You’re looking at a country more UNITED than ever. We need more division.
By Joe Jarvis - June 03, 2020

What we need is more fragmentation and division. Not conflict and turmoil.

Right now chaos is rampant across the USA, both from rioters and police officers/ National Guard.

This is unity. This is the nation’s police forces, local, state, and federal, uniting against protests in every state in the union.

This is the unavoidable, one size fits all, unified approach to governing a nation of over 300 million, orders coming down the hierarchy from DC.

As the federal government illegally deploys American soldiers on US soil, we have never been so united by force, by fear, by rage, violence, and destruction.

No one mentions that unity sucks so bad.

But what kind of idiot thinks 300 million people should get along?

We have different ideologies, cultures, hopes, and fears. And it is not left/ right, black/ white, millennial/ boomer, or any other binary divider.

It is much more complex than that, but for clarity’s sake, it basically comes down to geography.

It is Appalachia versus New England, California versus Texas, New York City versus upstate, and country farmers versus city slickers.

And none of these groups should have to get along.

They just have to not hurt each other. And they can do that by getting out of each other’s business, and leaving each other alone.

Right now, the biggest case for why we NEED to hurt each other, is to UNITE the country.

People will continue to hurt each other unless federal and state governments allow people to go their separate ways.

We don’t need to be united. We need the exact opposite.

For instance, New York City has been digging its own grave for years. But I’ve never lived there, never paid taxes to New York, and have never been forced to obey its laws.

But I’ve been forced to bail out New York City banks and Wall Street. I’ve been forced to bailout out the New York State government. And now I might be forced to pay for the federal military to invade the state to keep order– to unify the nation.

Compare that to an Idaho town that was threatened with Antifa violence and looting. They all strapped up with rifles, pistols, and went about town for a nice walk, or a pleasant meal. There was no violence despite (or because) “the armed citizens patrols were in such large numbers they effectively took over the streets.”

Other towns in New Hampshire, Texas, and across the nation have done the same.

Are you hearing this? We the People are in control. We can protect our communities where we live, work, eat, breath, and walk the physical streets.

But we cannot protect our country, because there is nothing to protect. It doesn’t exist in the same form as the area we physically occupy and interact with every day.

Minneapolis needs different reforms than Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Texas is not going to have the same solution as California.

And that is not just okay, but the only thing that will keep things on this continent peaceful and prosperous.

The last thing we need is a coast to coast dictatorship, with no options for choosing the style of government we want to live under.

But when you open up the market for solutions by towns, cities, counties, and states, we have a shot at getting out of this without a civil war.

Each one’s solution to various problems–from racist policing to massive debt–will be different. Some will work better than others.

I have strong opinions that free market solutions and individual freedom with strong respect for private property rights will vastly improve the lives of literally everyone (except a handful of scumbags connected to the government who make their money on war and monetary manipulation).

But I don’t need to spread these ideas across the nation. All I need is one city, or one little region, willing to respect my beliefs, and able to defend them. Or rather, one little place that allows me and my fellow citizens to defend ourselves.

That’s a truly well regulated militia– everyday people training to defend their homeland on a moment’s notice.

Defend being the key word. Not attack, oppress, or invade. Repel aggressors, whether it is the police, the rioters, or the foreign enemy in Washington DC.

They are all threats to our freedom and prosperity, but the police and military are the greater threat.

But beyond mustering in the local park on Saturday mornings, we can get more professional with solutions to law and law enforcement which do not involve the state.

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