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Pat Gorman Discusses Gold Manipulation, Gold Confiscation and the Fallacy of ETFs
April 12, 2009
Pat Gorman: The best way to describe how I feel about fiat money and the way we as Americans are manipulated every day is to tell you what I wrote in the Introduction of my book, "The Value of Honest Money." Let's begin at the beginning. We are in the grip of a ...
The Peruvian Ambassador to Switzerland Discusses Peru's Free-Market Policies
April 05, 2009
With all that is going on today in the world, it is wonderful to speak to an ambassador from a country where the president appears to believe in free markets. Not only that, but Peru is a country with a long tradition of gold mining and respect for precious met ...
John Browne Discusses the Obama Administration's Policies of 'Change'
March 28, 2009
Our question is this: Do you fear that by further centralizing political power, and by concentrating financial regulatory oversight over supranational central banks into the hands of other unelected international agencies, such as the IMF and the World Bank, th ...
G. Edward Griffin Discusses the Federal Reserve, Bernanke's Bailouts and Obama's Stimulus Plans
March 22, 2009
I feel that deflation will continue for a little while longer as most of the fiat bubbles are wiped out and prices return to a fair-market balance between price and value but, what will follow will be a new, even larger bubble based on the incredible amounts of ...
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