Freedom. What does it look like? How does it sound? Can you feel it: freedom? Does it have a smell? A taste?

Did you know that feeling free is linked to being happy?

The open road, a swelling sea, a family reunion, the playful yells of neighborhood kids in the distance, a mountaintop, a campfire. Freedom and happiness are inextricably linked.

…people who said that they felt completely or very free were twice as likely to say that they were very happy about their lives as those who felt only a moderate degree of freedom, not much, or none at all. Even when holding income, sex, education, race, religion, politics, and family status constant, we find that people who felt free were about 18 percentage points more likely than others to say that they were very happy.

You are reading The Daily Bell, which signals your awareness that human liberty fluctuates according to time and place; it is certainly never guaranteed.

So instead of just feeling free, to be happy, we must make ourselves actually free. There are steps you can take all the time to liberate yourself in different ways.

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Unfortunately, if you are interested in freedom, there is plenty of bad news. But that doesn’t mean you have to be in the midst of the storm.

Imagine you are flying a plane, and up ahead on the horizon is a ferocious thunderstorm. Ignoring it or pretending it isn’t there will not keep you safe. But neither will recognizing the storm, and flying directly into the center of it.

If you are able to locate and understand the trajectory of the storm, you can fly above it.

That is why our newsletter gives you a review of the previous month’s “storm” and the forecast on what to watch out for over the next month. You will recognize what is happening, and have the tools to take action before you wind up amidst the lightning and turbulence.

The government and media want you to be scared, pessimistic, and stuck in a rut. But their tales of destruction are myths. The world has never been more full of opportunities, you need only reach out and take them.

If you know what you are dealing with, you can easily avoid the destruction the storm would cause. Take action, and follow steps to become a more liberated individual. Protect yourself against the government and media storms, by exploring a different in depth options detailing how to become more free, and enjoy you natural right to liberty.

Change starts with individuals. When you become more free, others will follow suit.

We are talking about exponential growth. Freedom does not require a majority, a critical mass, or even a plurality. Freedom requires individuals standing up and saying enough is enough.

But individualism doesn’t mean isolation. You don’t have to go it alone.

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The proper fruit of knowledge, is action. Why bother being informed if you do nothing with that information? We make it easy to take tangible steps towards liberation.

When you are free, others notice. Do you worry about your children, your friends, your relatives, and others failing to grasp the importance of individual freedom and personal responsibility?

Don’t tell them, show them. When you take action to make yourself free, people notice. Liberation sets a fire in your core, and radiates out from every pore of your being.

Instead of struggling to get an audience, you will have people flocking to ask you questions. Instead of eye rolls and skepticism, you will encounter interested engagement. How did you free yourself? Where did this perseverance come from? What sparked this commanding sovereignty?

It’s not hard, take the first step by joining The Daily Bell newswire.

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