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ISIS or U.S. Government. What’s the Difference?
April 30, 2018
Hang on a second... ISIS only taxes their citizens at 10%?! ...
Syria under a microscope
World War III: The False Narrative that Fuels Conflict in Syria and Beyond
April 12, 2018
At a time when the war is almost won for Assad, he decided to re-ignite international calls for his ouster by senselessly murdering about the same number of civilians the Las Vegas Shooter killed. Seems logical, right? ...
Busted: ISIS Really a Guerrilla Marketing Company
May 22, 2017
ISIS wants to poison our water supply, but the joke's on them! The U.S. government already beat them to the punch. ...
How ISIS Helps U.S. Achieve Domestic Policy Goals
May 05, 2017
Whether directly or indirectly, the CIA and U.S. government were certainly involved in creating ISIS. So when something pops up from the media saying what ISIS is doing, what they are really saying is what the highest levels of U.S. intelligence want you to ...