Winning? Ron Paul Helps Lead Mounting Opposition to SOPA Internet Censorship
By Staff News & Analysis - November 24, 2011

Against the Blacklist Bills: Congressmen and Senators Speak Up … Citizens nationwide have spoken out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP, its counterpart in the Senate — and they're not alone. A large and growing bi-partisan group of legislators have told their colleagues in the Capitol that Internet censorship is a very bad idea … Since the House Judiciary Committee hearing on SOPA last Tuesday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has come out against the bill, tweeting "#DontBreakTheInternet." In opposing the bill, she stands alongside Representative Darrel Issa and the ten congressmen who submitted a letter to their colleagues: Representatives Anna Eshoo, Jared Polis, Mike Doyle, Doris Matsui, Mike Thompson, Zoe Lofgren, Ron Paul, Lloyd Doggett, Mike Honda, and George Miller. – Electronic Frontier Foundation

Dominant Social Theme: The Internet simply needs to be shut down. There are few benefits to it. Plus it is upsetting to us, the power elite.

Free-Market Analysis: For years, we've been trying to explain that the Internet is not going to be easy to remove or tame. Those enablers and associates of the Anglosphere power elite can try to shut it down but there seems to be a kind of hive mind at work that won't quickly allow it.

The article, excerpted above, shows us once again that Draconian moves against the Internet are running into trouble as they have before. Yes, of course, the Internet is under attack, and of course it may not have the physical discreetness of the Gutenberg Press, but it is a change-maker nonetheless. It is has now informed millions and millions of the way the World Really Works.

Humans are primates, naturally curious and driven by instinct to use tools. Humans are also driven to build on what has been made available to them by previous generations. These two impulses are among the most powerful that human beings have. Laws and regulations that do not recognize these instincts are likely doomed to failure, whether or not they are passed.

While the freedom to communicate can gradually be whittled away, it likely cannot be removed easily or all at once, not unless the authorities wish to impose the kind of command-and-control culture that was common in Eastern Europe and the USSR in this past century.

Nonetheless, efforts will continue to be made. The power elite that evidently and obviously hopes to rule the world will continue to work against the Internet's role in helping people understand the matrix in which they are trapped.

Unfortunately for them, the directed history that the elites pursued so aggressively in the 20th century is but a memory now. The tools and scenarios are available but the manipulations are far less viable. People see through them.

The elites turn more and more to force and law. It is an admission of failure, in our view. Even if such efforts arrive at some sort of legality, they'll not be supported by "natural law." That is, people will continually seek to circumvent them.

Congressman Ron Paul – running a very successful campaign for the GOP presidential nomination – understands this, which is no doubt one reason why he has come out against the latest legislation in the US Congress to rein in the Internet (SOPA).

While Ron Paul is libertarian oriented, there are many others within Congressional ranks who have come out against the legislation as well who might ordinarily be expected to go along with such an authoritarian measure. There are apparently other letters circulating. Here's some more from the article:

Senators Jerry Moran, Maria Cantwell, Rand Paul, and Ron Wyden have announced their opposition to the PROTECT IP Act in a letter to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The participation of these senators in the letter indicates a broad bi-partisan opposition to Internet censorship. Senator Wyden in particular, a recipient of a 2011 EFF Pioneer Award, is a vocal opponent to PROTECT IP, and has said he'll filibuster the bill if necessary. He's promised to read the names of supporters of Internet freedom.

Generally, the Anglosphere power elite is not having a good time of it these days. Its dominant social themes – fear based promotions – are being exposed right and left by the very Internet they are seeking to shut down. Its associates and enablers are being regularly "outed."

Just this week, the Obama administration's "secret" slush fund of a bank – the FFB – became big news for its funding of various failing green industrial efforts. This included green automobile efforts and, of course, the failed solar panel production company, Solyndra.

Obama's Secret 'Green' Bank Exposed

This week, as well, a very important dominant social theme was again exposed and deconstructed: global warming. Yes, another batch of revealing emails is circulating in a "readme" file showing that the warm-ists are nothing more than a kind of conspiratorial cabal. They are plotting with less and less success to manufacture evidence that will allow the power elite to continue to pursue various globalist policies under the pretense of "solving" climate change.

We don't know if SOPA will pass the US Congress or not. We do know two things: First, the elites invented copyright after the Gutenberg Press began to erode their information monopoly some 500 years ago – same playbook, same putative solution.

Second, it evidently and obviously didn't work. The elites didn't fully control the damage of the Gutenberg Press until the 20th century. For about 75 years they had information dominance, and the Internet came along. Now they're struggling to control information all over again. But the damage will take at least several generations to undo. The elite's directed history has been exposed.

After Thoughts

We are experiencing the benefits and pains of what we call the Internet Reformation. It is a scary time to be alive, but also perhaps an inspiring one. The elites, eventually, may have to take a step back.

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