As Predicted, Brazil and its Olympics Embroiled in CIA Fallout
By Daily Bell Staff - May 13, 2016

The Coup Plot That Seeks to Oust Brazil’s President  … Russia Blames ‘Foreign Interference’ for Brazil Coup  …  CIA has an extensive record of carrying out covert operations around the globe aimed at destabilizing governments that refuse to comply with U.S. interests. – Telesur

Over the past months, we’ve written several articles on Brazil and US destabilization of that massive country, including its Olympics.

We wrote that the US had initiated a Cold War against the BRICS … Russia, China and Brazil in particular.

When it came to Brazil, we clearly stated that the US and the CIA were behind the country’s political chaos.

And now President Dilma Rousseff is being forced from office. Meanwhile, the interim president is very obviously an ally of Washington.

We also indicated that the Brazil Olympics would suffer as a consequence of DC’s Brazilian takeover.

In fact, our prediction that the Brazil Olympics themselves was a good bit ahead of the proverbial curve.

In the past week or so, there have been more and more stories in the mainstream media commenting on the difficulties that Brazil’s Olympics are facing.

How did we know this beforehand?

We analyzed Western media propaganda. We sorted through the media trends and made a determination as to where they were headed.

In Covert US Operations Undermine Brazil Olympics, we wrote this:

Brazil is under covert attack from global elites using the US as a regional proxy, and now its upcoming Rio Olympics may be injured as a result.

The results: possibly a reduced Olympics, even one where certain events are delayed or cancelled.

… Without overt and covert US involvement, the scandal would long since have died away – as it seems to touch virtually every major politician on either side of the aisle.

But those investigating the scandal have ties to US intelligence. And the idea is to use the scandal to create a more docile Brazil.

Most recently a prominent former Brazil footballer – Rivaldo – warned visitors to stay away from the Rio Olympics. And headlines have been splashed around the world claiming that the Zika virus is prevalent in Rio and that women can fall victim to it.

Rio was already giving away tickets to the Olympics. It will have to give away a lot more of them now.

More from Telesur on the larger political issues:

A 2015 document, reported in various Russian news agencies, addressed the possibility of U.S. intelligence agency involvement in the parliamentary coup against President Dilma Rousseff.

“It is quite possible that the CIA is involved in the plan to stage riots in Brazil nationwide,” the Russian news outlets said in a 2015 report.    One article by Pravda explains that over the past few years, BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have become a significant geopolitical threat to the interests of the United States.

The report added that one of Washington’s biggest worries is Rousseff’s support for creating a new world reserve currency, as well as the threat BRICS poses to the U.S. dollar.

Some of this is very good analysis, but in other ways it doesn’t penetrate far enough. The BRICs, after all, are basically constructs of the West. Brazil certainly is.

Its economics, political structure and recent industrial success all involved Western support.

So why does Washington turn on Brazil now?

We explained this previously HERE.

How is it that the West is entering into a new Cold War with countries that were essentially nursed into their current success and power by Western elite interests?

Having been painstakingly created by the West from an economic standpoint, these three huge countries (and perhaps India too) will now provide determined opposition to the Western model much as did the USSR before its mysterious collapse.

Are we looking at a new Cold War … Or Cold War propaganda?

Are we facing political history … Or a super-sized Hegelian dialectic?

And what would be the synthesis? A merger of all parties concerned into a truly global leadership structure?

From our point of view, the Cold War now expanding against the BRICs is just one more dialectical tool. The real reason for the upheaval in Brazil is only secondarily about Washington reasserting its dominance over its “back yard.”

The real reason is very simply that internationalism expands via confrontation. And that is why the upcoming decades will be defined by a phony face-off between the BRICs and the West, specifically, Washington and London.

Conclusion:  Utilize the Internet and your knowledge of trends to make predictions on evolving world tensions and potential opportunities. There are patterns to sociopolitical and economic currents. Spotting them is useful on a number of levels.  

