Another DHS “Exercise” Planned: The Risk of Terrorism Drills Becoming Reality
By The Daily Bell Staff - March 27, 2017

If government had the citizens best interests at heart, we wouldn’t have to worry when they planned an exercise for our safety. In fact, it would be a good thing, if we could trust the government, that they were training so hard to keep us safe in the event of an emergency.

But the government does not care about the citizens and is not interested in keeping us safe. You cannot trust the government, and that is why it is always a bit terrifying to find out they have a Homeland Security exercise planned.

Even more concerning is that the security exercises increasing target “home grown terrorists” and “right wing extremists.”

For instance, a bill passed the House of Representatives last Friday “To require an exercise related to terrorist and foreign fighter travel,” which would involve multiple agencies training for different scenarios.

One scenario involves preventing a hypothetical American traveling to a  foreign country to pledge their support to the terrorists.

The second scenario outlined, which according to the bill must be included in the training exercise, targets “terrorist infiltration into the United States, including United States citizens.”

If the authorization for the exercise passes the Senate, we will be monitoring the available details of where and when it will implemented, because actual terrorist attacks and mass shootings have tended to align with the government’s training operations.

Past Exercises Turned Real

Consider the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the very real and undisputed facts about the similarities to a planned Department of Homeland Security exercise planned for Boston two months after the attack.

Without even delving into the conspiracy theories, there are quite a few eyebrow-raising similarities to what had been planned in the exercise, and what actually happened the day of the attack.

“Operation Urban Shield” would involve multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies training for a scenario in which “Free America Citizens,” a made up home-grown terror organization, would leave backpacks around the city of Boston.

Officials from a dozen agencies had been meeting for months to plan the scenario. They behaved much like movie producers, recruiting students from Northeastern University and the Boston Police Academy to play the parts of terrorists and witnesses.

And what about students from UMASS Dartmouth? This sounds like something out of a movie. A student is recruited to take part in a security exercise, and ends up being blamed for an actual attack.

The planned exercise has eerie similarities to the police investigation that led to the capture of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose images were caught on video cameras and who were captured after a car chase and shoot-out with police.

In the training scenario, investigators participating in Urban Shield would have to track down footage of the bombers caught by street surveillance cameras and the phones of “witnesses.”

They would have to call on intelligence analysts to figure out which terrorist cell might be threatening the city.

In the scenario, the terrorists would flee police in stolen cars they would dump in cities outside Boston, which would compel detectives from different jurisdictions to cooperate and share intelligence.

One major clue would have been the body of one of the terrorists found near a stolen car, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There were also false leads to keep investigators guessing, the official said.

And of course that is basically what happened in the sketchy events of hunting down the terrorist duo. There was video of the older brother apparently being arrested before he somehow ended up dead, with apparent police bullet holes in his mangled body which was also supposedly run over by his younger brother while escaping.

Of course the younger brother would be apprehended after illegal unconstitutional searches in Watertown Massachusetts. Watertown was basically shut down by martial law in order to search for the suspect. People in the town were forced from their homes at gun point, before their houses were raided and searched. This was done without warrants, or probable cause, because a dangerous criminal was loose in the area.

Sandy Hook is another scenario in which there was an apparent federal exercise planned. Unfortunately the events surrounding the Sandy Hook Massacre are so convoluted that it is nearly impossible to wade through what happened and what didn’t.

Again, there are a number of things we know are sketchy, like the timeline of events, the strange behavior of people involved, and certain videos and 911 recordings which contradict the official story.

However one tactic of information control is to saturate the market of information. The true story of what happened is certainly out there in bits and pieces, but 100 other fake scenarios have been published alongside the real events which obscure any possibility of the average internet user being able to distinguish fact from fiction.


The only hope to stop the next “terrorist attack” which conspicuously aligns with a planned safety drill is to shine the light on these events before they happen. It isn’t a perfect solution, but the nefarious agents of the state do tend to scatter like cockroaches when they are identified.

