Vanunu Jailed by Evil Jews?
By Staff News & Analysis - May 27, 2010

Mordechai Vanunu (left) jailed by Israeli court for unauthorised meetings … The Israeli whistleblower was given a new three-month sentence. Amnesty International considers Mordechai Vanunu 'a prisoner of conscience'. The Israeli whistleblower who exposed Israel's nuclear arsenal to the world and paid for it with 18 years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement, was sent back to prison for a new three-month sentence. Vanunu, 56, was jailed for unauthorised meetings with foreigners, including his Norwegian girlfriend. Vanunu said he had been living under a "draconian" military order and was now considered a "prisoner of conscience". Moroccan-born Vanunu, a former technician at Israel's secret nuclear plant near Dimona, appeared at the Jerusalem district court today, where he was led away to jail. "I survived 18 years – I could survive another six," he shouted. "Are you trying to discipline me? You cannot take my freedom of expression away … You won't get from me in three months what you didn't get in 18 years." In April 2007 he was convicted of meeting foreigners, including journalists and his girlfriend, and was sentenced to six months. That was reduced to three months on appeal and he was given the option of community service in West Jerusalem. Vanunu said he feared being attacked and would only do the service in Arab East Jerusalem, where he lives. The court refused and today he was jailed. – UK Guardian

Dominant Social Theme: Vanunu must pay and pay.

Free-Market Analysis: We are not much impressed by Israeli justice when it comes Mordechai Vanunu who has paid with a good deal of his life for apparently exposing Israel's nuclear arsenal. Presumably his persecution is supposed to be a warning to others not to tell Western media about Israel's nukes – as if anyone now doubts that Israel is a nuclear power.

Vanunu heads back into the slammer. Anyone watching (certainly outside Israel) cannot help but feel a pang of sympathy for a man who so evidently has given up so much for a cause he believes in. It certainly does not seem that it has benefited Vanunu to do what he did. And it certainly does not do much for Israel's international image to keep punishing him. He's served a great deal of jail time under great emotional duress and now the scarring of one man's life, already an evil, begins to look even more malevolent, if that's possible. It is the banality of evil that makes it so horrible after all. Putting Vanunu back in jail for talking to his girlfriend purveys the worst kinds of statist pathology.

But we think we can observe even bigger issues at work here – and, yes, that's what the Bell tries to do. The continued persecution of Vanunu perpetuates, in fact, the dominant social theme of "the evil Jew." This is an extraordinarily useful fear-based promotion for the power elite on many levels, in our opinion. It has surely been a staple meme for generations.

How does "the evil Jew" meme benefit the power elite? Let us examine the ways. At its most basic level, the promotion deliciously conflates anti-Semitism with power elite politics in a manner that consistently devalues the reality of globalist manipulations. All across the Internet, especially within the broad confines of the alternative press, you will find endless articles of greater or lesser sophistication claiming that Jews are behind all the woes of the world and that one can lay most of the economic, sociopolitical and military difficulties afflicting humanity at the feet of Jews – whether or not they live in Israel.

Since many people (especially in these PC times) are brought up to be socially repulsed by any form of perceived "racism" or prejudice," the sites that are presenting Jews as the key to the problems of the world are immediately suspect to a number of people – as is the entirety of the subject matter that they might be presenting. If one visits enough of such sites, eventually one's repulsion may begin to extend to discussions about central banking, governmental over-reaching, military malfeasance, etc. The association between racism and anti-government messaging is continually emphasized until, for some, it is hard recall one without the other.

The Jewish promotion is actually only one of three promotions in this regard – the other two being space aliens and the "Illuminati." Too many alternative news sites that report perfectly adequately on military and economic issues are also providing "news" about space aliens and the malevolent effects of Illuminati plots and plans. Again, for better or worse (mostly for worse) the average citizen on visiting such sites gradually makes the connection between secret societies that may or may not exist, space aliens (some of which certainly do NOT exist) and central banking manipulations and other sorts of government bad behavior – much of which is quite well documented and unfortunately DOES exist.

Again, the idea is to make the association between valid reporting on issues of governmental malfeasance and other kinds of reporting that seems, to the average individual perhaps somewhat "kooky" or at least "far out." (This sort of strategy can actually be seen in the smearing of Rand Paul's libertarian approach to the Civil Rights Act as racism. The idea is always to devalue the legitimate argument through guilt-by-association – or at least nuttiness by association.) In many instances, it is our suspicion that the alternative news Internet sites that conform to this profile often have at least some involvement with Anglo-American intelligence operations. It may even be policy for the British, American (and Canadian) intelligence agencies to set up such sites, often not in Western countries but off-shore.

