WikiLeaks 'Controlled Opposition' – Right Leaks at the Right Time?
By Staff News & Analysis - February 28, 2012

WikiLeaks Publishes STRATFOR Emails … The WikiLeaks Internet website has published hundreds of emails that might have come from a larger collection of documents stolen in December from STRATFOR, a global intelligence analysis company based in Austin, Texas. The underground group that calls itself "Anonymous" claims to have hacked STRATFOR's servers, taking customer information as well as emails and internal documents. The firm has taken precautions to protect itself from further hacking … WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accuses STRATFOR of being a corporate version of the Central Intelligence Agency that has shadowed the activities of international activist groups on behalf of clients like The Dow Chemical Company and The Coca Cola Company as well as U.S. government agencies. But Friedman said some of the documents being published are fraudulent, such as a letter of resignation he said is attributed to him. He noted that his company is a private firm engaged in legitimate analysis of international developments for its paying clients. "STRATFOR is not a government organization nor is it affiliated with any government. The emails are private property. Like all private emails, they are written casually, with no expectation that anyone other than the sender and recipient would receive them. And clearly, as with my own supposed resignation letter, some of the emails may be fabricated or altered," he said. – Voice of America

Dominant Social Theme: This man, this Golden Man, the Internet Avenger, the "scourge of evil-doers" around the world, this magnificent man and his wonderful Wiki facilities …

Free-Market Analysis: From what we can tell, WikiLeaks released a few hundred pilfered emails recently and in return received about 2,000 separate write-ups in major publications. Gee, that's ten major write-ups for every email, perhaps.

PR men are blushing with envy. They work weeks for a single major cite. Assange gets them by the thousands. Of course, we're on record as being fairly skeptical about Assange and his magical WikiLeaks machine.

What, after all, has he done? He's planted in Britain on what appears to be a phony rape charge, and now we've heard US prosecutors indicted him a year ago. But nothing seems to happen quickly with this guy.

Not even leaks. The last "data dump" we're aware of was a bunch of warmed over addresses of wealthy Swiss tax evaders. And now Assange has selectively leaked some emails from the private spy outfit Stratfor.

Articles we've read recently indicate that Assange dumped "millions" of emails on the web. But other articles report WikiLeaks has "started" its data dump. Low figures are in the area of 200 or so emails. Hardly millions.

And what do these emails reveal? Let's see. They are reportedly telling us that Israel is blaming the tensions with Iran on US President Barack Obama … that Israel itself destroyed or otherwise incapacitated Iran's weaponized nuclear facilities in the past … that the evil Dow Chemical Company paid for information about groups arguing for further restitution as regards the 1984 poisonous gas leak at a plant in Bhopal, India …

The biggest revelation, so far as we can tell, is that the emails purport to show that high-level Pakistani honchos (military or civilian) knew about Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's presence in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Of course, there's not much hard evidence of this: Bin Laden's body (never photographed) has disappeared; his "house" is being enthusiastically leveled by Pakistani officials. Here's something from India's ZeeNews on the what the Paki honchos knew and when …

"Mid to senior level ISI and Pak military, with one retired Pak military General, had knowledge of the OBL (Osama bin laden) arrangements and safe house," Online news agency quoted Fred Burton, Stratfor vice-president for intelligence, as writing in an email. The email was reportedly written May 13 to one of the company's regional directors for South Asia soon after the killing of the Al Qaeda chief.

Bin Laden was killed May 2 in a unilateral operation launched by US special forces at his mansion in Abbottabad near the Pakistani capital. However, Burton — considered one of the world's foremost experts on security, terrorism and terrorist organisations — did not reveal his source, saying only that the source was in Pakistan.

Being generally suspicious of Assange and having written numerous articles suggesting that WikiLeaks is a kind of Anglosphere power elite "limited hangout," we don't see any reason to change our assessment now.

The power elite – the Jewish, Vatican, corporate, religious and military interests that are apparently working to formally take over the world – are likely locked in mortal combat with what we call the Internet Reformation.

As the Internet exposes the plans of world domination, those behind them strike back with facilities intended to support elite dominant social themes. WikiLeaks is one such facility, perhaps.

We see these selected leaks as supporting all sorts of one-world elite messages. Is Israel an exploitative rogue state? Not so, these emails claim. Israel has tamed Iran in the shadows and blames the US for raising tensions.

Are corporations responsible for all the evil in the world? The emails seem to show that Dow Chemical engaged in an aggressive conspiracy to avoid paying those its activities previously poisoned even more money. (Another meme reinforced.)

The biggest elite dominant social theme is that Osama bin Laden died in a recent raid on his "safe house" in Pakistan. We've always found this one hard to swallow (along with tens of millions of others apparently – not all of them "conspiracy theorists" by any means).

Fox News reported that bin Laden had died in 2001 and Benazir Bhutto claimed he'd been assassinated during her interview with David Frost in 2007. We wrote an article on the subject you can read here: Osama bin Laden is Dead Again?

There are eye-witnesses to the supposed take-down of bin Laden, and we wrote about one of them here: Eyewitness Tells Different Story of Bin Laden Death.

Of course, there's really no one to ask about the "death." The Navy Seals from the unit that "killed" bin Laden perished in a helicopter accident (a warning not to speak out, conspiracy theorists claim) and now according to reports, Pakistan officials have demolished the house in which bin Laden was supposedly staying (removing OBL's putative DNA in the process).

We are not by any means enthusiastic believers of the US government's claim that bin Laden was killed (again) in Pakistan. That doesn't seem to bother WikiLeaks, though. Conveniently, out of what may be only a few hundred emails, several at any rate confirm bin Laden's death – while making Pakistan officials look like sly connivers.

Finally, we would note in passing that Stratfor itself has often been looked at askance when it comes to its research and reports. There are plenty of accusations circulating that its research – at least what's publicly released, anyway – generally tends to reinforce whatever memes the powers-that-be wish to circulate on a given day.

So here's the deal, worst case, for those with "suspicious minds." You've got one false flag – WikiLeaks and its photogenic owner – releasing carefully selected and prepared emails from another false flag, Stratfor. The selected emails reinforce certain fear-based promotions that are helpful to the elites in their endless quest to create world government.

Note, please, that George Friedman, the proprietor of Stratfor, has already disseminated the notion that some of the emails have been "doctored." Presumably – suspicious minds will conclude – this is to provide a further rationale if additional funny business is either alleged or discovered.

We also note that Stratfor, despite its public statements, seems kinda relaxed about the theft of five million emails. No plans that we know of have been announced to sue WikiLeaks (not yet anyway) and the firm has instead chosen to stay mum.

Of course, cynics might claim that Stratfor is benefiting mightily from all this. It's been labeled as a "private CIA," and its relationships with top honchos at Western intelligence agencies have been blasted around the world.

You want to hire a top analytical outfit? Assuming that Stratfor gets its leaking problem under control, wouldn't this be the first name on the list?

After Thoughts

You know … somehow we doubt that Stratfor will be subject to another attack. We figure this one has achieved its purpose. Whatever that is ….

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