‘Wonks for Hillary’ – New Program Just Disguises her Lust for Power
By Daily Bell Staff - June 27, 2016

What Is Wonks For Hillary? … If you happen to be receiving emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, then you undoubtedly received an email last night with the subject line “We need wonks, [Your Name].” After some mild confusion, you might be wondering: What is Wonks for Hillary? -Bustle

Like her husband, Hillary is fond of being portrayed as a policy “wonk.”

It’s hard work of course as “wonks” tend to the engine of legislation. They are not interested in the glamour of government but in using the bureaucracy in creative ways to “make a difference.”

Or so we are told.

The word wonk … [can mean] a studious or hardworking person, or a person who takes an excessive interest in minor details of political policy — and that latter definition is exactly what Hillary’s campaign is honing in on.

Jacob Leibenluft, the campaign’s senior policy adviser, explained in a Hillary for America email:  In an election that has often seemed like it’s about anything but policy — Donald Trump seems to prefer name-calling and empty slogans — I’m proud that Hillary is a bona fide policy buff.

Given the amount of controversy and corruption swirling around Clinton, she surely likes the idea of being recognized as a wonk.

And actually she’s pretty good at talking policy. Or some would say “glib.”

Bill Clinton liked to portray himself as a wonk, even though he played the saxaphone. In fact, on January 28, 2012, he actually received a “wonk” award. Here, from an American University media:

President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation, and 42nd President of the United States, and first popularly acknowledged wonk to occupy the Oval Office, has been named American University’s inaugural Wonk of the Year …

“In the end, there’s one true policy wonk—President Clinton. He’s known as the policy wonk because he’s so knowledgeable about policy and was able to use that in a variety of ways to impact the country and the world,” said Alex Kreger ’14, director of KPU.

The announcement goes on to explain the wonk award recognized former President Clinton for creating the Clinton Foundation, taking on the world’s “toughest challenges” and improving the lives of some 400 million people.

Of course, today, the Clinton Foundation is under suspicion as a gigantic money-laundering machine. And Hillary doesn’t want to talk about such matters. She hasn’t held a formal press conference in months.

But the Bustle article tells us that she recently declared campaign website policies to be “a little wonky.”

The Hillary for America campaign email further emphasized her wonkishness.

If you’re a policy nerd like Hillary, we’d love to invite you to a special new group: Wonks for Hillary. Add your name now to be one of the first to join, and we’ll keep you updated on key policy rollouts throughout the campaign — and even invite you to join exclusive calls with policy advisors like me.

The article ends by mentioning that Hillary is using the word “wonk” to emphasize “being methodical, studious and thorough.”  And that presumably this will further “connect” voters to Hillary.

Thus the article seems fairly positive about wonkishness. But those who are not interested in yet more government activism, may find the concept unpersuasive.

It assumes that if a law or regulation is detailed enough and thorough enough, then supporters will have created admirable policy.

The problem with government is simply one of competence. The more wonks the better.

Of course this isn’t right.

As we have often pointed out, laws and regulations are price-fixes. Such price-fixing inevitably will create economic distortions and terrible results over time.

The more comprehensive the legislation, the more destructive. The more wonks in government, the worse the outcome.

A “wonk” sounds like an innocent-enough person, but the reality of the wonkish process entails creating and enforcing various kinds of mandates that people have no choice but to obey.

Fruits of fedgov wonkishness:

Some six million in various stages of incarceration.

Some $200 trillion in nominal and  contractual debt.

100 million not working in the formal economy.

Hillary’s past shows clearly that she is comfortable with repression at home and military activism abroad. She may present herself or her policies in a wonkish way but the result will be no different than what has gone before.

She is a corporate authoritarian who will continue to pursue a globalist ideology and tear down America in order to realize the goals of the banking class she serves.

Conclusion: A competent government is surely worse than an incompetent one. But both will inevitably advantage the wealthy and further impoverish the poor. Government creates wars and destroys civilizations, often for no real reason. In the modern era it seeks to weaken culture in order to make a more centralized society and methodically debases currency as a way to achieve it. Enough wonkishness, please.

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