We Apologize to Mac Breedlove
By Staff News & Analysis - August 06, 2012

Mac Breedlove, a Texas teenager, thought he was going to get away with cutting in line to board a flight. The teenager quickly learned he was too big for his britches when he was forced to give a public apology. Breedlove cut the early-boarding line on a Southwest Airlines flight as he and his lacrosse teammates made their way to a summer tournament. His coaches caught his sneaky move and coordinated with the flight crew to make the teenager issue a public apology over the PA system, the New York Daily News reported. "Oh come on!" Breedlove can be heard saying in video obtained by CBS News. Although the teen lacrosse player attempted to get away with just saying, "I apologize," he was given a formal letter to read, expressing his true sorrow. – CBS

Dominant Social Theme: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Free-Market Analysis: Dear Daily Bell,

Though I am only 17, I am a regular reader of your site. While you guys are not as smart as you think you are, I have on occasion learned stuff from ya'll. In fact, I reckon' you fellas are as handy as hip pockets on a hog, as we say down here in the Lone Star State. Given that I've now been embarrassed internationally thanks to my coaches, I wanted to set the record straight. Sure, I deserved to apologize. But how come no one ever apologizes to me? Aren't I owed an apology, too? Don't you think so? …

Sincerely, Mac Breedlove.

Our response …

Yes, Mac. We were a bit surprised to receive your letter, but we agree with you! So consider what follows an apology.

It is made on behalf of a society that has probably doomed you to personal and generational bankruptcy or worse, along with probable participation in a string of unnecessary and even genocidal wars.

Perhaps you were motivated to get on board quickly because you were embarrassed by the Homeland Security groping you'd been through.

Or perhaps you were just plain embarrassed by having to live in a country with a government agency called "Homeland Security."

It is possible, as well, you were feeling queasy after being forced through one of those radiation-emitting metal detectors.

Maybe you had other things on your mind. You claim to read the Daily Bell (so many just skim!), so you may have a good idea what you're going to be facing in a few years once you try to find a job.

Of course, you may make the decision to continue on with college rather than face the rotten job market. If so, you'll surely be filling your head with propaganda. If you major in some sort of business or accounting specialty, you'll be groomed to accept the current central banking paradigm with all its ruin.

When you attend classes be sure to ask your professors how central bankers know how much money to print. Once they confess they do not know, you may wish to explain to them that central banks always print too much money, thus causing endless cycles of economic manias and eventually even bigger busts.

Ask them, Mac, who is razing Detroit … and why. And ask them who owns these central banks. When they decline to answer explain it is evidently and obviously a power elite operating out of London's City, the Vatican, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, etc.

This elite seeks world domination – global governance – and has put into place facilities necessary to achieve it. The UN, IBS, IMF, World Bank, International Criminal Court, World Health Organization and many other facilities too numerous to mention all have been emplaced and entrenched in the past half-century or so.

At the forefront of this internationalism are 150 central banks, almost all established within the past 75 years. None of these central banks are competent when it comes to printing money but all of them print it nonetheless, thus creating a tidal wave of cash that has caused an enormous and still-deepening depression throughout the world. There will be no recovery this time, as you are aware.

Western powers continue to spend trillions fighting overseas wars in Africa and the Middle East against non-existent terrorists. Over a year-and-a-half ago, we predicted that the elites were actually expanding their phony war on terror by replacing secular regimes with Islamic ones. A little later, we actually named the group that had been chosen as the proxy for this war, the CIA-controlled Muslim Brotherhood.

Read the headlines. Al Qaeda is apparently the CIA-controlled fighting enterprise and the Muslim Brotherhood is to provide the governmental apparatus. The idea is to use the so-called war on terror as a way to undermine the paltry freedoms that still remain in the Western world and substitute in their stead command-and-control facilities featuring the military.

This is well underway. George Orwell, who probably worked for "them," predicted it when he coined the phrase "perpetual war for perpetual peace." If the power elite has its way, you will soon have your choice of entering an atrophied "private sector" controlled by government regulators and private banking privilege or a militarized public sector that may insist on sending you abroad to poison Arabs and "people of color" with depleted uranium weapons.

You will not feel left out, though, as you will have been poisoned as well with an anthrax vaccine. In any event, this pattern of destructive globalization has been going on for over a century. It turns out that the 20th century in particular was an era of what we call directed history.

The idea is to make people believe they are participating in grand events of a disorderly nature but, in fact, it has all been planned in the bowels of Tavistock … including phony world wars and controlled social movements. Everything that poses a problem within this context is supposed to create a form of chaos that inevitably leads to a globalism.

This is the pattern, and it is a seemingly undeniable one. We apologize to you on behalf of all those who have not taken the time to figure it out, as well as those who actively support what is happening.

Mac, these days, apologies should travel both ways, especially when it comes to the younger generation. It is more important than ever to look at the bigger picture. Somehow we doubt your coaches are overly concerned with it.

After Thoughts

Hope this is what you were looking for and that it makes you feel a little better.

Editor's Note: The above is a parody. It is not real. We did not receive a letter from Mr. Breedlove. We have no idea if he reads our modest missive. Etc. Etc …

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