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german police
5 Examples of the Rise of German Free-Speech Nazis
September 05, 2018
September 5, 2018. To paraphrase Nietzsche, he who fights Nazis should be sure that in the process, he himself does not become a Nazi. ...
Free Speech Nazis: Poland Makes it Illegal to Say “Polish Death Camp”
February 02, 2018
The Polish Senate just passed a bill to make it illegal to claim that Poles were complicit in implementing death camps during WWII in Nazi-occupied Poland. ...
truth defintiion
Did German Court Just Break “Hate Speech” Law in Transgender Snub?
January 05, 2018
Authoritarians hate well-defined words. They want words to mean whatever they want them to mean at a given time. Later, perhaps they will mean something else when they say the word. "Hate Speech" and "Offensive Speech" is in the eye of the beholder. ...
Gestapo is Back: German Homes Raided Over Facebook Posts
July 01, 2017
Already Germany has pretty strict laws against citizens using Nazi symbols and denying that the Holocaust happened. Apparently, lawmakers miss the irony of going full Gestapo on citizens for free speech, as offensive as it may be. But they are not stopping t ...