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Leaks, Fake News, and Hidden Agendas
May 06, 2018
“Let’s make the story all about WHO we claim stole the emails, rather than WHAT THE EMAILS CONTAINED.” ...
Hypocrite: CIA Director Who Delighted in Wikileaks DNC Release Threatens Julian Assange
April 15, 2017
The CIA should be thanking Wikileaks for revealing vulnerabilities in their department. If you run the supposedly best, most expansive and powerful spying agency in the world, shouldn't you be able to stop leaks revealing your secret hacking tools? ...
Does the CIA Vault 7 Leak Make America Less Safe?
March 08, 2017
Has U.S. intelligence been irreparably damaged by the release of Vault 7, to the point where it puts America and it's operations at risk? Well, to a certain extent, yes. But that's only a problem if you think the CIA was targeting the right people and entiti ...