Botched Panama Papers Leak Has Unintended Consequences for the Elite
By - April 14, 2016

Panama Papers reveal London as center of ‘spider’s web’ … As-well as shining a spotlight on the secret financial arrangements of the rich and powerful, the so-called Panama Papers have laid bare London’s role as a vital organ of the world’s tax-haven network.  – JapanTimes

The Panama Papers leak has “revealed” London at the center of a “spider’s web,” according to this article, above. It is further evidence that the release of private information was a botched job.

Further down in this article, we’ll discuss the unraveling political system in the US, which is now clearly revealing that parties choose candidates not primaries. Taken together, these developments show once again the impact that the Internet is having on hitherto private structures and their propaganda.

The Panama Papers revelations have convulsed Britain in a variety of ways. The personal affairs of Prime Minister David Cameron have been exposed in the leaks, and he may yet have to resign.

And in the US, as powerful political forces fight back against popular electoral choices Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, anger over the entire primary process is growing and may eventually result in significant political change.

It is certainly important to note such developments – and take them into account when making personal and professional decisions on a variety of fronts. As Western mythologies evaporate, civil society itself becomes more tenuous and prone to disintegration.

We warn about this regularly. As verities self-destruct, a vacuum forms. One needs to be aware of this sociopolitical evolution and to realize that it is going to demand increasing “human action.”

This article in the Japan Times reinforces our argument. It is a clinical removal of the studied media pretense surrounding the City.

The Japan Times is a mainstream media outlet. As such, we are surprised to find an article critical of the City. We don’t often read items in the mainstream media that focus on London’s City, certainly not from the standpoint of white-collar criminality.

It provides further evidence – as has been broadly speculated – that the furtive release of the Panama Papers was a botched mission, possibly led by the CIA.

Why botched? Because of the obviousness of the results. Those who had their information released were often those who were in opposition to the West’s current financial structure. People like Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Iceland who had led an effort to put bankers in jail for various financial transgressions.

Meanwhile, individuals like David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain were caught up in the leaking. This was surely not its intended purpose and further reinforces the idea that the affair was neither smoothly conducted nor efficiently planned.

It certainly was ambitious in scope, a massive leak that encompassed some 11.5 million emails. The intention is ambitious as well, to embarrass enemies of the Anglosphere and further support international regulation shutting down “offshore” entities.

But the blow-back from this operation is exposing the City itself to an examination that was surely not the intended outcome.

It would seem to show that those behind such ventures still have not figured out how to control the free-flow of information on the Internet that accompanies such obvious manipulations.

In the US, the political process picking the next president is imploding and, as it does, it presents a more naked version of reality.

As Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both pressed successful campaigns to be nominated as presidential candidates by their respective parties, the push-back has clearly revealed that primary results have little or no impact on the ultimate outcome.

That the political-industrial structure has allowed the veil to be ripped away from mechanism of power politics, thus exposing it, is a shocking development.

One can argue about intentions surrounding this development but one cannot argue with the result: A mythology of democracy has been decimated.

Throughout the US people now grasp the reality of the political process.

Articles in the alternative media like, “The Year the Americans Found out Our Elections Are Rigged,” press this point home. And the insights presented have been widely debated on mainstream cable programs as well. Here, from AntiMedia:

The 2016 election has been a wild ride, with two insurgent grassroots campaigns literally giving the political establishment a run for its money.

But as the events of this presidential primary season play out, it’s becoming clear the U.S. election — and even more so, the presidential race — is a big scam being perpetrated on the American people. Events from the last week have exposed the system as an illusion of choice and a farce. They have reinforced at least one study showing the U.S. is an oligarchy rather than a democratic republic.

As people wake up to the reality of their social structures and their own manipulation, the ramifications will have increasing impacts.

Those pressing for globalism are now willing to forego discretion to press ahead with their larger goals. They are, apparently, are now willing to have more of the infrastructure underlying international constructs revealed.

Revelations of the City as entrenched at the heart of a “spiderweb” of white-collar tax evasion and exposure of the US political system as one manipulated by forces at the very top of society … these insights cannot be undone. They are fracturing the mythologies of democracy and self-determination.

In fact, the West is run by powerful financial interests residing in London, DC and Tel Aviv. The decisions themselves are enforced by intelligence agencies that operate outside the law. The real structure of Western democracy is far different than it has been

Conclusion: As we often point out, the Internet is a process not an episode. Please bear in mind the continued revelations of social control and the reality of the underlying elite power structure. Revelations now apparent were unheard of in the 20th century. The resultant blow-back will be both powerful and unpredictable. Prepare yourself.

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  • stevor

    I’m glad that you also see that the original CIA intention was to get those against the Rothschild BANKSTERS snagged in their web (put and Iceland PM). Glad that Cameron might also be ruined.
    I thought the comment “civil society itself becomes more tenuous and prone to disintegration.” was a bit odd. To me, that “disintegration” is exactly what o’bama and the rest of the Satanists (puppets of the Rothschilds) were all trying to do on purpose, first destroying the USA and putting it under UN control and then “onward” (or “forward” in nazi/o’bama lingo) to a fascist/feudalistic one-world-government.

    • Sheath


    • Rich Faussette

      I agree with you Stevor. The US of A is tottering on its knees headed toward revolution (consider Soros’s demonstrations disrupting Trump rallies) and the British elite champion the population transfers that are destroying their own social fabric. Civil society is not prone to “disintegration.” It is being torn apart by the forced “diversity” and propaganda that’s been foist upon it by the Frankfurt School crowd. Thank you for your post.

      • You are both full of it. Soros disrupting Trump rallies?????Please–like he needs to add to the people repelled by Drump.

        • Donald Miller

          Oh poor Pinko, you need to remove blinders cuz your out of foucus.

