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Bill Clinton’s Fanciful Speech About Hillary Shows Shared Sociopathy
By - July 28, 2016

The surprising secret to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage … Tuesday night, Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to make the case for another Clinton: the former U.S. Secretary of State– and his former First Lady — Hillary Clinton, as the next President of the United States …  It was powerful, convincing and heartfelt. But it was more than just a speech to satisfy an agenda; far more than a means to a political end. Loving, respectful, proud, and very human, his speech spoke volumes not only about his wife, the candidate, but, more notably, about the modern marriage ideal. –CNN

Bill Clinton’s speech about Hillary Clinton was long lie, according to Dick Morris, the famous Clinton advisor who is now strongly anti-Clinton.

In a video on his website,, he addresses the speech and rebuts it.

The rebuttal itself was interesting but gave rise to another question entirely.

Why would Bill Clinton present a false version of Hillary Clinton on such a prominent stage? Making so many apparently, fallacious statements is surely a risky business.

Of course, within the moment, the speech was a big hit. It presented Hillary as a loving wife and mother who’d spent her entire life helping people.

As we’ve pointed out in numerous past articles (see one HERE), Clinton is actually a candidate of the military-industrial complex and a proponent of the impending technocratic corporatism that is to be installed globally.

But Bill Clinton is determined to emphasize her “helping” side.

At one point, speaking of attempts to get her to marry him, he says:

So the second time I tried a different tack. I said I really want you to marry me, but you shouldn’t do it. (LAUGHTER) And she smiled and looked at me, like, what is this boy up to?

She said that is not a very good sales pitch. I said I know, but it’s true. And I meant it, it was true.

I said I know most of the young Democrats our age who want to go into politics, they mean well and they speak well, but none of them is as good as you are at actually doing things to make positive changes in people’s lives.

This last line falls flat in our view. Nobody talks like that. And Bill Clinton’s history is well known. Maybe he did admire the positive changes Hillary was making in people’s lives but he was also reportedly raping women and biting them, HERE.

And according to Morris, Hillary didn’t spend much time with her daughter Chelsea at all.

In any event, the marriage between the two seems more a political one than a romantic one.

Nothing wrong with that. People get married for a number of reasons. The larger question, as we’ve already suggested, is why take the risk of lying on such a large stage?

It was a most unusual speech. He could just have concentrated on policy issues. But instead, he presented a virtual – intimate – autobiography.

And a detailed one – emphasizing over and over Hillary’s determination to make the world a better place.

Here’s another statement:

People say, well, we need to change. She’s been around a long time, she sure has, and she’s sure been worth every single year she’s put into making people’s lives better.

Dick Morris’s rebuttal emphasizes Hillary’s reality from what we can tell. It jibes with what we understand the truth to be.

Listen HERE and see for yourself.

Hillary only went to Arkansas because she was having trouble passing law exams and wasn’t qualified to practice elsewhere. When she was hired by a law firm it was because her husband was in politics and had leverage to introduce her and the firm to political business.

Later on, after Bill left the presidency, they built the Clinton foundation to capitalize on his contacts once more.

Hillary – even more than Bill apparently – found individuals, HERE, reportedly willing to pay money to the foundation in return for Bill Clinton’s influence.

This pattern persisted into her years as Secretary of State and impelled her to ensure her emails were kept private.

This in turn has caused her other troubles.

Hillary surely knew that keeping her emails private by using a personal server would cause problems.

But she apparently didn’t care.

And that brings us back to our initial question about why Bill Clinton would provide a false presentation of his wife’s biography on a national stage.

He doesn’t care either.

It has to do with a shared trait between them, a kind of quasi-sociopathy. Yesterday, in a conclusion to an article about Hillary Clinton HERE, we explained the trait this way:

But it is her character that is really at fault, an inherent, fatal, compulsive arrogance that impels her to act out in ways to prove to others that she is “above the law.” This is a dangerous personality defect and has nothing to do with her gender.

Bill Clinton is equally arrogant.

It’s not the lying that is troublesome so much as the certainty that they can do as they please without fear of contradiction. The mainstream media and their political peers will provide cover for them.

Conclusion:  It’s a personality problem with grave political and economic ramifications that seem to have expanded over time. If Hillary becomes president, this trait will likely prove a most dangerous one. The pair are very capable of miscalculating what they can “get away with” – with catastrophic results.



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