Off-Grid Self-Sufficient Cabin Tour in Northern Florida
By Joe Jarvis - May 28, 2023

My dad Harry had enough with Massachusetts, and wanted a backup plan. And he decided to do it in Florida.

He didn’t want to rely on supply chains to deliver his power, water, and sewer needs. He wanted to be self-sufficient, and off grid.

This is a video tour of the cabin Harry built himself (with a little help from me and some other family members).

He explains the solar power collection and battery storage, the rain water collection and filtration, the propane powered water heater and stove, as well as the composting toilet.

He even generates enough electricity to run the coffee maker, and keep a beer mug chilled in the mini-freezer. He’s not exactly roughing it.

And yet, he is much more resilient against unpredictable utility companies/ pricing, supply chain issues, and depending on outside forces for everyday necessities.

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