We got “Zucked” for this meme. The Daily Bell is Banned on Facebook for 30 days.
By Joe Jarvis - May 06, 2020

The Daily Bell Facebook Page got “Zucked.”

We can’t post for 30 days for a meme we shared three years ago.

Apparently, we were punished because the meme mentioned Hitler, even though it was making fun of people who compare everything they don’t like to Hitler.

“Everyone I don’t like is Hitler,” the meme says, “A child’s guide to online political discussion.”

Facebook said they “don’t allow symbols, praise or support of dangerous individuals or organizations on Facebook.”

They define dangerous as terrorist activity, organized hate or violence, mass or serial murder, human trafficking, and criminal or harmful activity.

Which is strange because they still allow politicians and government agencies on the platform.

This Facebook ban doesn’t really matter since we never got much traffic from Facebook anyway.

Except for over the past week or so…

The Daily Bell saw a huge influx of traffic from Facebook over the past week. That makes the timing of this ban rather suspect.

The article: Oregon County says “no whites allowed” saw about a 20x surge in normal traffic, mostly coming from Facebook mobile users.

It’s almost like Facebook wanted to silence us for talking about white people being excluded by a county government.

But if they cited that particular article for the 30-day ban on posting, they risked the issue blowing up, and being forced to backtrack their censorship.

So instead, they searched through years of content and managed to find one meme that depicted Hitler in a comical way. Hitler was clearly a “dangerous individual” but I’m still failing to see how that meme is praising or supporting him.

This highlights why the email list is so important, because it gives independent publishers control over who they can reach, without having to rely on mediums like Facebook and Twitter.

So make sure you are signed up for our email list, which you can do below.

As you may have noticed, I have been personally expanding my use of Youtube, which is also a precarious platform to rely on.

But right now there really aren’t many viable alternatives for sparking the type of viral viewership available on Youtube. I’ll continue to use the tools I have available to grow an audience.

So please click here to subscribe to my channel on Youtube.

And like my personal Facebook page here, which I’ll be using to speak truth to Zuckerberg while The Daily Bell is silenced.

Anyway, it’s instructive to see what kinds of content they punish you for. Surely it means we are doing something right.

If you can’t say it on Facebook, then it probably is worth discussing.

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