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Children & Firearms: Definitions and Demographics Make all the Difference
April 29, 2024
Adolescent firearm-related deaths are a tragic but preventable reality. Learn the truth about the rates and causes of these deaths. ...
Seeking Freedom? Shambhala Buddhism is a Liberating Mindset
August 26, 2017
Politicians today thrive on selling fear. That is the only way they can remain in power. They act like saviors in a "setting sun" world. That is, a world based on death. It is a world based on scarcity, aggression, cowardice, and fear. ...
5 Best Off-Grid Currencies That Don’t Require Electricity
August 11, 2017
When zombies attack or when the electric grid is taken down by an EMP or solar flare, trade must go on. ...
blurry state house
More on Trump’s Populism and How It Can Be Controlled By Government
November 13, 2016
Variations on a theme. ...
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Financial Times: Globalism Is Dying, Even Though It’s the Better Choice
September 07, 2016
Why would the Financial Times, itself a globalist organ, publish an editorial admitting that globalism is losing momentum and attractiveness? ...
Quiver of Nonsense: Asia’s Globalist Transformation Using False Economic Justifications
August 03, 2016
Directed history is hangs over Japan like a dismal cloud. Whatever is wrong with Japan could be fixed by getting rid of its central bank and letting the Japanese people revert to the culture that worked well for thousands of years. Not a chance. ...
Bill Clinton’s Fanciful Speech About Hillary Shows Shared Sociopathy
July 28, 2016
And that brings us back to our initial question about why Bill Clinton would provide a false presentation of his wife’s biography on the national stage. He doesn’t care either. ...
Fed Officials Recognized Upcoming 2007 Crisis But Weren't Worried
January 19, 2013
Federal Reserve officials in August 2007 saw the beginnings of the crisis in subprime mortgages and concluded that the U.S. economy would be able to withstand it, even as some Fed members warned that it could trigger a downturn, transcripts from their 2007 meet ...
What Irritates the Statists
January 01, 1970
Lawrence Reed and the Resurgence of FEE
January 01, 1970
Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists
January 01, 1970
Sit Silently … as Bombs Burst in Air
January 01, 1970