Who Is David DeGraw and What Is 'Thrive?'
By Staff News & Analysis - October 12, 2011

EXPOSED: David DeGraw Works For A Soros-CIA-Obama-Socialist Front Group That Is Secretly Controlling the #OWS 99% Movement … That is my Onion-esque satirical headline to make light of what has become a very frustrating and infuriating experience. There are all sorts of wild conspiracy theories being spun about the #OWS 99% Movement and I have come under personal attack. I have repeatedly been confronted by irate people that accuse me of working for or with people like George Soros, Lyndon LaRouche, the FBI, CIA, US State Department and/or the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. Let me be 100% clear here, all of these accusations are F.A.L.S.E. – David DeGraw, AmpedStatus

Dominant Social Theme: David DeGraw has seen further than most and Occupy Wall Street is a bright light.

Free-Market Analysis: Vocal Occupy Wall Street supporter David DeGraw has written another article defending the movement and maintaining that is has no elements of elite control but is a genuine "uprising of the people." This seems false to us. But let us not be overly harsh. Sincere credit to DeGraw, please (assuming the validity of the narrative, of course) …

DeGraw himself is an obviously unusual and seemingly admirable person; we will take his statements at face value. Until we have other evidence, we will state for the record that he is apparently an invaluable person who has literally set the world on fire by providing the impetus for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In this article, therefore, we will examine further the Occupy Wall Street movement as presented by DeGraw in his narrative excerpted above and also analyze the upcoming 15October worldwide demos and something called Thrive – the revelation of a new energy source via a movie supposed to be "premiering" on November 11. (We're not sure how a new energy source can "premiere" but that's what's apparently happening.)

First, DeGraw. We are still not sure who DeGraw is, or how he came to be so prolific and certain about his views. He has a surety about his voice that we would never have been able to assume at his age. He also seems wrong from our point of view (as free-market thinkers) about at least some of his solutions, which seem socialist to us. But he has an energy and indignation about him that is compelling. Here's his take on Occupy Wall Street:

First of all, the #OWS 99% Movement is a genuine leaderless decentralized grassroots movement. In my opinion, it is built upon the hard work of hundreds of thousands of people who have taken it upon themselves to fight back against their own financial oppression and in defense of their family and country.

As someone who has spent countless hours, days, weeks at Liberty Park, it is evident that people here come from all different walks of life and have all different political viewpoints. The uniting factor is that most of the people here realize that America has been taken over and is currently occupied by global financial interests.

They have seized control of our government, economy and tax system, and have rigged our political process against hardworking Americans. People at Liberty Park, the 99%ers, are here to defend the United States against a global financial oligarchy. They are not here because they are the puppets of anyone. They are fighting back against economic tyranny PERIOD.

According to DeGraw, he was instrumental in the Occupy Wall Street movement before it was called Occupy Wall Street. He's been trying to put something like this together for at least three years, he claims. But back in the Spring of 2011, his website and organization came under sustained attack. His efforts were salvaged with the help of Anonymous and coverage from the ubiquitous and courageous ZeroHedge website.

By summer, DeGraw's movement was catching on and eventually the magazine Adbusters, funded in part by George Soros, joined forces with DeGraw, invented the idea for a September protest called Occupy Wall Street, and the rest is history. DeGraw writes:

It is highly insulting when people make accusations that we are essentially puppets of other interests. Just come to Liberty Park and try telling someone who has been pepper-sprayed, beaten with police sticks and arrested that they are puppets of people like Soros and Obama. See how they respond to that. The people making these accusations and spinning these conspiracy theories haven't even had enough respect to come to Liberty Park to talk directly with us.

DeGraw is indignant about the accusations being aimed in his direction. Yet, DeGraw's ringing affirmation of the so-called "Arab-Spring" in various writings makes us queasy. The Arab Spring was evidently and obviously at least in part a State Dept. and CIA caper. We do tend to believe the Occupy Wall Street movement shows signs of Arab Spring fingerprints, including AYM's influence. We wrote about this last week.

