As Predicted, Trump’s harsh Rhetoric Reignites Mexican-American Embrace
By Daily Bell Staff - May 14, 2016

Mexico fights back against ‘The Clown’ …  Mexican officials are pursuing a counteroffensive to Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, reaching out to U.S. business leaders, looking at ways to better use social media, and even encouraging qualified Mexicans to get U.S. citizenship. –Politico

A few months ago we wrote an article entitled Trump and ’60s Propaganda: Strategy to Launch North American Union?

Here’s an excerpt:

Analyzing the current political scene, a strange trend has become evident to us. Here we’re seeing Donald Trump involved in a broad-based, elite propaganda campaign using violent change-making tools from the 1960s. The goal? To help build what is known as North American Union.

And we added,

Perhaps Trump doesn’t know what’s going on. Perhaps he’s unaware. Or perhaps he’s a willing part of it.

At the time, Trump was making headlines because of his intention to build a wall between Mexico and the US. We explained, however, that  his very fierceness was building opposition to what he supposedly intended.

The idea of merging Mexico, America and Canada into one large region sharing political and regulatory oversight subsided a few years ago because of determined and angry opposition in the US.

Highways between Canada and Mexico intended to bisect the US and further ruin the national economy are still being built. But their construction is surreptitious and indirect.

But Trump has set the debate in motion again. It has been reignited just as we feared.

Once Trump had made his point, it was only natural that Hispanics and the Mexican government would take counter-measures.

Here are some questions we have.

What if Obama’s illustrated contempt for immigration laws is part of a larger strategic program?

What if his egregious actions were intended to allow Trump to make a name for himself by opposing them?

In Trump’s very first speech he made insulting remarks about Mexican illegal immigrants. These comments were heard round the world. What if they, too, were part of a larger plan of action?

Almost immediately, George Soros announced he was placing some of his billions behind the formation of a pan-Hispanic and pan-minority protest effort. It happened awfully quickly. What if it were pre-planned?

It was always said that Mexicans would never wish to ally themselves with the US. But what if that alliance were suddenly seen as a matter of national pride? What if that alliance ironically became a statement of national dignity?

Is Trump somehow complicit?

Throughout the years, such individuals as the Clintons and George Soros were friends or business partners of Donald Trump. And Trump is a manipulative man and has said he enjoys telling people what they want to hear. It is certainly possible he is “playing a part.”

Here’s more from the Politico article:

[In an interview] José Paulo Carreño King, Mexico’s new undersecretary for North America … said the decision that Mexico needs to boost its image came after the country, which was being pummeled by Trump but trying to stay restrained, commissioned a series of polls and focus groups in the U.S. late last year.

… The Mexican embassy in Washington on Thursday issued a sharp statement announcing that Carlos Sada Solana had assumed his role as the country’s new ambassador to the United States and that his “clear and precise” mandate is to defend the interests of Mexico and Mexicans.

In what appeared to be a swipe at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the statement went on to say that the new envoy “recognized the need to reposition the image of Mexico in the United States in its just and rightful place.”

In other words, Trump’s rhetoric has created a significant backlash.

The article tells us much more.

  • Carreño outlined “a multi-layered initiative to burnish Mexico’s image.” This involves traditional and social media, cultural outreach and closer ties to business and civil facilities.
  • Mexico seems to have gone on a kind of political “high alert.” Carreño got his job only a week ago and “half of the consuls general at Mexico’s 50 U.S. consulates” were changed around or let go. Carreño’s speciality is communications and his mandate is to build a positive educational campaign.
  • Mexican officials are setting up channels of communication with U.S. leaders, “grassroots activists and trade organizations.” The idea is to emphasize the close ties between the US and its third-largest trading partner.
  • Advocacy groups are promoting permanent residency in the United States for Mexicans. The idea is to create an upsurge in Mexicans who have U.S. citizenship and can vote.

The article also makes reference to the 1990s, “when U.S., Canadian and Mexican leaders were promoting the North American Free Trade Agreement.” Similar activism occurred then to “sell the deal.”

So our analysis is no longer hypothetical.

Politico not only mentions the return of tactics involved with the initial, failed promotion of the North American Union, the article makes it clear that those tactics are resurfacing.

Trump’s brutal rhetoric involving Mexican immigration has resulted in a Soros-led national activism on behalf of Hispanics in the US.

And now Mexico has thrown its weight behind outreach and citizenship efforts in the US.

One reason many in the Republic Party are withholding endorsement from Trump is no doubt to join with Mexico in the current outreach.

The goal is an ever-closer US-Mexican embrace.

