The Victims of 9/11 Should Not Be Forgotten
By Staff News & Analysis - September 11, 2012

Obama says victims will never be forgotten as 9/11 remembrances begin … President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that the September 11 victims would be remembered "no matter how many years pass" as Americans marked the 11th anniversary of the attacks in which nearly 3,000 people were killed by airliners hijacked by Islamist militants. Two of the passenger jets brought down the Twin Towers of New York City's World Trade Center, another hit the Pentagon outside Washington and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania when passengers aboard that flight fought back against the hijackers. − Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: 9/11 was a terrible tragedy.

Free-Market Analysis: There is a steady drumbeat of suspicions that simply refuses to subside when it comes to 9/11., Patriots Question 9/11 and hundreds of other websites continually question what really happened on 9/11. Majorities in numerous countries do not believe the current US narrative. Many in the US do not believe it, either.

There is no acknowledgement from the Obama administration regarding this ongoing disbelief. The Reuters article, excerpted above, makes that clear. Here's some more:

Obama, speaking at the Pentagon where 184 people were killed, told victims' families that the whole country shares their loss.

"Eleven times we have paused in remembrance and reflection, in unity and in purpose," Obama said. "This is never an easy day, but it is especially difficult for all of you, the families of nearly 3,000 innocents who lost their lives."

"But no matter how many years pass, no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this: That you will never be alone, your loved ones will never be forgotten. They will endure in the hearts of our nation because through their sacrifice they helped us make the America we are today, an America that has emerged even stronger."

Speaking under clear blue skies that recalled the crisp morning of September 11, 2001, Obama said America's fight is not with Islam but with al Qaeda, the group responsible for the attacks, and its allies.

This is a line he has used several times since taking office promising to mend ties with the Muslim world.

"I've always said our fight is with al Qaeda and its affiliates, not with Islam or any other religion," he said. "This country was built as a beacon of freedom and tolerance."

None of this acknowledges the widespread skepticism about 9/11. You would never know that certain members of the 9/11 Commission itself have virtually disavowed the official narrative.

As we have reported previously, the 9/11 Commission's lead counsel, Rutgers's Law Dean John Farmer even wrote a book, The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11 that accused the Washington intelligence and military establishment along with the Bush administration of lying serially to the Commission about many aspects of 9/11.

On March 11th, 2011, we reviewed other questions and anomalies in an article entitled "Peter King's Terror Hearings Take Over." You can see the article here:

Peter King's Terror Hearings Take Over

Here's an excerpt:

There are so many anomalies and questions about the attacks that it is difficult to know where to begin. Three obvious – clear-cut – issues stand out. The first has to do with the calls made from the planes.

Initially, the FBI said the calls were made from cell phones but it eventually emerged that the cell phone technology of the day was not viable from the altitudes at which the calls were supposedly made. The FBI then explained that the calls were made from phones installed within the planes themselves. Unfortunately, more research eventually showed that the planes in question did not have the phone technology. To date, there is no good explanation how passenger phone calls – widely reported at the time – took place. Neither cell phones nor in-plane phones were used.

Then there is the issue of the Afghanistan cave "bunkers" from where Bin Laden is said to have plotted and carried out the attacks of 9/11. Donald Rumsfeld conducted several interviews on national TV networks in which he provided colorful schematics of six-story caves complete with elaborate technology communication's gear and even various high-tech vehicles stored in subterranean garages. Videos of these presentations were on, though they appear to have been taken down. More importantly, not a single one of these elaborate cave bunkers were ever discovered despite months of searches by US soldiers in Afghanistan. Apparently, they never existed.

Finally, the FBI provided descriptions of the terrorists as well as their names but it later turned out that many of the identifications were incorrect. Individuals living in Europe and the Middle East came forward to complain that they had been incorrectly identified. The FBI admitted as much but it is still not clear who the terrorists actually were given the confusion about their IDs and the initial misinformation. Photos of the terrorists that were released showed them boarding a plane, but it later turned out that the plane being boarded was in Maine, not Boston, which was a later connection.

These three issues are only a fragment of hundreds of anomalies – questionable information and misinformation – that continue to plague the "official" 9/11 narrative. It has been reported that up to 70 percent of American adults would be in favor of a new commission – a non partisan one – that would attempt to clarify what was obviously a botched job so that some real closure an be achieved about the 9/11 narrative.

If up to 70 percent of the adult US population would like new hearings to clarify matters regarding 9/11 and to finally realize "closure" why not honor this majority wish?

George W. Bush himself reportedly did not even WANT a commission to begin with. The public process has consistently been marred by secrecy and even outright falsehoods.

A new impartial commission would go a long way to "clear the air" over 9/11. The lack of incontrovertible facts, the classified secrets and, above all, the endless contradictions all provide fuel for cynicism and alienation on the part of millions of American citizens.

It is not necessary to suggest a nefarious conclusion or to blame the US or Israeli government in order to call for a new 9/11 commission. It is only necessary after more than a decade of wearisome name calling to want to set the record straight.

After Thoughts

What's wrong with that?

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