Yes … there's too much about the movement that seems manipulated at this point. The movement's emphasis on a weird form of direct democracy, pseudo anarchists like David Graeber (who somehow also favors communism) and the participation of the obviously elite-oriented bought-and-paid-for Adbusters magazine all provide Occupy Wall Street with the profile of a kind of "controlled opposition."

And then there are sub-movements springing up around Occupy Wall Street. That's how promotions – including elite promotions – tend to work. You start with the main promotion and then you seed little ones around it.

There is the well-organized 15October movement, which has sprung up with its hundreds of Facebook sites like Athena springing fully formed from Zeus' forehead. And then there is something called Thrive, brought to us by someone named Foster Gamble.

On November 11, Thrive will unveil a documentary about a new energy source. Here's what the religious website "Fanatics for Jesus" had to say about Thrive:

Foster Gamble, heir to the Procter and Gamble fortune, is part of a disinformation campaign to lure in the unsuspecting. The planned air date: 11/11/11, should be a red flag to anyone knowing anything about numerology – a tool used by the occult. The message? There is an ancient code imbedded into arts and icon throughout the centuries that will provide a way to save our planet. The code happens to come from extraterrestrials. The suppression of the UFO phenomena is the suppression of free energy. Should we be surprised?

In this movie trailer, it's a Who's Who New Age line-up – all plugging a planet in distress in need of a solution, and the need to use any and all information being covered up – including full disclosure. Note that Bill Still, a professing Christian, has given his permission to be part of this production – another red flag. Interviews in the Thrive movie are with: Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O'Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, John Perkins, Paul Hawken, Aqeela Sherrills, Evon Peter, Angel Kyodo Williams, Elisabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

We hope our friend Edward Griffin is in this lineup by mistake, at least if Thrive is what we think it is. (And maybe it's truly a great invention; we don't know yet.) But in any event, these campaigns, being rolled out one after the other, make us suspicious as believers in directed history. But leave our own doubts out of it. A casual but suspicious (paranoid?) observer might come to the following conclusions:

The current political promotional schematic began with elite operative Julian Assange who purchased WikiLeaks with (someone's) money and set about turning it into a philosophical embodiment of what can be called the Transparency meme. (The idea that government is rotten but can be fixed via Internet transparency efforts.)

Enter Occupy Wall Street – the other part of the pincer. Leaders of Occupy Wall Street want to assure us that direct democracy can prevail against money power. Apparently, developed and promoted by communist- "anarchist" David Graeber, direct democracy is a portmanteau that can be easily transported (metaphorically) from region to region and country to country.

Thus it is the power elite, behind these memes, has now developed the tools necessary for the steps in the effort to create one world government. The IMF, of course, will provide the world's single currency, SDRs.

Soon, there will be other sub-dominant social themes available for consumption, promotions such as 15October. These are intended either to add credibility to the current propagandistic schemes underway or to confuse them. As one of our feedbackers put it, they may be intended, in aggregate, to make those who oppose the current money system look "crazy as loons."

They use the language of DB and other similar websites (we're not being immodest, it's true) – that the Internet is a "transformative" sociopolitical event – to peddle what is likely to be nonsensical paradigms designed to further diminish free-markets and libertarian solutions. Directed history is alive and well within the parameters of this analysis.

This is what one would call a highly conspiratorial reading of the events of the modern day. You will take it, dear reader, for what it's worth. Do we believe it? Well … we wish we didn't. Even if this is the plan, far-fetched as it sounds, the Internet Reformation may itself make such elaborate strategies impossible to implement.

Edited on date of publication.

After Thoughts

These protests, manipulated as they apparently are, could easily spin out of control. Maybe they're already on their way to doing so. And if that's the case, young David DeGraw, among others, would likely have earned our admiration and thanks.

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