‘The View’ Predictably Blames Kamala Harris’ Political Failure on Racism
By Ben Bartee - March 24, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

The View, unmitigated social cancer, has once again drawn from the race well to explain the failure of one of its favored politicians.


“These people… cannot stand that she is the first woman, the first woman of color, Vice President,” the panel’s exasperated Latina declared.

The reality, ironically, is entirely the inverse: Kuh-mala or Karamel-uh or Kamel-uh or however you say it (it changes daily) would never have been in the position she’s in if she weren’t a sacred Person of Color™.

Karmal-o spent about a week on top of the Democratic field in 2020 – before the woke electorate, who only knew she was a sacred POC, got to hear her speak at length – before her campaign fully imploded under the crushing weight of its leader’s total lack of any character or vision whatsoever.

Given Kamala’s abysmal performance in the primaries, despite being propped up by the corporate media and donor class, under no sane political calculation should Biden – who himself was handpicked by the donor class due to his reliable servitude – would Biden’s handlers have selected her as his VP. By all rights, she should have faded into obscurity like Lincoln Chafee or Amy Klobuchar or any of a dozen milquetoast empty suits who have failed on the DNC stage.

Alas, she has the right concentration of melanin, and she has a vagina (to the extent that’s still a measure of womanhood in the new transarchy) to boot, so Biden’s handlers, who pledged to fill his cabinet to the brim with sacred lady Persons of Color™, took on the massive political liability purely for the sake of optics.

Via NPR:

“President Biden pledged to make his Cabinet the most diverse in U.S. history, better representing the makeup of the country.

An NPR analysis of the past three administrations’ initial Cabinets shows that so far, he has kept his word, with an inner circle that outdoes his two most recent predecessors in matters of representation of race and gender…

When broken down by race and gender, Biden’s desired Cabinet is nearly 55% nonwhite and 45% female.”

So far from a liability, Kermoohla’s skin tone and genitals are the only political assets she ever owned. She’s entirely unlikeable, unpersonable, robotic, stiff, and clearly uncomfortable in her role. The problem appears to be that her appetite for political power has no limit but her tolerance for scripted interactions with the peasants, which comes with the job, is limited.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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