US Diverts Flight to Capture 'Muslim'
By Staff News & Analysis - June 01, 2010

Jet diverted after U.S. denies access to airspace … Canadian authorities identified Monday a man arrested on an Aeromexico flight from Paris to Mexico that was forced to divert to Montreal after U.S. authorities refused to let the plane use U.S. airspace. Abdirahman Ali Gaall was arrested Sunday at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, said Robert Gervais, an Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada spokesman. He was taken off and arrested under an outstanding warrant. Gervais said details of the arrest would be made public at Gaal's detention review hearing on Wednesday. – AP

Dominant Social Theme: We beckon; you will come.

Free-Market Analysis: There are many ways of promoting an elite dominant social theme. In the case of the myriad major memes and minor themes that the Anglo-American elite inflicts on long-suffering Western citizens, there are verbal and written promotions, and then there are promotions that feature action. Often the action merely reinforces the promotion. Thus it was, after identifying terrorists that George Bush started various wars against them. But it was necessary first to lay the groundwork – and the groundwork was laid.

In the case of this air diversion, US authorities obviously wanted to make a point to the world that the no-fly lists so assiduously and uselessly cultivated were in fact not just to keep bad guys on the ground but to capture them as well. The authorities did this by making a flight from Paris to Mexico subject to US interdiction. Here is a question about this odd incident: Is it a message to reinforce a promotion (that hyper-vigiliant US intel agencies will do what is necessary to provide civilian protection) or is it the beginning of a major new campaign in which US powers-that-be will regularly divert planes and then take people into custody.

Our bet, in fact, is that this is not going to turn into an everyday occurrence. We believe that these no fly lists are so riddled with holes and inaccuracies that to take action from them on a regular basis would be to invite all sorts of litigation and even organized protests. But to analyze this as merely a one-time, coincidental act would likely be naïve. At this point in the elite's increasingly desperate attempts to keep their various promotions moving forward almost nothing is a coincidence.

It all started with Homeland Security itself. The conglomeration of the US's myriad dysfunctional intel agencies into a single super agency was the start of a downward spiral of promotional dysfunction in our humble opinion. There were the regular "sightings" of Osama bin Laden released onto the Internet, each one less believable than the last. (Recently CIA operatives reportedly admitted to making at least one false video impersonating bin Laden.) More recently there have been a string of "terrorists" attacks in the United States, mostly thwarted and at least in some cases questionable in terms of intent and organization.

From our point of view, things simply don't seem to be going very well for an elite that would possibly use "crises" of various sorts as ways to consolidate additional wealth and power. Frustration is growing – even among the audiences that these promotions are aimed at. Germany's president resigned yesterday because of the backlash against his statement that Germany ought to get used to using its military internationally to protect trade routes, etc. The European pushback grows stronger and stronger – and NATO can seemingly do nothing to stem the tide.

US intel agencies will likely continue to make dramatic action-statements that receive high levels of coverage in the mainstream media. But given the levels of skepticism these statements may be subject to a kind of blowback. They may, in fact, generate skepticism that affects a perception of real dangers. And continued or growing public cynicism may push Anglo-American intel to manufacture false-flag events to further manipulate public opinion.

We have no idea if the diversion of the France/Mexico flight was necessary or merely a dramatic escalation of an arrest that could have been handled with far less fanfare. What is far more troubling is that this question even occurs to us – and if it occurs here at the Bell it is certainly occurring to a wider audience both in the US and Europe.

After Thoughts

After ten years of a "war on terror," the questions about the West's motivations and credibility continue to grow. In a sense those in charge of the war may eventually come to fight on two fronts against "terrorists" but also, increasingly, against a citizenry grown weary of the war and even of those providing "protection."

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