to that reply the observation (via google search engine and Wikipedia entries) that pretty much any link shared or expert was ‘right-wing’, a ‘misinformation quack’, ‘anti-government’ etc etc.

This was a tough old game to crack.

The current level of the playing field has molded your correspondent into a much calmer, more attentively active listener. Sparingly introducing no more than two pieces of new and emerging information into any given conversation with loved ones. Usually on the back of one of their off-the-cuff remarks.

For example, a few weeks back during the UK heatwave, someone told me how they’d read about an increase in heat strokes and heart attacks, resulting from the high temperatures (and inferring climate change). I was able to build upon their curiosity by explaining how the number one leading cause of death in the UK is ‘unknown cause of death’. Compared with ‘unknown cause of death’ previously being an insignificant figure for all cause mortality.

I added to this the media’s new phrases, SADS (sudden adult death syndrome), and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The person in question quipped that I must think this is linked to the injections (obviously, I do think that). Yet for the sake of open discourse, I said that nobody knows what is causing it, but it is alarming.

We were in agreement. Days past and this person came back to me, troubled, having read / seen / heard / watched reports of young athletes dropping dead. They finally asked me if I thought it was related to the injections, and I was able to introduce them to other sources reinforcing and documenting the likelihood of this being true.

Those clinging to the narratives cannot think logically, or make reasonable deductions, as a result of the total menticide they have been subjected to. They will not look at data and figures. The applied behavioural psychological techniques employed by governments (UK SAGE, SPI-B) have preyed on their emotions.

Ergo, we must humanely appeal to their emotions, in order to break through the mass psychosis.

Here’s a powerful clip between Mark Steyn (GB news) and Kathy Gyngell (TCW). They discuss the excess deaths in the UK, links to the COVID-19 injections, and how the “young and fit are dying.”

And one more piece of ammunition to appeal to the emotions of the lost souls, Bob Moran’s documentary:

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