Feeding The Beast: A Self Fulfilling Prophecy
By Nicholas Creed - November 07, 2023

Originally published via Creed Speech Substack.

I recently re-read William Golding’s classic book Lord of The Flies, which I remembered being fascinated with last time I read it at school over 25 years ago, and all the ensuing debates we had about the meanings and messaging of the story. A group of boys are stranded on an island after a plane crash during wartime. They quickly descend into savagery, tribalism, and violence. There is a constant theme throughout the book of the shared fear the boys have over an elusive beast, which they believe to be roaming the island. Descriptions of the beast given by the wild imaginations of the boys living in fear, become increasingly dramatic and embellished.

The overarching conclusion is that the beast actually resides within each and every one of the boys, as it does for all of humanity. Fear becomes toxic and all consuming. Fear can be useful in helping humans to survive, heightening their senses, their base instincts, and their awareness. Yet when fear is pervasive for prolonged periods, it twists the minds of men.

“I know there isn’t no beast—not with claws and all that, I mean—but I know there isn’t no fear, either.” Piggy paused. “Unless—” Ralph moved restlessly. “Unless what?” “Unless we get frightened of people.”

― William Golding, Lord of the Flies.

In our current struggle against digital ID, CBDC, WHO dominion, and Agenda 2030, there is no single hydra head that can be decapitated with a righteous blade, that would put an end to the beast system. Granted, we know the beast system has infiltrated, corrupted, bought, and owned the hearts and minds of former human beings, throughout countless other globalist institutions. I have written about most of them in one context or another, as the culpable.

There will be no forgiveness and no forgetting, not ever. Punishment must be doled out; whatever form that takes. Not just “suing Pfizer” or some other commiserative low hanging fruit or middle manager scapegoats to chuck under the wheels of the juggernaut. Such “we have won” moments are pathetic pressure release valves to calm down the plebs and appease their Hollywood-esque perception of justice. Not even just the policy makers, the tyrannical “leaders” and politicians. The net will be cast far and wide to encompass all enforcers and all collaborators, eventually. I wish only that I may live long enough to witness this come to pass, and to document what happens to prevent the inevitable memory-holing attempts afterwards.

Given how broken and captured every judicial system has become throughout the land and all the world, we can expect Klaus Schwab’s excitable state of global “poly-crises” to persist in order to keep us divided, distracted, confused, and acquiescent.

I have also written about othering, which is perpetually foisted upon weaker minds, preying upon their fear, whipping up hysteria and hatred of the other. The beast is no single man, nation state, race, religion, institution, or demographic. It resides in all of us, to one degree or another.

Despite everything I write about here, like many others on Substack, I write pseudonymously, as I believe that being a dissident in Thailand is high risk. I have a lot of respect for writers who use their real identities; increasingly so with consequences which they face head on. I am not brave enough to do that, so I must admit that is the one aspect of my life which is affected by fear.

In person, I am always trying to reach people, and find that their level of being informed varies from non-existent, to curious rumblings of inquisitiveness, to knowing everything there is to know about the agendas.

What I have been realising more often lately, to my dismay, is how common it is for well-informed individuals to be apathetic and acquiescent, almost as if they have given up and are smug in knowing what is happening. Fully understanding it all, yet watching it unfold nonchalantly.

For example, I was introduced to someone whose tongue loosened after copious amounts of alcohol, ranting about WEF, ESG, SDGs, DEI, CEI, basically the whole layer cake, and how he is fervently against it. I initially felt elated to have found another local ally. We talked business, and I explained about all the factories I’d been to in my line of consultancy work, noticing corporate green agendas with net zero posters plastered all over the place. I told him how I have often tried to encourage the project leaders, whom I build the best rapport with, to question things, attempting to guide them to the truth.

This was the moment when I was surprised by his response. He said that my actions were foolish, and would jeopardise developing business relationships and landing more contracts. He cited examples in his line of consultancy work, whereby he always enthusiastically agrees with the corporate mission statements of clients based upon gender ideology, climate change goals, or whatever current thing it may be. He might charge the client more, out of spite, then redistribute some wealth to charitable causes, and that’s his justified ethos. We disagreed on this approach.

Is it not better to risk losing business by telling the truth and trying to move the needle (not that needle!) in the right direction? If we STFU every time someone waxes lyrical about climate change or woke nonsense, does our silence equate to consent? When we not only fail to express our true opinion, skipping a chance to enlighten others, whether in business or personal relationships, but we actively agree with them out of convenience or for monetary gain…Then we are acquiescing, promoting, and actively fulfilling the beast system’s proliferation.

In contrast, I was laughing my head off when another friend told me about his recent appraisal meeting with his boss. His boss asked him if there were any initiatives, policies, or company goals that he disagreed with. Without hesitation, he told his boss:

I take issue with the extremist ideologies on gender and climate change, being not only promoted throughout our company’s intranet, but also embedded within training materials. There should be no place for this extremism in the workplace.

Guess what happened next? His boss leaned in and told him that he agreed with everything he’d said, but that he personally has to be careful in how he pushes back against this sort of thing.

It’s a start…

Watching the world become enslaved, understanding how and why the enslavement is being achieved, then cheering on our enslavement when encountering a non player character who seeks agreement and approval – that still feels like selling a piece of the soul, fracturing it into shades of grey.

Nicholas Creed is a Bangkok-based journalistic dissident. Follow Creed Speech on Substack. All content is free for all readers, with nothing locked in archive that requires a paid subscription. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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