Wealthy Yacht Owners Subject to Elite Divide and Conquer Scheme
By Staff News & Analysis - August 30, 2012

Yachts Raided by Tax Authorities in Italy … August should be the high season for yachters lounging off the coast of Italy. But this summer, many are staying clear to avoid a new threat: tax authorities. Yacht brokers say that mega-yachts sailing off the Tuscan and Amalfi coasts have been increasingly targeted by tax inspectors looking for revenue. The tax inspectors, who often board the boats at marinas, are carrying out what Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti last week called "a state of war" against tax evaders. – CNBC

Dominant Social Theme: These one-percenters are a greedy disaster and should be strung up.

Free-Market Analysis: The disease of class envy is upon us once again. We've watched the power elite whip up this meme and it is truly off-putting if you are sensitive to these things.

We cover elite themes so we do indeed notice what is transpiring and, of course, how it is all converging, the way elite promotions often do. It is part of an effort, in our humble view, to promote a certain kind of social divisiveness.

The power elite wants to run the world and what we call the Internet Reformation has made it difficult for their conspiracy to come to near-term fruition. In fact, they're being exposed every day.

And so they push back. They do the same things now that they did after the invention of the Gutenberg Press. The press revealed the power structure to ordinary people in an entirely new way.

To protect themselves, the elites tried to distract people with war, economic chaos and Draconian official legislation and regulation. The Peasant War alone ran for some 30 years.

Just like World War I, no one can say for certain how it got started or why it ran for so long. But it is not much different than today's sudden, endless wars. The Afghan War has already run longer than a decade without justification or any chance of success.

But these are strategies, brutal as they are, that advance elite control. In other words, wars and economic uncertainty make people feel helpless and powerless. And when they feel that way it is more difficult for them to act.

As part of this larger social manipulation, the elites practice various kinds of divide and conquer policies. Centuries ago, the elites created divisions between the Catholic Church and Protestant sects.

Today the elites are creating such social movements as the Occupy movement that pits the "one percent" against everyone else. It is classic divide and conquer. Whip up class envy to make sure people don't identify the real power structure.

The real power resides apparently with a handful of dynastic families that want to run the world and are attempting to set up formal world government. They fund their operations via central banking.

Here's some more from the article:

Many yacht owners in Europe claim exemption from VAT taxes or claim low taxable incomes, despite owning a yacht. Tax authorities are finding that yachts are rich pickings when it comes to high-income tax evaders.

"A lot of our clients are just steering clear of Italy this season," one yacht broker said. "Who wants their holiday interrupted by the tax police?"

The crackdown may be raising revenue, but they are also chasing away boats and businesses. One radio report said that some 30,000 boats have fled their berths in Italy since the tax crackdown was first announced in March. At Cala Galera, a large private marina on the Tuscan coast, business is reportedly down about 40 percent.

The "yacht exodus" has cost the Italian economy $350 million in lost revenues, according to the report. The crackdown is all part of the government's efforts raise revenue and patch up its fiscal holes in the wake of the Euro crisis.

It is all very predictable, starting with Monti himself, a power elite "technocrat" who has been emplaced by the globalists that wanted to remove former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi for one reason or another.

Now Monti is suddenly in a tax revenue war and – no surprise – the same thing is taking place elsewhere in Europe, in Greece, especially. Here's how a recent Reuters article on Greek tax evasion begins:

Greece says plenty of "fat" in tax evasion … Greece can raise more money by fighting rampant tax evasion than piling extra spending cuts to convince international lenders to keep it afloat, a senior Greek official said on Friday.

The country has long struggled with patchy tax collection and efforts to reform a tax administration widely seen as corrupt and ineffective have failed to make real progress.

"There is a lot of 'fat' in tax evasion and we can't keep cutting spending," Deputy Finance Minister George Mavragiannis told reporters after a meeting between ministry officials and the financial crimes squad.

A finance ministry official who declined to be named said, "We decided to simplify and shorten the process of verifying an offence and imposing a fine," adding this would speed up a process that takes up to nine months by two to three months.

Greece depends on aid from the European Union and International Monetary Fund and is trying to show the so-called troika of lenders that it is on the path to reforming itself.

Italian and Greek governments spent outrageously in the first decade of the 2000s. Now that the bills are due, government bureaucrats, under pressure from Brussels's Eurocrats, are hiking taxes further.

There is no question that central banks can print all the money that is necessary to fund a given country. But Greece and Italy don't have their own independent central banks anymore.

Even if they did, central banks are not in the habit of fully funding a given country's public needs. This is because the elites rely on taxes to provide a command and control structure to keep people frightened and obedient.

All anyone has to do is investigate government to realise a good deal of tax revenue is wasted and that tax money generally is being applied ineffectively and even destructively.

This doesn't matter, however. Taxes are at least in part an elite tool of control. And now they are being used in the service, increasingly, of class warfare.

The elites intend to create more tension between the "haves" and the "have-nots." People are easily manipulated this way.

And when people are angry enough and terrorized enough they shall turn to the false panacea of government as they have often done in the past, or at least that's the plan.

After Thoughts

This time it is world government that shall be offered.

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