If we can call significant attention to their actions it might just prevent the government from doing something terrible in order to justify their agenda for control.


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  • Alan

    Virtually no right wing terrorism, yet they’ll run drills for that. Islamic terrorism every day and nothing from DHS, nice. They need to be abolished. Trim back the FBI and let them do their job without tripping over the DHS.

    • Patrick Perry

      How about virtually no terrorism at all that isn’t planned, financed and executed by the state, that state being the ussa of course.

      • Alan

        You have to get beyond he MSM coverage of news in Europe and around the world to be able to understand what I’m saying. Europe’s MSM is worse than the US regarding the religion of peace.

        • Patrick Perry

          I don’t understand what you mean by the religion of peace. What I am saying is that it is the religion of the state that is at the root of evil. The msm/entertainment industry is it’s most useful tool in propagandizing the sheeple. Really doesn’t matter which state, one may have a slightly different flavor to it’s poison but poison it is nonetheless. In reality, the state is just the enforcement arm of the ruling class that remains behind the scenes manipulating world events to herd the sheeple slowly into smaller and smaller pens.

          • Alan

            Well, I agree with you about the MSM and their propaganda. The MSM covers up the truth about Islam, the religion of peace as they call it. I’m saying that the muslim clerics preach hatred, domination, and intolerance towards all infidels and the MSM embraces them. Part of the Soros plan is total chaos around the globe via muslim immigration so the globalists will be able to step in to save the day with a world government and control the “sheeple”.

          • Patrick Perry

            I have not read the muslim text nor have I listened to their preaching. What I have read is that the saudi form of islam, wahhabism, is that which is most severe and intolerant. Seems counterproductive to support such a regime as the usg does. I agree with your last statement regarding order out of chaos however would suggest that even the infamous soros is just another tool of those that truly rule. The food chain has a few more links in it beyond old george.

          • rb s

            Well said.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Wasn’t there also a drill the day of 9/11?

    • FedUP15232

      FEMA set up their operation on 9/10. Wasn’t that lucky?

      • LawrenceNeal

        People are so stupid and have such short memories, the same ploys work time after time.

  • Linda

    I’m not sure about a drill on 9/11, but the day before there was an announcement by Rumsfeld that $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon. The next day we had 9/11 and not another word was heard about the missing funds. Was that the reason we ‘needed’ a 9/11?

    • rb s

      It was a hiest, the twin towers HAD a cashe of gold in the basement.

  • ICFubar

    An interesting interview by Jim Fetzer of Ole Dammegard who has predicted with damned good accuracy future locations and times frames of ‘terrorist’ attacks.

  • Jonathan Halsey

    Have any of you bothered to research the Boston Marathon “bombing”? Time spent objectively doing so will rock your world.

    • Patrick Perry

      Indeed. I think the Bell actually may have done a piece on ‘crisis actors’, the same ‘victims’ and ‘bystanders’ get recycled. Throw up some smoke and spread some hi-tech ketchup around and you can make it very realistic for the cameras. Selective camera angles etc. make it look like the event was witnessed by thousands but in reality, not so much. Same thing in Sandy Hook.
      I echo what Lawrence Neal wrote above.

    • Absolutely, we just didn’t want to get into that for this piece, the point was even without delving in too deep, things are already sketchy. (But we agree, the deeper you go, the worse it gets)

      • Bruce C.

        Perhaps the good thing is that such seemingly random acts of irrational violence don’t move the needle much in terms of popular reaction, so maybe there will be less of it going forward.

  • ray jones

    i doubt that there has been an honest to god terroist attack in conus in the 21st century all of it is goobermint sponsered terror…

  • thomas jefferson

    THE LORD SAYS…YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,INSIDE AND OUT,TOP TO BOTTOM,but americans don’t believe it for a second,WHY we pay them to protect us,STUPID is as STUPID DOES,and when you read your history books,YOU WILL discover the police gangs and military,are ALWAYS the ones who the DICTATORS use to round up the people and commit genocide on them,EVERY TIME…THIS coming time will be no different,same game,same players…..