UN Expansion of Failed Elite Memes Like Global Warming Doesn't Fix Them
By Staff News & Analysis - February 18, 2013

Reformed UN formula for making planet greener … A new United Nations plan to involve all nations in marshalling science to fix environmental problems ranging from toxic chemicals to climate change will be put to the test at talks in Nairobi. The 40-year-old UN Environment Programme is to open its annual governing council to all the world's almost 200 nations, up from a current group of 58, under reforms aimed at making the world economy greener at a time of weak economic growth. "A strengthened UNEP will … improve and enhance international co-operation on the environment," Achim Steiner, executive director of UNEP, said of the annual February 18-22 meeting in a telephone interview with Reuters. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: If nobody believes in the concept, make it bigger.

Free-Market Analysis: One of the biggest and most controversial memes of the modern era is environmentalism, specifically the idea that manmade carbon is clogging the skies and making disastrous global warming inevitable.

The amount of carbon that man injects into the atmosphere is infinitesimal, really, and not worthy of the fuss that's been made about it. If the world is really warming – and that has not been established, from what we can tell – then there are plenty of other factors that may be far more powerful than our paltry human contribution.

But the global warming/climate change meme is not about addressing a climate crisis. It has to do with elite control of human behavior and monetizing a basically made-up crisis.

The top elites that apparently want to create global governance are using environmental concerns and "climate change" as a way of trying to further regiment entire nation-states on the way to global government.

Global warming has been so badly debunked (in large part by what we call the Internet Reformation) that those promoting the meme had to rename it. And as people either still don't believe it or are simply not concerned about it, those who run major international government agencies such as the UN have apparently taken to expanding official support.

The idea seems to be that if a power elite promotion is failing, one expands it in the hopes that increased official participation will lend it a credibility it currently lacks. Here's more from the article:

Until now, UNEP's governing council has left out many smaller states, from Guyana to Albania. The shift [to enlarge participation] is meant to sharpen world focus on problems such as toxic chemicals, over-fishing and global warming.

Getting more countries in the room will not necessarily make reaching agreements easier but should give UNEP decisions more authority. Steiner said the talks would be a first chance to see how the new approach works. UNEP oversees many scientific studies guiding UN work, such as monitoring climate change or the pace of extinction of animals and plants.

Under an agreement last year at an Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, UNEP will get a bigger budget. "By (Feb. 22) the plan is that we will have the final steps in implementing the Rio summit's decisions to reform UNEP," Steiner said.

The Rio deal fell short of calls by some nations, such as France, to create a completely new U.N. environment agency. "The seeds of what we are seeing will be seen only 5 or 10 years down the line," Steiner said. "One of the major issues is a new strategy for the organisation and a programme of work for the next three years," Steiner said of the Nairobi talks that will lay guidelines for work on issues from oceans to slowing extinctions.

One of the hallmarks of an elite promotion in the modern era is that no matter how much it is debunked, it continues anyway. The power elite, it turns out, has a very specific agenda to be implemented in a serial way. Even a small deviation from the plan is apparently seen as unacceptable.

Because so many elite dominant social themes have been exposed, the power elite has become a good deal more nakedly coercive, in our humble view. Economic levers, war, regulatory authoritarianism are all being used to promote by force what the elites hoped to gain via suasion.

But this does not solve the basic problem, which is that millions and even tens of millions are waking up to their manipulation and are rejecting the various kinds of institutionalized mind control that is designed to perpetuate it.

The great struggle of the 21st century will be between those who wish to use 20th-century elite tools to promote the internationalist memes that have already been established and those who have been enlightened by the Internet –and have begun to resist.

This is a struggle that is being joined more and more frankly over time. Its ramifications are not only social and political; they are economic, too. As people lose faith in manipulative sociopolitical institutions, they also lose faith in the modern era's central banking economy.

The ramifications are significant and have severe employment and pocketbook ramifications that are showing up throughout the West. The current system is not sustainable and the problems extend far beyond the "buy-in" when it comes to this or that elite theme.

After Thoughts

Expanding the number of nations participating in a faux-problem like global warming only reminds us once again that the elites have no real answer when it comes to the credibility issues caused by the Internet. The problem – for them – is far broader than that. The Internet is a process not an episode.

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