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More high praise for The Daily Bell

Empowering Knowledge
There’s nothing more powerful than KNOWLEDGE and TRUTH. You get both every day with The Daily Bell.
– Simon Black,

Great Job, Daily Bell
After being interviewed by The Daily Bell several times, I can say from experience that, unlike the mainstream press, The Daily Bell knows the questions to ask and has the chutzpah to ask them. They realize that socialism and Keynesianism are wrecking the world and they are doing their best to help save what is left of liberty and free markets.
– Richard J. Maybury, Author, Editor of U.S. & World Early Warning Report

Sources You Can Trust
The Daily Bell should be on everyone’s shortlist of news sources you can trust. It’s on mine, and we often refer to it in our own weekly news service at The Reality Zone.
– G. Edward Griffin, Author, Founder of Freedom Force International

The Daily Bell Is a Must-Read
Because the world is changing so rapidly, it is difficult to keep up, which means The Daily Bell is a must-read. I consider the information critically important reading.
– Dave Morgan, Author, Editor of

Voice of Reason
I have thoroughly enjoyed the analysis and interviews at The Daily Bell, which has so often been a voice of reason during these perilous times.
– Dr. Thomas Woods Jr., NY Times Bestselling Author & Senior Fellow, Mises Institute

Separates Wheat From Chaff
The Daily Bell is a true beacon to lead in helping the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff.
– Dr. Antal Fekete, Author, Educator and Monetary Scientist

Ahead of the Curve
The Daily Bell has come out of nowhere to introduce to the Internet community some of the most intriguing and proactive interviews there are out there. Let’s hear it for creativity and being ahead of the curve.
– Bill Murphy, Chairman of Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Intellectual Jolt
Sit down to read from The Daily Bell and experience a jolt of intellectual energy.
– Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Psychotherapist, Bestselling Author

Consistently Solid
The Daily Bell features consistently solid analysis of and thoughtful challenges to contemporary statism. I am proud to be on the team.
– Dr. Tibor Machan, Author and Philosopher

Insight You Cannot Ignore
The Daily Bell provides unique insights on contemporary political, economic and social problems that can be found in such a concentrated form nowhere else. Whether one agrees or disagrees with it, one cannot afford to ignore it.
– Dr. Edwin Vieira, Author and Constitutional Expert

A Must-Read for Everyone
The Daily Bell is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the effects of the state on our economic future.
– Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Professor of Economics, Loyola University Maryland

Refreshing Daily Stimulation
Whether you agree or disagree with anything you read on The Daily Bell, you have to concede it’s a daily refresher, a stimulus to thinking about today’s issues that you won’t find in most other news and commentary web sites. I enjoy it immensely.
– Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education