You Might Already Have Access to Sovereign Man’s New Book
By Simon Black - February 02, 2022

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Every Tuesday, the Sovereign Man editorial team holds our weekly meeting at 8am, 10am, 11am, 3pm, and 4pm.

No, it’s not some form of professional self-flagellation— it’s one meeting.

But we have team members video-calling in from the US , Puerto Rico, Chile, Spain, Croatia, South Africa, and often other locations around the world.

It doesn’t necessarily make scheduling meetings easy. But it does strengthen the business. This is what we do.

Most of the Sovereign Man team lives in a different country from where they grew up. Others in a different state or territory.

We each took a deliberate approach to choosing where to live— we didn’t end up where we are based on chance or inertia.

We each used Sovereign Man’s own boots-on-the-ground research to pursue the type of freedom we wanted most.

For example, I choose to live in Puerto Rico, where the islands generous tax incentives allow me to pay a 4% tax rate. My wife and I also chose to have our baby in Mexico last year, taking advantage of both the excellent medical tourism destination, and the gift of a passport.

(All children born in Mexico are automatically citizens of the country.)

Two team members moved away from Chile when it went crazy with COVID restrictions. They gained residency in Spain using the non-lucrative visa— meaning they had to bring their online jobs with them, and not “take” jobs from any Spaniards.

Another team member is using a similar residency program to move to Portugal.

New residents can apply for special programs in each country to pay no tax on foreign income for five years in Spain, and ten years in Portugal.

Our CEO Viktorija has an entire portfolio of residencies. And most members of our team have several options.

This is just a tiny sampling of the types of Plan B actions you can take to give yourself more freedom.

The point is, what we do here at Sovereign Man is not just a job. And it’s not all untested theory, scrapped together from some Google searches from a cubicle.

We walk the walk. Everyday, we are living the Sovereign Man ethos.

We’re pursuing second citizenship, implementing tax strategies, and diversified investments. We own gold and store some of it abroad. We build protective walls around our assets and digital lives.

We exploring the world to find out just what kinds of opportunities are out there for people who choose to forge their own path and not let chance decide the course of their lives.

And about six months ago, we decided to put all of our most useful experience and research into one book.

With a nod to Harry Browne, we call the 359 page volume that resulted, The Sovereign Manifesto: How To Be Free in an Unfree World.

It is the product of countless hours and millions of dollars spent over more than a decade to find the best ways to diversify internationally.

That means ensuring that one single government doesn’t have total control over your ability to travel, earn money, or run a business. It means always having choices for where you want to raise a family and educate your kids.

It means taking control of your own circumstances.

The Sovereign Manifesto covers everything you need to know about crafting a rock solid Plan B, so that no matter what happens in the world, you can respond from a position of strength.

The book is currently available in e-book format for $9.99.

But if you are signed up for Kindle Unlimited it is currently included in your membership. So if you own a Kindle e-reader check to see if you already have free access to The Sovereign Manifesto.

Also note that if you are a subscriber to any of our premium services, your electronic copy of The Sovereign Manifesto is available in your members portal.

And if you pick it up, and like what you read, we would appreciate an Amazon review.

The more people who know that they don’t have to be controlled by bankrupt governments, public health overlords, central banks, and big tech companies, the better.

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