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Dear Socialists: The People HAVE Seized the Means of Production… Using Capitalism.
February 12, 2019
February 12, 2018. We traded violent destructive revolution for peaceful productive markets... and accomplished more than socialism could ever imagine. ...
Businesses are Regulating Themselves Before the Government Gets the Chance
August 25, 2018
August 25, 2018. The public does not have to depend on good intentions or honorable people. The desire for profits is enough to keep these businesses honest. ...
4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked
May 17, 2018
Unlike socialism, which attempts to impose rules and institutions regardless of their conformity to human nature or desires, markets arise out of our human qualities. ...
Capitalism has new rules. And they’re seriously messed up.
May 04, 2018
Tesla is just one of a multitude of high-flying, hot-shot companies whose entire business models are based on burning through cash, managed by executives who don’t care. ...
A Communist Utopia (Funded By Capitalism)
October 23, 2017
Twin Oaks is an "intentional community" in Virginia. It is one of the oldest successful communes in America because it's not really a commune. ...