Foraging Wild Food on a Tropical Caribbean Island!
By Joe Jarvis - June 28, 2023

I believe some level of self-sufficiency is an important part of any Plan B.

Of course that includes things like off-grid options for power, water, cooking, and more, as I discussed in my last video while touring a self-sufficient entirely off-grid cabin.

But in this video, I get into a hobby of mine, which is foraging for wild edible plants, and in this case, animals.

I live in Puerto Rico, which is another part of my Plan B to cut my tax rate– they have amazing tax incentives).

So I’ve learned about a few options for foraging coastal Caribbean wild foods within walking distance of where I live.

Here I cover tamarind, beach almond, and purslane. I also show you how to climb a coconut tree, and the best way to get it open. Then I discuss where to find edible sea snails, periwinkles, and whelks. I also take some home, cook them, and eat them for the first time.

Not a bad protein to have lying around for free in an emergency!

Hopefully, this remains a hobby, and never becomes Plan A for how to get my calories. But there’s no downside to having the knowledge and ability to gather at least some of your own food in an emergency situation.

It’s one of the ways I choose to be more resilient to come at whatever the world may throw my way from a position of strength.

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