The second reason that we believe "the evil Jew" to be an obvious fear-based promotion is because just as it radicalizes non Jews into either believing the meme or being repelled by it, the promotion also radicalizes Jews themselves. The paranoia that "the evil Jew" meme incites in some of the non-Jewish populations also boils in the Jewish breast. Thus it is that Jews generally, and especially in Israel, can end up doing bad things out of aggregate agitation (especially to the Middle Eastern tribes around them) that would likely not take place in a less emotionally supercharged environment.

The third reason for believing "the evil Jew" meme is both deliberate and engineered is because there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the terrible things that have happened to the Jews in the past century have in some cases, actually been facilitated by Jews themselves. It is well known that the founders of the Jewish state were worried in the 1800s that there would not be enough pogroms and other kinds of violence aimed at Jews – and thus the pressure to recreate a Jewish state would lapse. The terrible events of World War II may in some instances have been exaggerated not only to instill guilt in non-Jewish populations but to traumatize Jews as well.

But there are other logically reasons why we may not attribute every bad thing happening in the Western world to "Jews" – or even Zionist Jews living in Israel. This is because, in fact, logic tells us that bad things were happening in the world BEFORE the creation of the Jewish state, and before the advent of Zionist Jews in Israel – even before the creation of the much-storied, super-secret intelligence agency, the Mossad.

Here at the Bell, we do believe in a power elite, obviously, though not being privy to its inner workings, we are not willing to say with great specificity who belongs to this exclusive club. We have made several general assessments, however, including one within the past few weeks as follows:

There is an Anglo-American elite with European roots, a supposed intermingling of royal and industrial families and Venetian bankers probably tracing their antecedents back to Rome and beyond, perhaps even apocryphally to Babylon. These families and individuals apparently believe they are born to rule and that normal human laws do not apply to them. They may have their own forms of worship, certainly their own exclusive customs, and likely don't work for a living – not in the traditional sense.

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Power elite manipulations in their latest incarnations, have been going on for perhaps 300 years. To attribute these manipulations to "Jews" is in our opinion to fall prey to a power elite, fear-based manipulation. The elite, at its highest level, is a tiny club of generationally advantaged families of tremendous wealth and replete, unfortunately – apparently – with sociopaths. You might as well call them "bananas" as "Jews." It makes no difference. This group is not Jewish in the traditional sense – obviously not, given what they have done and apparently plan to do. Jews may be brought in to the conspiracies and manipulations launched by the power elite, but again this does not change fundamental aspects of how the elite works, nor what it is.

The Jewish state is perhaps a flawed nation. First it is something of a theocracy and theocracies can be unpleasant places to live in. Demographically, Israel is in trouble. It may not even exist in another 100 years, as there are a heckuva lot more Arabs than there are Jews in the area. Emotionally and psychologically, the Jewish state has been a terrible burden for Israeli citizens and non-Israeli Jews alike. The sympathy extended to the Jewish people after World War II has long since dried up in much of the world because of Jewish paranoia, which has led to what are perceived as bad acts by the state of Israel. And there is in fact, no doubt that the people living in Israel are paranoid and angry about the threats to their very survival. Ironically, Jews apparently got along far better with Arabs in the region before the establishment of the Jewish state than they do now.

For the power elite, the myth of "the evil Jew" is the gift that keeps on giving. Jews lately (again via Mossad) are being blamed for the World Trade Towers attack on 9/11. And the economic crisis has seen fingers pointed in the direction of Jews (in aggregate) as if an entire race was somehow to be blamed for an economic collapse that is the inevitable result of a mercantilist money system supported by debt-based fiat money and quasi-public (private) central banks.

So long as "Jews" are to blame, the power elite can hide behind a wall of accusations that many will perceive as unfair and many others will never penetrate. The poor, befuddled Jewish millions, panicked by the horrors of their supposed fate during World War II, stampeded into a tiny state surrounded by millions of increasingly hostile neighbors, and blamed for a worldwide economic crisis that they themselves are suffering from, cannot catch a break.

After Thoughts

Yes, the Jews are truly a chosen people. They are yet the scapegoats of the world – increasingly reviled by the world community and manipulated by enormously wealth families and individuals – a power elite that has only the most tenuous of relationships with the larger Jewish community but that has unconscionably exploited that relationship. Eventually, we believe, the Jewish people will realize what has been done to them. We think the Internet will help with this awaking and we hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

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