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • bosunj

    Here in Thailand the Ambassador and Charge d’Affairs are both US War College graduates. Glyn Davies was sent here to destabilize/Balkanize Thailand to force the return of DUHmerican puppet, CFR member and convicted criminal Thaksin to Premiership.

    AmCham appears to be 100% behind this attempted crime as well.

  • Praetor

    Everything on this plant, simply said is weird. Their working to set up a world government with complete control, fine. Who rules this government, and for how long. Then someone or group comes along and says we are the ones to rule this world government, and then conflicts start again. This is completely ancient thinking.

    The world is being run by morons, and getting more moronic everyday!!!

    • Steven Hotho

      I tend to agree with you. When one surveys the leadership in the major countries of the world today, they appear weak and incompetent, with the possible exception of Putin. Of course, it’s always possible they are simply controlled. But, when has the world not been led by ambitious and aggressive forces that wanted to control as much as possible? Ecclesiastes said it best, “nothing new under the sun”.

  • Ginio Igor

    Excellent journalism. Brazilian here.

    • Thanks.

      • Yes

        This Daily Bell commentary is excellent and can’t be found anywhere else

  • Linda JJ

    Obongo and Dilma’s regime have been very close.

  • JosephConrad


    IF ‘ANONYMOUS’ wants to be really helpful, it needs TO FIND & REVEAL CIA
    ASSETS in governments the U.S./CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 are SUBVERTING !

  • Black Swan

    ” The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

  • Bruce C.

    I don’t understand how or why “internationalism expands via confrontation”. First of all, if nobody knows that the CIA or whomever is involved then why should one think there’s confrontation? From my – and I assume most peoples’- POV Brazil is just another third world country embroiled in corruption. What’s the surprising big deal about that? Most people knew that the Olympics being held in Brazil was going to be another boondoggle like it’s been for most countries for decades. I don’t see what’s so unique about any of this. Besides that, your surrounded by the biggest rain forest in the world so why would a mosquito problem be a surprise either?

    • You misunderstand the article. For the past century or more, the West has been involved in convulsive face-offs with “enemies.” First Germany, then Russia (and the Cold War) and now “terrorists” and BRICs. Probe beneath the surface to comprehend that these enemies are manufactured ones. The Kaiser was the eldest grandson of Queen Victoria. Wall Street funded the Russian communist revolution. The CIA with the help of London and Saudi Arabia created ISIS. Go research the phrase “Hegelian dialectic” to understand how confrontation yields to negotiation and then to compromise that expands state power. These are basic facts. You’ve read DB for a long time. Either you don’t want to understand or you are pretending not to understand.

      • Bruce C.

        But what is the threat from Brazil? What US interests is it not accommodating?

        I’m trying to understand this in the context of your greater theory that the US and the US dollar is to be weakened so it can be subsumed into global system. If Brazil and the other BRICS are helping to do that (e.g., not use dollars so much or whatever) why not let that happen?

        It seems like either something is not what it seems or there are too many involved and are working at cross purposes.

  • Ed P

    An endless series of socio-political-military machinations that seek “control and power” over the peoples of the world is what these truly insane people seek to accomplish. It always ends badly for the many; but to believe it is to make it real for yourself. Be thankful it’s all a vast illusion. Smile upon it and realize it’s nothing new; it’s “this world”.

    • After two world wars, a Cold War and constant serial aggressions, it’s hard to avoid “making it real.”

  • rahrog

    The Ruling Class (globalists all) can be defeated by decentralization.

  • robertsgt40

    To boil it down, it’s always been the individual vs the collective.

  • Brazilian

    You know, the Worker’s party destroyed the Brazilian economy. They employed all their friends and family (with absurdely high incomes, in a predominantly poor country), elected a few “national champions” (Eike Batista went from one of the richests guys in the planet to one of the most indebted), gave money to corrupt dictatorships across the world, made shady deals with construction companies (did you guys see the price of the stadiums at the world cup?). If CIA was behind their downfall, it must have been one of the easiests jobs they ever had. And trust me, the brazilian people is definitely glad to see them go.