Upcoming US Nuclear Event?
By Staff News & Analysis - May 31, 2011

The stage has been set for a nuclear false flag in America. Many in the alternative media have wondered if a false flag nuke attack within America is a real possibility. Would they do it? Who would it be? What cities would be targeted? Recently, The New York Times reported that the United States is running out of a rare gas that is used to detect smuggled nuclear materials. The reason given is that one arm of the Energy Department is selling the gas much quicker than the other is able to accumulate it. While this could possibly be a legitimate reason, it seems highly suspicious that a government that is installing a police state nationwide to supposedly save us from terrorists would be unable to obtain the gas needed to detect smuggled nuclear weapons. Wouldn't a nuclear attack on America be the MOST important threat to combat? Unfortunately there is a long history of suspicious nuclear activity in the United States, with cover story after cover story being spread throughout the corporate controlled media. At this junction in history it seems prudent to lay out some of the more ludicrous stories that have been planted into the minds of the American people. – Intel Hub

Dominant Social Theme: Why the heck would they do something like that? It's idiotic. The only people planning to blow up the world live in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Free-Market Analysis: Could the Anglo-American power elite sponsor a nuclear attack on American soil in order to deepen the phony war on terror? Would this group of old men running the world's most powerful banking families, be so devious? According to Intel Hub, the answer is yes.

The idea, as we have long pointed out, is that Western populations must be deeply terrified if the elite's goal of world dominance is to be achieved. A nuclear attack on American soil would surely help. And it is not debatable, unfortunately, whether Western governments, especially Anglo-American ones, are trying to implement increased government control over their citizens. After 9/11, for instance, a virtual, overt police state descended on the US. It is one that is still expanding.

The cause and effect is simple. The more government control Western elites have over their own populations, the easier it is to extend such command and control facilities to the rest of the world. And the power elite is trying. Central banking, a fundament of Anglo-American control has spread around the world like Kudzu in the past century. And other instrumentalities of global governance as well.

The architecture of world government has generally been put in place in only the past 50 years: the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, BIS and now the ICC – the George Soros sponsored international judicial organization that seems to be putting on trial anyone who dares resist Western Money Power. Year-by-year and decade-by-decade, the Anglosphere banking elite has sought, with regular success, to increase control over Western populations.

As we point out regularly, this increased control has been generated either through the use of dominant social themes or war. The elite's fear-based promotions are intended to stampede people into looking to globalist solutions to problems that don't exist. These non-existent problems include global warming, peak oil and "over-population" just to name a few.

Sometimes, the elites will actually attempt to create the conditions they are promoting, though it is hard to do because the market itself tends to fight back. But without a doubt, the scarcity memes that the elites propose – food, water and oil – are certainly supported by elite efforts to reduce the same.

War – and the establishment of enemies – is perhaps the most effective elite tool. This is because society can be militarized most easily when it is facing a putative opponent. It does not even matter whether the majority of citizens believe in the proposed enemy. All that matters is that the narrative (the dominant social theme) is created and implemented.

Since the Anglosphere elites control the mainstream media and the political system, society can restructured around the faux-threat without effective resistance. The result is endless, incremental increases in government power. It is a historical fact – as the Internet has brought out over the past two decades – that Anglosphere banking and industrialist elites supported the Communist Revolution and World War II. Based on this pattern, they also likely also helped create the conditions for World War I and for the Chinese Communist revolution.

The Internet has also helped introduce us to various CIA operations (see Wikipedia, likely itself a intel-supported facility) such as Mockingbird, Gladio and Paperclip. Mockingbird recruited American media groups to work with the CIA – Time, Inc. chief among them – in order to publicize various fear-based memes. Operation Gladio went a step further, by introducing a CIA-funded army into Europe after World War II that apparently created "incidents" (bombings and the like) that were then to be attributed to socialists and communists. The idea was to polarize public opinion by attributing violent activities to these political groups.

Given the history of Anglosphere elites, it is no wonder that those who choose to involve themselves in the Internet's alternative media are suspicious. Today, fortunately, there are numerous websites gathering news and information that show clearly how the power elite is manipulating public opinion to gather power for a New World Order.

In a recent article (see excerpt above) the principals at Intel Hub have presented interesting evidence regarding the sub-dominant social theme of a US nuclear attack. They are certainly not the first to piece together various promotional elements, but they have done a good job of summarizing what appears to be an ominous pattern. The US is the military arm of the Anglo-American empire; an attack on the US would have a galvanizing effect on the Western world and surely bring a New World Order closer to fruition.

