Washington Post: Occupy Wall Street Is Controlled Opposition, Maybe LaRouchite?
By Staff News & Analysis - October 11, 2011

What is Occupy Wall Street? The history of leaderless movements … Occupy Wall Street has arrived. Facebook is all-aflutter, and Twitter is all-atweeter, as news of "occupations" and clashes with the powers-that-be spread like wildfire around the country. Now entering its fourth week, the Wall Street occupation has become a national phenomenon. – Washington Post

Dominant Social Theme: Occupy Wall Street is a movement in line with Woman's Liberation and Gay rights!

Free-Market Analysis: The Washington Post is often an editorial pivot point for US intelligence, revealing the aggregate thinking of the American Intel establishment. In the case of this article, it would appear that the alternative media's focus on Occupy Wall Street is taking its toll. Already, throughout the alternative media there is quite extensive exposure of what may really be going on with Occupy Wall Street.

Our article will also point out, below, that what increasingly seems to be a controlled movement is in a sense a LaRouchite one. That's because the economic analyst Lyndon LaRouche is excellent at analyzing what is wrong with the West from a free-market perspective, but his solutions are all statist ones. He is a big proponent of FDR, for instance. See more on this parallelism at the conclusion of this article. But back to the Post.

Are those behind the movement panicking? The Post, at least, evidently sees a need to justify Occupy Wall Street's existence and in order to do so has provided a lineage of "leaderless" movements. Of course, from our point of view Occupy Wall Street is NOT leaderless. It is likely a controlled affair generated by the powers-that-be in order to create an outlet for frustrations over the economy and a manageable movement that can be useful in agitating for the new world order that the globalists seek.

What's the alternative media's verdict? Occupy Wall Street has been fomented with organizational elements of the US State Department and its AYM arm, abetted no doubt by the FBI, CIA and other Intel organizations. Funding nominally is being provided via Adbusters magazine, which gets its funding through Soros-managed entities among others and its direct democracy approach from pseudo anarchist David Graeber.

In another incarnation, the movement goes back even farther … to Anonymous and David DeGraw and AmpedStatus – groups and individuals that were agitating for Wall Street demos as early as March of last year. We know little of the real agendas of either one. DeGraw's AmpedStatus newsite is certainly vociferous but not necessarily libertarian, not even "anarchist" in mainstream terminology.

Ultimately, the movement, mayl refract numerous memes set up by the power elite in its pursuit of global governance. It is apparently designed as a kind of Trojan Horse to get as many young Western adults as possible involved with it. This sheds illumination on the overseas "youth movements" as well, which provide a precedent for Occupy Wall Street, which in its planned expansion may be constitute a final surge toward a one-world state.

This cannot be the last word, however. The elites will drive home their narrative via the mainstream media and if anyone questions the craziness of a "leaderless" worldwide movement, the Washington Post is there with its rebuttal. Here's some more from the article:

What is Occupy Wall Street? … The movement has spawned hundreds of Occupy locales in a national Occupy Together network. And now there is talk of going global: Occupy the World. Inquiring minds want to know: Who are these people? What exactly are they demanding? Who is leading this thing? On these issues, the movement has been clear: This is a leaderless movement without an official set of demands.

There are no projected outcomes, no bottom lines and no talking heads. In the Occupy movement, we are all leaders. This is not just a charming mess. We are all leaders represents a real praxis, and it has a real history. In the 1960s and 70s, feminists convened consciousness-raising meetings aimed at politicizing the various forms of women's oppression that were occurring in private. Women in the ranks were tired of being excluded from the inner circles of leadership where the issues and demands were being decided.

Consciousness-raising was also the heart and soul of gay rights activism. The process of sharing coming-out stories in a free environment helped others liberate themselves from the closet of ill repute. Again, these stories were told in a non-coercive, leaderless environment that empowered gay men and women to fight for their rights and leave behind a debased life of sexual secrecy.

The Post is ready to celebrate both these movements, which had enormous impacts on American life. "Gay rights liberated our sexuality, and feminism fundamentally changed the way we relate to each other as men and women. All this, without a centralized leadership."

Of course, from our humble point of view nothing could be further from the truth. Both movements seem to have been sponsored by elements of the power elite. The idea has always been one of "divide and conquer" via discovering marginalized elements of society that can be turned into cultural and sociopolitical conflicts.

When it comes both to feminism and gay liberation, the idea is that the State itself has taken a leading role in lifting oppression. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women and people with homosexual preferences have lived peacefully in numerous cultures without necessarily feeling oppressed or marginalized.

The idea is that one works at least to some degree within the constraints of culture and conceals one's private self – or reveals it only in the appropriate context and with appropriate others. DB published a previous article on the subject entitled "Mary Daly Passes Away;" it was posted Tuesday, January 12, 2010.

