Trump May Win Because His Populism Is in Line With Larger Elite Strategies
By Daily Bell Staff - June 29, 2016

Trump slams globalization, promises to upend economic status quo … Donald Trump on Tuesday trashed U.S. trade policies that he said have encouraged globalization and wiped out American manufacturing jobs in a speech in which he promised to herald a U.S. economic resurgence.  -CNN

We recently identified a growing global meme as one that is now pitting “populists” against “globalists.”

There has been, in fact, a populist consolidation with the passage of Brexit.

Trump represents populism in the US and Brexit presents a similar profile across the pond.

Trump has been identified as a “nationalist” because of his crusade to “Make America Great Again.”

But essentially, his positions are populist ones. While Hillary champions ways of making the system work more powerfully on behalf the poor and working class, Trump is apt to emphasize areas where he intends to confront the “system.”


Speaking in the Rust Belt Pennsylvania as a change agent who would bring back manufacturing jobs and end the “rigged system,” … Trump promised sweeping changes if elected — including killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

… “Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. I used to be one of them. Hate to say it, but I used to be one of them.”

Trump’s speech casts Clinton as an insider who has “voted for virtually every trade agreement” – making the point that these trade deals have hurt average citizens.

He received almost immediate pushback for his speech from the US Chamber of Commerce, traditionally a GOP ally.

The lobbying group stated that Trump’s approach would lead to a “recession” – though why the Chamber doesn’t believe the US is in a recession now is unclear.

A helpful feedbacker recently introduced us to an alternative view of globalist strategies. This perspective is that current “freedom movements” advancing in the West and elsewhere are being supported by internationalists in order to splinter nation-states.

Trump’s populism fits right into this speculation.

The idea, enunciated in the writings of David Rockefeller back in the 1950s, is that smaller states are easier to control. Within this context, Trump  can be seen as the eventual victor in US elections because his policies are anti-globalist as well as populist.

In the past, we’ve indicated that Trump may inadvertently spark a resurgence of interest in the North American Union. Indeed that may be taking place as various Hispanic groups increasingly make common cause to confront Trump’s supposed racism.

But this fits into the larger hypothesis if the overall strategy is to build up large systems before splintering them apart.

From this standpoint the European Union was built to fail, and indeed it seems to be failing now.

Perhaps the North American Union will be erected with the same goal in mind.

Conclusion: Using this yardstick, Trump would end up the winner of the upcoming presidential election because of his populist approach and support for a federal government that has less centralized power rather than more. Certainly Trump is no globalist as compared to Hillary but perhaps his platform is in keeping with larger elite strategies. It would indeed be ironic if Trump’s message of America First facilitated a splintering of the union.

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