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Jeff Bezos
Here’s The Criticism Jeff Bezos and Amazon Actually Deserve…
September 09, 2018
September 9, 2018. The CIA pays Amazon $600 million per year. Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon. And Jeff Bezos is the sole owner of the Washington Post. ...
blurry state house
July 21, 2018
July 21, 2018. Never trust the CIA, they have proved they don’t deserve it. ...
dominoes falling
Asteroid Strikes, Plague, and Economic Meltdown: Government Shutdown 2018!
January 21, 2018
People have to hype it up in order to give the impression that the government matters. ...
How ISIS Helps U.S. Achieve Domestic Policy Goals
May 05, 2017
Whether directly or indirectly, the CIA and U.S. government were certainly involved in creating ISIS. So when something pops up from the media saying what ISIS is doing, what they are really saying is what the highest levels of U.S. intelligence want you to ...
Hypocrite: CIA Director Who Delighted in Wikileaks DNC Release Threatens Julian Assange
April 15, 2017
The CIA should be thanking Wikileaks for revealing vulnerabilities in their department. If you run the supposedly best, most expansive and powerful spying agency in the world, shouldn't you be able to stop leaks revealing your secret hacking tools? ...
Everyone is Doing it: Injecting Micro-Chips is Cool!
April 10, 2017
The government isn't quite ready to force microchip injections on citizens. But if you want to do it on your own, it just makes tracking you and your data that much easier! ...
Does the CIA Vault 7 Leak Make America Less Safe?
March 08, 2017
Has U.S. intelligence been irreparably damaged by the release of Vault 7, to the point where it puts America and it's operations at risk? Well, to a certain extent, yes. But that's only a problem if you think the CIA was targeting the right people and entiti ...
truth defintiion
Irony: Former CIA Director Complains the Media Lies
March 07, 2017
Oh the irony of the former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden lamenting that we live in a "post fact world." The media just isn't telling the truth anymore. The CIA will set us straight. ...