The Intel Hub, according to its own declaration, is a "beacon of free speech that hosts many different ideas and topics that the corporate media is simply too scared to cover." Whether or not the principals entirely understand the use of fear-based promotions by Western elites (actually, we are sure they do) they have certainly managed to pinpoint the mechanism that the elites are currently using to promote such memes.

As we pointed out, it is not enough merely present a message. A "back-story" must be created. In fact, the Intel Hub journos have done a good job of presenting the promotional back-story. The article shows us how it's possibly being constructed to make a nuclear event seem like a logical even inevitable outcome.

The back-story is most important since if people are conditioned to accept something, they will not be so skeptical when it happens or apt to investigate it, or even believe those who have done so and discovered a different truth.

The Intel Hub article points out that a recent New York Times reported the US was running out of a rare gas used to detect smuggled nuclear materials (see article excerpt above). This is of course ridiculous. The US government budget is something like US$3 trillion. If the US security honchos want something, the chances are they can have it. Thus, Intel Hub has presented us with an anomalous article – one that on its face is questionable and should raise suspicions if one is inclined in that direction. Intel Hub calls this "laying the groundwork."

Disturbingly, this is not the only back-story element. The Intel Hub article points out that as recently as March 2011, some 25 letters were released to various individuals in the Chicago environs (including private investigators) explaining that numerous nuclear bombs have now been hidden throughout the United States. The implication was that these weapons had been hidden sensitive targets such as government buildings. The FBI is said to be "investigating."

There is more. The Intel Hub article reminds us that in 2010, President Barack Obama labeled a nuclear attack on America as "the biggest single threat facing our nation." He said that the "central focus … is getting the international community on the path in which we are locking down that nuclear material in a very specific time frame with a specific work plan."

There is more. In July 2010, The National Research Council released a report titled, Nuclear Forensics: A Capability at Risk. The report outlined the fact that the United States is no longer able to track nukes within the US, Intel Hub informs us and then quotes Gordon Duff, writing for Veterans Today, as follows: "A powerful group within the United States, one with influence over the press and the ability to derail an investigation as was done with 9/11, has been 'tasked' with laying the groundwork for a terrorist attack, one using nuclear material."

There is more. "In 2002, World Net Daily reported on a book by an FBI consult that claimed that Osama Bin Laden had bought 20 suitcase nukes from KGB agents in 1998." This is actually an old Intel trick. The CIA and FBI use "consultants" – often agents who are said to be disabused and demoralized – to write books that actually spread disinformation that FBI and CIA leaders want in the public domain.

Long ago, we looked into the reality of suitcase nukes and found yet one more fear-based meme. (We actually wrote about it within these pages.) Suitcase nukes are actually so heavy and bulky that it might take a pickup truck to carry one around. They are difficult to make and detonate.

The idea of someone walking into a government building casually carrying a office-sized "suitcase" that is a nuclear weapon is just one more sub-dominant, fear-based theme. Of course, someone COULD detonate a nuclear device or dirty bomb in an American municipality. But it certainly wouldn't be out of a "suitcase."

The article also points out that the US military is actively holding drills that postulate a nuclear attack on American soil. There have been hundreds of these drills according to Intel Hub. Various TV programs and movies that deal with the same scenario buttress these drills. This activity is called "predictive programming" and is designed to get people used to the idea of a certain concept – in this case a nuclear attack on American soil.

The article concludes as follows: "Many questions remain. Will the numerous hardworking, patriotic Americans in the government and military stop such a horrific act from happening? Will the powers that be realize that the blame for such an attack would be pointed directly at them? Will a different, more feasible, false flag be used instead? These are questions that must be answered. We the people must let it be known that we will no longer stand for any form of false flag terrorism. Take note America, as we continue to lose our freedoms in the name of security, we have become more vulnerable then ever to a large scale false flag on par or more extreme than 9/11."

After Thoughts

Here at DB, we don't know what happened on the morning of 9/11. Maybe bin Laden did plan and execute it from a mountain cave; and maybe bin Laden is planning a nuclear attack on the West even now (assuming he is not dead as advertised). And surely we have no direct information about whether rogue elements of the US government or other Intel agencies are planning a false flag nuclear event at the behest of Western elites that are increasingly desperate to implement world government before the Internet degrades their capability to do so. Here is what we do know: these elites have an ugly habit (and history) of using the weapons they create.

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