We’re not necessarily anti-Trump. We’ve even compared parts of his program to Thomas Jefferson, HERE. And discussed his admirable anti-war tendencies HERE.

But Trump remains a mystery – which resulted in this initial article of ours HERE.

Now he is supposedly being attacked by the Washington Post. We’ll see if the results match the rhetoric, or if it is merely a ploy designed to make people believe, once more, that the establishment is against him.

Conclusion: The renewed Mexican-American embrace will be both positive and negative depending on your perspective and how you wish to exploit what is now evolving. But it is not in our view at all accidental. It is likely directed history.

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  • Bruce C.

    One good thing in all of this is that Trump remains the only mystery wild card. Every other existing or even remotely conceivable Presidential candidate is known to be as bad or worse than any fears about Trump.

    That said, my guess (and hope) is that Trump is not complicit in this – yet another sick, diabolical, globalist agenda – but is calling it out and intends to try to stop it. I think Mexico et al are trying to expedite their subversive plans because of that.

    Obama telling the border patrol agents to stand down and allow everything on two legs to enter the US is another desperate attempt to ruin the US and make it impossible to recover, although I think he would be doing that no matter who was running for President because that’s his agenda.

    • Oscar Martinez

      Is it “his” agenda or is he merely the tool implementing somebody else’s agenda. I vote for B. I don’t think he’s smart enough to do it on his own.

      • Bruce C.

        He may not be “smart enough” but he may be “naive enough” and “apolitcal enough” and stubborn enough to do a lot of obvious, self-evident, and commonsensical things.

  • Webforager

    This sort of analysis makes sense especially considering the greater likelihood that Trump represents the interests of capital. (It’s certainly more aligned with his interests) For capital to succeed it needs access to nations and their resources and what better way to achieve that then to seek agreement between nations while bamboozling the populace with heroic notions of joining the “good fight” against things like racism.
    I’m sorry to say it but to entertain the idea that Trump represents the ideals of some mythological American character is somewhat misplaced.

  • rahrog

    Even if Trump is some kind of twisted Manchurian candidate (which I doubt), the worm has turned on The Ruling Classes of Mexico & America. Their joint plan(s) to turn North America (and the rest of the world) into a society of peons & rulers is/are falling apart all around them. This is due in no small part to the internet reformation – sites like DB spreading the word of free thinkers. With or without Trump (or someone like him) The Revolution has begun!
    Read Gandhi’s quote on tyrants.
    Read Frederick Douglas’ quote on power.

    • Oscar Martinez

      Is it really? I’d like to think so, but I don’t. Lots of people talk. Very few people act. I think the plan is still on track.

      • rahrog

        TRC’s plan is on track, but the plan aint working. Not for them, and damn sure not for anyone else. They have nothing to offer but more debt. People are waking up to the debt scam. Are enough people “awake” ???? That is the big question.

  • Haywood Jablome

    Gee, I wonder why he won’t release the transcript of his closed door meeting with the WaPo that was heavy with immigration talk? Again, I would be more inclined to think Trump is a useful idiot to the elites more than anything else, but who knows anymore….

  • Oscar Martinez

    America is already lost so what difference does it make at this point? I have a Hispanic name here but this is a bogus profile. That and the Tor browser is my version of the prevent defense.

    In reality, I’m Irish-American and as white as snow. I offer that up for perspective. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I learned as an adult because I was transferred to Houston and saw the writing on the wall a couple of decades ago. Figured it was up to me to agarrar el toro por los cuernos.

    Let’s think this through. The US already has open borders. Everybody who wants in is already here so we lose nothing by being honest about it and hanging out the Bienvenidos shingle. Nothing at all. Anybody who believes otherwise simply isn’t paying attention. Pretty much everything about America worth preserving has already been lost.

    So what do we gain? Plenty. We gain easier, more reliable access to resources like Mexican and Canadian oil, gold and silver. That’s really what this is all about, not cheap wages. The only ways to steal resources that aren’t ours are (1) war or (2) treaties. We’re selling Mexico and Canada a bill of goods. All that oil, gold and silver is how we pay off the national debt. Either we go the NAU route or eventually American ground troops will be invading both countries.

    On a personal level, we would be free to live in Mexico or Canada, something that is really hard now. We could live more cheaply in relatively isolated communities in Chihuahua or Manitoba. It would beat living in a dump like Indianapolis, for example.

    I learned a long time ago not to sit around and whine about things that I have no power to change. Instead, my job is to find out how to make it work for me. That’s what I’m doing Change is good. Vaya con Dios.

    I see you’re holding my comment. Publish it or not. Either way, you’ll reveal what you really are.