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Quiver of Nonsense: Asia’s Globalist Transformation Using False Economic Justifications
By Daily Bell Staff - August 03, 2016

Abenomics’ return to fiscal stimulus shows failure to reach economic goals …  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s return to the fiscal-stimulus lever he first pulled three years ago shows how far he remains from hitting ambitious targets for reviving Japan’s economy.  The cabinet on Tuesday approved a spending-and-lending package totalling ¥28 trillion ($363 billion), including ¥4.6 trillion in outlays this year and just below ¥3 trillion further out.  The administration completed its plan days after the central bank adopted a modest boost to its own stimulus efforts. –Financial Review

Once again, Japan has failed to revive its economy sufficiently, or so we are told.

Shinzo Abe is said to have “three arrows” in his quiver – “fiscal stimulus, monetary easing and structural reforms” – but has only been able to use two of them, and unsuccessfully at that.

Japan needs real economic (regulatory and labor) reform. Only that will do.

The reality is that Western elites, like locusts, are crawling across the carcass of Japan and gradually tearing it open.

Migration is the real aim here. Asian cultures, and the Japanese culture in particular, have to be ripped asunder.

As in Europe, migration must overcome Japan and leave no trace of its 10,000 year old culture.

HERE’s  the conclusion of the Financial Review article:

“Given the society’s reluctance to accept large-scale immigration, the average Japanese will have to work more efficiently to raise output. The rigidity of the labor market, however, has been a major obstacle to this end.”

You see? The problem with the Japanese economy is the resistance to Abe’s “third arrow” – widespread “structural” reform. And so we will continue to read about Japanese economic failure.

Directed history is hangs over Japan like a dismal cloud.

Whatever is wrong with Japan could be fixed by getting rid of its central bank and letting the Japanese people revert to the culture that worked well for thousands of years.

Not a chance.

The Japanese economy is to be mauled into submission until the only logical solution is massive immigration.

It’s not just Japan, of course. Europe is undergoing its own massive immigration.

And doubtless, the US is to be overrun as well.

And then there is China. HERE from Bloomberg:

China Opens First Immigration Agency to Lure Overseas Talent …  China is setting up its first immigration office, according to people with knowledge of the plans, as President Xi Jinping seeks overseas talent to help drive the transition of an economy led by consumer spending and innovation …

The office would be created by merging and expanding the ministry’s border control and exit-entry administration bureaus and could be set up before year-end, they said. It’s the latest sign that China sees recruitment of foreign workers as a way to help shake its dependency on manufacturing and investment and avoid the “middle-income trap” that has stalled developing economies from Asia to South America.

“Overseas talent” … “middle-income trap” … the buzz words come and go. The goal is to justify the dilution of Chinese culture by pretending the economy needs the brilliance of foreign workers.

China’s 1.3 billion people are not enough to drive a successful economy, apparently.

What is the near term goal? Just read the end of the article:

About 0.5 percent of Beijing’s population is foreign born, compared with at least one-third in London, New York, Sydney and Toronto, the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration reported last year.

One third of China’s population ought to be foreign born? Apparently so.

And then there is this, HERE:

Japan Aiming for the World’s Fastest Permanent-Residency Cards for Skilled Foreign Workers …  In June 2016 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed an annuals list of new policies, including a pledge to deliver the world’s fastest permanent-residency cards for skilled migrants.

While this promise was not the most highlighted in of the many policies, it is still significant for foreigners wanting to come or stay in Japan while working. According to a labor ministry official, currently around 30% of foreign students stay in the country after finishing their studies. The government is aiming to raise this proportion above 50%.

 It sounds so reasonable, does it not? The economy demands overseas workers and “talent.” But the real goal, the unstated one, is to fracture Asian cultures and erase historical norms. Import “talent” and make it clear that these foreigners are the admirable cutting wedge of necessary immigration.

Conclusion: More and more must come. Only then can full-scale globalism  be initiated. And after that, of course, something even worse.

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