UK Scrubs All Mention of Women From Ovarian Cancer Website
By The Daily Bell Staff - June 17, 2022

In February, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) website still mentioned the little fact that ovarian cancer only affects women.

In just the first three sentences, the words women and woman appeared four times.

It relayed important health information, such as that “cancer of the ovaries, is one of the most common types of cancer in women.”

But now, the website has been scrubbed of all mention of women. There is absolutely no indication that ovarian cancer specifically and exclusively affects females.

The website now says that “Ovarian cancer affects the 2 small organs (ovaries) that store the eggs needed to make babies,” and that “Anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer.”

The organization responsible for editing the website, NHS Digital, told a news agency, “We use language that is inclusive, respectful and relevant to the people reading it.”

Do you think it might be relevant to women to know ovarian cancer is among the most common  cancers in females?

Oh wait, as medical student whistle-blowers have made clear, it is now offensive to correctly teach that men and women have different health risks.


Biological Men Take First and Second in Women’s Cycling Competition

Speaking of erasing women from society, the first and second place winners of a recent women’s cycling competition in London have XY chromosomes.

They were born and developed as biological men, and one competed in the men’s cycling category just months ago.

But last week, they kissed as they stood on the first and second place podiums in a women’s event— I guess they are lesbians?

On the third place podium stood the woman who actually won the competition, holding her daughter.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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