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Why I Would Never Send My Kids to Public School
By Thibault Serlet - January 16, 2019


Children have to raise their hands and ask for permission to use the restroom in public schools – that’s really weird. Adults shouldn’t dictate a child’s ability to relieve themselves.

Everything about school is designed to break kids and mold them into adults who are submissive to authority figures. The lack of physical activity in schools is responsible for “diseases” like ADHD and childhood obesity. The constant bells and alarms, the endless issuance of useless paperwork, and the panopticon of constant adult supervision don’t help children become productive or independent. Work is something children do because they must, and isn’t done for its rewards. Constant monitoring by adults hampers independent thinking and conflict resolution skills.

School also undermines whatever moral instruction parents provide. Any parents who hold values that are either Christian, anti authoritarian, or socially conservative will find these values harder to transmit once their children are in school. For example, punishing kids for telling the truth incentivizes and rewards dishonesty. Telling kids to share everything dampens their understanding of property rights. The lack of debate surrounding school rules teaches kids that rules are unbreakable parameters determined by the authorities.

Most nefariously, children are exposed to the toxicity of their peers’ parents. Large schools are bound to have children whose parents are abusive. This abusive behavior is contagious. If a majority of kids are abused, then children who aren’t abused at home will be unpopular. Children who are coercive, manipulative, and vicious will rise to the top of the social dominance hierarchy.

Of course, all of the really successful people I know are rule breakers. They are people who forge their own paths rather than going down the roads walked by many. Doing the same thing as everyone else will generate the same results – submission to authority is a recipe for mediocrity. Success, either social or financial, is never the result of obedience to authority.

The modern educational system was invented in 19th century Prussia for the purpose of creating good soldiers and factory workers. Since the 19th century, education has degraded. Standards have lowered. Controversy has been banned. Science and math have been neglected. Common core, an American program to nationalize courses, is just another step in the dumbing down of America.

Waldorf and Montessori schools are far better – they attempt to respect the individual autonomy of the child. The adults I know who have gone through those programs are more politically anarchist, have higher incomes, and are often harder to socially intimidate. I also know some very intelligent and successful adults who didn’t get any schooling at all – they had Christian conservative parents who spared them from the educational gulags entirely.

One thing is for sure: I’m not sending my kids to school.


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