The article seeks to make a case for the evolution of anarchism as methodology of positive change. This is weird because previously the Anglosphere elites have always used anarchism within a negative context. But not now. Here's some more from the Post:

Alter-globalization networks created a veritable movement of movements … In the United States, anarchist-inspired spokescouncils convened hundreds of these groups to organize protest actions, conferences and community work. At the meetings, each group would position a single member upfront, in the inner circle, while the rest sat behind, like a human wheel with spokes. There were no leaders with long-standing assignments because every participant was, in essence, a leader …

Editor's Note: Is Occupy Wall Street a LaRouchite Movement?

Who analyzes power elite memes better than almost anyone? And then suggests FDR’s failed policies are the solution?

We interviewed Lyndon LaRouche long ago and were struck then (as now) with his cogent analysis of the problems of money power and the statist nature of his solutions. He is perhaps the world's biggest fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of America's most intrusive and warlike presidents. Our interview is entitled, "Lyndon LaRouche Explains the Collapsing Western Economy and How the World Really Works" and appeared on June 20th 2010.

Lyndon LaRouche suggests all sorts of statist solutions to the problems he eloquently analyzes, as noted in his enthusiastic support of FDR. The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to be doing the same thing. Occupy Wall Street in a sense could be declared the “Return of Lyndon LaRouche" (to mainstream culture anyway).

As we pointed out yesterday, the elite-controlled Adbusters magazine is behind Occupy Wall Street, along with pseudo anarchist David Graeber. They are the ones that provided the pseudo anarchist “direct democracy” meme, lifted at least in part, it seems, from Muammar Gaddafi's little Green Book.

But the movement goes back farther than that, to Anonymous and David DeGraw and AmpedStatus – groups and individuals that were agitating for Wall Street demos as early as March of last year.

We’ve had questions about Anonymous in the past and we have little idea of exactly who David DeGraw is in terms of his real background, though we’ve mentioned him before. We do know the current Occupy Wall Street movement is modeled in part on the Arab Spring movements that are evidently and obviously controlled by the State Dept., CIA, AYM, etc. That doesn’t mean DeGraw is part of such controllers, of course.

But even allowing for a broad movement with numerous different ideologies, the solutions being suggested by the Occupy Wall Street crowd all seem to focus on statist paradigms. Here’s DeGraw on government programs such as free healthcare that could “help” the average American.

This is not some far-fetched fantasy. These are all things that Franklin D. Roosevelt talked about doing in the 1940s, long before the explosion of wealth creation in our technologically advanced global economy. The money for all this is already there, stashed into the claws of the Economic Elite. The denial of wealth to the masses is the key to the Economic Elite’s power. Outside of outdated and obsolete economic models and theories — and incredibly short-sighted greed — there is no reason why all this money should be kept in the hands of a few, at the immense suffering and expense of the many.

We’ve also noted the emphasis on public central banking, what we call a Brownian solution (See other article, this issue: Alex Jones Mainstreamed But "Public" Central Banking Gets Too Much Attention.)

And then there is the issue of direct democracy. "George Washington" has an article over at ZeroHedge today endorsing direct democracy. He compares it favorably to Switzerland’s republican system. He mentions Gerald Celente as well and quotes him as follows:

For some years we’ve been seeing the promising stirrings of a global Renaissance; a “new order” that would reject the gross materialism, excessive consumerism and glorified militarism that has dominated contemporary western societies. But each initiative undertaken to retrofit and change the failing system has had its momentum blocked or sabotaged by the entrenched agents of “no change.”

We'll take credit for that meme. We've been writing about the Internet as a change-maker for nearly a decade, and have used the term Internet Reformation to describe it. Glad to have Celente on board. He also writes this:

I propose … of Direct Democracy – a potentially globe-changing movement that would replace today’s “representative democracy.” Positive change will not and cannot occur until power is taken away from the power obsessed … In Switzerland, where this is practiced, it is called “Direct Democracy.” The people vote on major issues that affect them locally and globally, and the elected officials (whether they agree or not) perform their duties as “public servants,” carrying out the will of the people.

Gerald Celente is an astute analyst of the current scene and a courageous one. But, c'mon. Switzerland is actually a Republic! And it functions much the way the US once did. Is it possible the solutions that Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are looking for are to be found in constitutionalist elements of US founding documents – solutions that are free-market in nature and likely feature hard money, low taxes, little or no regulation, the absence of central banking and local control of local issues?

The Occupy Wall Street crowd in particular seems determined to impose statist solutions when the free market once served well, at least until the Civil War destroyed the US republic. The Occupy Wall Street movement with its emphasis on public central banks, regulations like Glass-Steagall and an emphasis on public solutions to private problems is headed in the wrong direction, in our humble view. And now the movement is going global.

Call it Lyndon LaRouche’s revenge?

After Thoughts

The Occupy Wall Street movement seems anything but leaderless. However, the Washington Post inadvertently provides us with yet more clues that the movement IS some sort of controlled opposition with its defensiveness. The editors go to great lengths to place Occupy Wall Street within the larger context of leaderless movements. Of course the movements they use as examples are evidently and obviously false flags in our opinion! They are using previous promotions to justify and rationalize a current one. There is plenty of evidence that both women's lib and gay liberation were at least in part supported by the power elite in its ongoing quest to disturb and discomfit private society. Out of chaos … order. And globalism.

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