World War III? Pentagon Sends Troops to Libya  
By Daily Bell Staff - May 16, 2016

U.S. military upping anti-ISIS activity in Libya …  The Pentagon is slightly expanding its efforts to counter ISIS activity in Libya, sending in small teams of troops to try to establish relationships with groups that may be able to form a new nationwide government, according to a U.S. defense official familiar with the operation.  -CNN

The US is sending troops into Libya.

Libya is seen as a dysfunctional state by Western powers that prefer a unified government that provides “civil order.” Now the US military is “upping” its presence

It is questionable as to whether order and civil society are the inevitable outcome of central government. But the Pentagon and State Dept. seem to believe that.


U.S. troops, which the Pentagon is calling “contact teams,” are traveling into key areas and meeting with leaders from all groups to see about possible cooperation and eventually what assistance the U.S. could provide if a government can be formed.

Hillary Clinton famously said, “We came, we saw, he died,” referring to Muammar Gaddafi. But this didn’t turn out to be the last chapter.

It’s not just Libya. The US military just decided to put “boots on the ground” in Yemen.

Here from Infowars:

The war in Yemen was already being waged with US weapons, including  mostly banned cluster bombs via Saudi Arabia, but now American special forces of an undisclosed number are going to participate in combat operations.

The Pentagon says the special forces in Yemen will serve in advisory capacity, but for how long is unknown. Department of Defense spokesman Peter Cook admitted there is no exit strategy: “It’s going to be a limited period of time, but I don’t have a particular deadline.”

The US is in Syria too. Global Research:

Syrians Burn American Flag, Protest against Illegal Presence of US Soldiers … A similar rally had earlier been held on Wednesday as local residents called for American Troops expulsion from their country.

… On April 28, US President Barack Obama announced that Washington would “deploy up to 250 additional US personnel in Syria including Special Forces.” They are reportedly expected to train the Syrian Democratic Forces. The US administration, however, argues that their move is not illegal and the US does not need the Syrian government’s approval.

Iraq and Afghanistan have US “boots on the ground” as well. US military presence is all over the Middle East.

This is how you build modern war. You create an “enemy,” Al Qaeda or ISIS, and then you supply and cultivate that enemy until you can send troops in to “oppose it.”

In the past several hundred years almost every major war has been artificial – arranged, in other words. But starting in the early 1700s after the terrible Napoleonic Wars, people became distrustful and resentful.

There is even speculation this was a reason for the United States: To create a non-European country that could prosecute ongoing military actions.

And it is true that the US has been engaged in one war or another on a an almost-continual basis since inception.

Of course, in the 20th century two major “world wars” were prosecuted along with a Cold War.

The world wars are presented as the result of German aggression, but closer study reveals that both wars were likely engineered by the Anglosphere.

Various international alliances were formed that almost guaranteed violence. And in the case of World War I, the two greatest opponents of impending war – Archduke Ferdinand and Rasputin – were attacked. Ferdinand was shot and Rasputin was stabbed but lived.

When it comes to World War II, there is plenty of evidence that the West funded Hitler and Germany to set off yet another war.

Part of the reason for these wars may have been to build international government. After World War I, the League of Nations was created but ultimately failed.

After World War II, the entire panoply of modern global governance was created: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the United Nations. The Bank for International Settlements was updated and gradually various global trade agreements were implemented.

Globalization continues in spurts. Recently, the Panama Papers have been used to justify an international registry of private companies that will be available for anyone to look at. And tax enforcement is going to be extended internationally, supervised by the IMF.

Wars are started a little differently these days. First, a threat is manufactured and then Western troops are slowly injected into the conflict

Over time, the Western involvement becomes more and more significant. That is why the presence of troops in the Middle East is a harbinger of violence to come. The ground is being prepared for a major conflict.

In the past, various forms of “conspiratorial” literature have predicted three world wars. The first two have taken place and the third supposedly will be a religious war emanating, potentially, from the Middle East.

Such conspiracy theories are of course un-provable and perhaps erroneous. But the gradual expansion of Western – US – troops in the Middle East is not a good sign.

Conclusion: If properly planned, violence can expand anywhere. The question is, who’s doing the planning and do they have a timeline? Those are questions we’ll continue to try to answer. You should too.

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