US Expands War on Terror to South America
By Staff News & Analysis - April 10, 2012

Latin America under surveillance of US Southcom … Militarization of the US foreign policy on global scale is an obvious fact. It concerns Latin America as much as it concerns other parts of the world. The US State Department does not show its usual "departmental" jealousy with regard to the increased military and diplomatic activities of the US South Command (US Southcom) … Southcom is intensively upgrading its infrastructure in Latin America which comprises airdromes, ports, communication centers and residential complexes in which additional military contingents can be accommodated. The new command center, which ensures control over the regional military bases with the use of advanced technologies, has been built in the city of Doral (Miami, Florida). It envisages even a possibility of nuclear missile attack that is why the underground stores of the building are protected by concrete and steel. Everything tells us that Pentagon is preparing to the radical worsening of the operational situation in the Western hemisphere. –

Dominant Social Theme: We need to be prepared anywhere and everywhere.

Free-Market Analysis: South America has prospered somewhat in the past 25 years as Washington's various destabilizations have diminished somewhat – at least the overt ones like "Iran Contra." But now the "bad old days" may be upon SA once more.

The war on drugs has been a big destabilizing force in the middle and lower Americas and one that has justified all sorts of US interference. Now it would seem the "war on terror" is providing a similar pretext. This is new.

Of course, it's part of a larger playbook, in our view. The power elite that wants to run the world is increasingly making its presence felt after decades of being slightly less in evidence. The proximate cause of such advances is an upcoming war with Iran, in particular.

What is conveniently left out of this narrative is that the alternative press is intimately involved with the Iranian power structure. It is one thing to proclaim a war, as the elites are doing, but in this era it is quite another thing to promote it.

The elites use fear-based promotions to frighten people into giving up power and wealth to globalist initiatives, but the Internet is gradually reducing these memes to irrelevance. There is a good deal of pushback against an Iranian war, and part of it is the result of the Internet.

People are suspicious of government initiated aggression – done at the behest of the shadowy elites that actually run the government – and rightly so. What we call the Internet Reformation is driving these suspicions, a drumbeat of exposure of the elite's "directed history." Here's more from the article:

Washington seriously takes Teheran's words about a counterstrike if the US attacks Iran. It is likely that Iran meant "retaliation groups" which could be formed expecting H-hour. The FBI and other US special agencies have checked many times all the people in the US, who may be suspected of criminal links with Iran, but no one will risk to call these preventive steps efficient.

To fight the units of Iranian and other extremists in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Basin is even more difficult. The propaganda campaign with regard to ever present Islamic extremists, who are active the countries to the south from Rio-Grande, have reached the scale when it is difficult to tell the truth from a lie…

The agreement with Argentina on creation a military base in the northern province of Chaco is another achievement of Southcom in strengthening its positions in Latin America. Americans began this work six years ago proposing Argentina their assistance in fighting natural disasters. Than they proposed Argentina to use services of their its servicemen during different humanitarian campaigns. The members of the military group under the US embassy became frequent visitors in Chaco. They told local authorities about their achievements in this field in Honduras, Costa-Rica, Paraguay and other countries.

Simultaneously the campaign was underway warning about intensification of Islamic extremists in the Triple Frontier area (tri- border area between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). The statement was simple – only in cooperation with Southcom and US special services it is possible to avoid a repetition of large scale terrorist campaigns were conducted in Buenos Aires against the Israeli embassy (1992) and Charity Jewish Organization AMIA (1994).

President Cristina Fernandez, who is critical about the Imperial trends in Washington's policy, allowed the US to establish "Emergency Situations Center". It is not excluded that Barack Obama in a private conversation promised her the US contribution to the settlement of the dispute over the Malvinas Islands in the interests of Argentina.

These insights appeared on the Internet and are just one more small piece of evidence of how programs that used to work in the utmost secrecy are now routinely exposed. Not only that but the mechanism is exposed as well.

There is no "war on terror." Osama bin Laden was seemingly a CIA asset initially and al Qaeda was a CIA aggregation of young Islamists who wanted to fight against the Russians back in the 1980s.

The current wars in the Middle East have little or nothing to do with al Qaeda. In fact, the US State Department has all but admitted that NATO cooperated with al Qaeda when fighting Muammar Gaddafi.

Now this phony theme is being rolled out to repopulate South America with various military enterprises. It is a pretext not a reality. The same thing has been done with the so-called war on drugs.

After Thoughts

The amount of military resources now being employed around the world by the West is disturbing. But it fits in with our larger understanding. The elites that want to run the world are increasingly turning to force and general intimidation to pursue their world-spanning plans.

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