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There’s No Such Thing as Equality in Sexual Relationships
December 18, 2018
December 18, 2018. "A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power." ...
Why An Ideal Society Would be Based on Consent
September 14, 2018
September 14, 2018. All societies and all groups should be made up exclusively of consenting members. ...
How the Lack of Consent has Made Us All Victims
January 02, 2018
What do you think, could 2018 be the year that consent is required for all human interaction? Or will we keep addressing symptoms--like sexual assault--while ignoring the underlying problem? ...
Sex, Power, and Consent: How to Interpret the Media Frenzy Around Sexual Assault
November 17, 2017
The way the government treats the citizens is the exact same way sexual predators treat their victims. ...