Triumph of Hillary Clinton?
By Staff News & Analysis - July 06, 2012

The cult of Hillary Clinton has restored America's mission to the world … Barack Obama's Secretary of State has been a great success, but her eyes are on a bigger prize. A hard-headed yet compassionate stateswoman, Hillary Clinton has restored reason and credibility to America's global mission. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: This strong yet compassionate woman has triumphed over the odds to restore America's dignity in the eyes of the world.

Free-Market Analysis: There is a sub-meme bubbling up from Washington DC concerning Hillary Clinton and the terrific manner in which she has conducted the business of the State Department during her tenure there as Secretary of State. We've noticed a pickup in mainstream media effusiveness regarding her conduct and abilities.

While there have been articles circulating to this effect, one of the most surprising ones appeared recently in the Daily Telegraph (see above). Surprising because it is an overseas outlet … and yet not so surprising because the modern Telegraph has a good deal of practice praising famous women – particularly Queen Elizabeth who just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

The coverage by the Telegraph and other media in Britain regarding the Jubilee was almost painful to watch. The Queen and her "consort" Prince Philip rode up (or down) the Thames in a large, gilded boat. The wind was so fierce that both of the royals had to take shelter behind the "thrones" that had been placed on the boat for them to sit on.

Hunched over behind their "thrones" the elderly royals continued their journey to the bitter end at which point Philip was taken to a hospital, suffering no doubt from exposure, and it is quite possible that his life was endangered from this exercise.

Of course, Prince Philip is the gentleman who claimed (or so it has been reported) that he wished to return to life as a virus, the better to help humankind with efficient culling. Reducing the population is not only a preoccupation of Philip's but also of his friends and acquaintances at the Club of Rome, an especially vicious enterprise founded by David Rockefeller among others and devoted to radically restraining humankind's propensity to procreate.

While the entire population of the Earth could fit into a region, say … the size of the small state of Connecticut with room to spare, this has little effect on elite "worriers" who seek radical population reduction as soon as possible.

In fact, overpopulation is yet another elite dominant social theme, a little bit like global warming in that it can be used to justify almost any kind of social engineering. Such fear-based promotions are a specialty of the power elite that apparently wants to rule the world.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton, who increasingly can be seen as one of the more effective servants of elite Money Power. This is, of course, quite a different thing from writing that she is either competent or compassionate from the standpoint of her State Department role.

Were she either one of these, she would not be working in her current role for they would not have her. But she has evidently and obviously become a very good servant – a prized kind of "help" – that thus qualifies for her fulsome articles in the royalist Telegraph. Here's some more:

Hillary Clinton's career is one of history's finest examples of turning a loss into a win. In 2008, she was beaten in her attempt to become America's first woman president, in a campaign that seemed to drain every last ounce of integrity from the Clinton brand. She ran from the Left, ran from the Right, spent roughly $212 million, and even tried to pass herself off as a "drinking man's Democrat" by knocking back shots in an Indiana bar.

It seemed that Clinton's career was over. But today, as Secretary of State, she has reinvented herself as the captain of the one area of policy in which the administration is popular with the voters: foreign affairs. A new cult of Hillary has emerged around a hard-headed yet compassionate stateswoman who has restored reason and credibility to America's global mission. We're living as much in the Age of Clinton as we are the Age of Obama …

As Secretary of State, her diplomatic accomplishments are plenty: isolating Iran and Iraq, building a coalition to topple Gaddafi. But she has also created $1.2 billion of State Department programmes to help women. Reducing sex trafficking and increasing female representation in Iraq's government are new priorities. As she told Newsweek: "I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century."

The result is that Clinton has done something Obama has failed to do: maintain the affection of liberals while also reaching out to moderates. It comes as no surprise that commentators have floated the idea of Obama dumping Vice President Biden and replacing him with Clinton at this year's nominating convention. More likely is that Clinton's eyes are on 2016. At 68, she'll still be young enough (Ronald Reagan was 69 when he ran in 1980), and she'd enter a presidential race with far more goodwill than she had in 2008.

President Hillary Clinton? … Lord, help us. One of the unfortunate characteristics of 21st century modernity is the general ubiquitousness of the Clintons. They literally stole the silverware right out of the White House when they departed, and their reign was marked by an undercurrent of viciousness that had people circulating lists of how many people had died suspiciously or otherwise that were close to the Clintons.

It is quite likely the "respect" in which Ms. Clinton is held owes as much to the FBI files she supposedly purloined while in the White House as to her job performance. Supposedly, she has in her possession files on virtually all of the powerful House and Senate members, and many other important pols besides.

There is no doubt, as we discussed above, that Hillary is very good at what she does – but it has little to do with being a good Secretary of State within a constitutional context. She is good at doing something else entirely … determinedly and consistently carrying out aspects of the elite's one-world agenda.

In the service of this agenda she is constantly traveling and eating. One can observe that she enjoys the almost servile hospitality of the (democratically elected) dictators she consorts with and the sumptuous food and drink that is served to her wherever she touches down. Beyond this it would seem that most of her time is spent creating or elaborating on a worldwide military consensus.

The powers-that-be are engaged right now in consolidating support in the Middle East and Africa. They are doing this by following the dictum of Josef Stalin: "No man, no problem." They have applied this famously to Muammar Gaddafi and are in the process of doing the same to Hosni Mubarak.

In the service of this aim, Ms. Clinton has created and prosecuted regional wars that are building what is evidently and obviously an Islamic crescent of states that have been "liberated" and taken over by the CIA-influenced Muslim Brotherhood.

If helping to create a faux-regional enemy that will allow further US false-flag crackdowns on the country's domestic population is something to be admired for, then Ms. Clinton certainly deserves the praise offered to her by this Telegraph article.

After Thoughts

In fact, Ms. Clinton has much in common with the Queen of England in this regard. Both have spent a good deal of time conspiring to create conditions for further repression in their own countries – and have done so at the behest of the real ruler of the world that is Money Power.

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