        • MetaCynic

          Are we to believe that some people’s precious sensibilities are so easily offended when Trump and his supporters exercise their 1st Amendment rights that they must go miles out of their way to attend a Trump rally for the sole purpose of violently disrupting it? If so then such individuals are suffering from a serious mental disorder in need of medication. The disruptors are invariably of the political persuasion loudly asserting that America is sorely in need of diversity and tolerance except, of course, when their dogmas are challenged. Then, in the name of social justice, they wage merciless war on diversity and tolerance.

          • ” such individuals are suffering from a serious mental disorder in need of medication”

            Please! Note how without knowing it, you are aware of the ‘treatment’ the state metes out to what it defines as ‘a medical’ disorder.

            If people act in a disorderly way, there are already existing laws and procedures that pertain.

            To take on the ‘mindset of the state’ in such a manner is to reveal its thought is your own.

            Relational issues are psycho-emotional and have physical consequences. They are not physical diseases requiring Transglobal pharmaceuticals to provide ‘treatment’ for. – especially under the coercion of the state and overriding the willing consent of the other-defined ‘sick’ citizen. But if a citizen breaks the law – then his liberty may be checked and the matter brought to trial. That is where the balance for liberty in society is served by the state. In a justice system serving the balance of willingness for liberty at other’s expense is coercion or deceit is it not?

          • MetaCynic

            Lighten up, Binra. I didn’t recommend that the state forcibly medicate anyone. My remark contains a touch of hyperbole to emphasize my point that hysterical hypersensitivity to speech which they disagree with is an annoyingly hypocritical characteristic of social justice leftists.

          • No offence was intended.

            Careless language reveals conditioned thinking. Perhaps the very notions I communicated have not registered with you at all?

            I am aware of your general intent and have no problem understanding what you mean and I have no sense you really need me to ‘agree’ – any more than I of you, but what you grabbed at to make your point is the modern idea of force-medicating (chemical restraint) as a valid and scientifically mandated diagnosis as denial of the other who does not conform to subscription reality.

            That I use words to exactly convey meanings has no bearing whatsoever on my lightness of being. If you don’t share my interest in the way language runs the mind – that’s ok too.

            “Annoying” – yes if one chooses to look at it that way. How long are we willing to be baited by our anger before we step back to take in a broader perspective? Righteous anger blasts and withers the Earth. There seems an endless supply.

        • Rich Faussette

          Only the globalists (who pander to the minorities who want what they haven’t earned) are repelled by Trump. He’d turn their world upside down. If you can’t see the coming revolution planned for us, you don’t know your history or… you’re here trolling for the revolutionaries.

        • gomurr

 takes credit for the violence in Chicago at the Trump rally. They are involved with Black Lives Matter. MoveOn is directly funded by Soros and his Open Society Institute. That’s just one of many. Look it up for yourself, or not.

  • lynncar47

    The process of the disintegration of the American society began with Teddy Roosevelt with his acquisition of land by the Federal Government, then continued with Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations and Franklin D. Roosevelt with his formation of Federal agencies with no accountability to the American citizen and that actually prolonged the Great Depression for a decade. Only WWII pulled us out of a pending economic collapse. Thanks to Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” programs and Obama’s handling of a minor depression we are about to sink into another Great Depression. This time, with the simultaneous collapse of the Euro and the Dollar .
    Hopefully, the insidious, constantly creeping effort to place America under the jurisdiction of the United Nations will finally be exposed along with the hideous corruption in London, Tel Aviv, and especially in Washington, D. C. Electing Hillary will put the final nail in the economic coffin of America and the rest of Western Civilization as she and her international cohorts enrich themselves beyond anyone’s dreams.

    • kenvandoren

      The election of Hillary will likely be more than the nail in the economic coffin, but the coffin of Liberty as well. And at its root is an interconnected attempt to control every aspect of American’s lives from the cradle to the grave, using “education” as its greatest tool.

      “In 1992, Tucker wrote a letter to Clinton outlining his vision of a “communist-styled pipeline of education and workforce.”

      Magaziner has a long association with the Clintons. In addition to working with Hillary on radical education reform, he worked with her on the failed Task Force to Reform Health Care during the Clinton Administration, served as senior policy advisor for President Clinton and, as of today, serves in a leadership capacity for two of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation’s international development initiatives.

      In the 1980s, Hillary (et al.) laid the groundwork for a School-to-Work plan, better known by the term “cradle-to-grave,” according to Garner. The idea was to create a three-legged stool of education, labor and healthcare whereby the government would direct people’s lives from birth until they die.”

      • gomurr

        Unfortunately, the “cradle to grave” program seems to have great appeal for our indoctrinated young people. I think the reality of such is a bit different than their glorified vision.

  • Linda JJ

    I bet a lot of these creeps and criminals are glad they bought bunkers. Little do they know, there is nowhere to hide from the Wrath of God.

    • RonR

      If there was a “god”, don’t you think he/she would have intervened in world affairs long before now??

  • alaska3636

    Recent comments from the IMF’s unelected leader support the limited hangout interpretation of the Panama Papers.

    From a too-quotable Guardian article:
    “The leaders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have warned that the industrial scale of international tax avoidance revealed by the Panama Papers represents a “great concern” for the global economy and is having a “tremendously negative effect on our mission to end poverty.”

    Oh, that’s what the World Bank and IMF are for. By its actions, it appears that those institutions bribe leaders in 3rd world countries to adopt policies favorable to globalist elites. But I digress…

    ““When taxes are evaded, when state assets are taken and put into these havens, all of these things can have a tremendous negative effect on our mission to end poverty and boost prosperity,” Kim said as he opened the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF in Washington.”

    Those comments are from Kim Jong Un – excuse me, that’s Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, not the wobbly leader of the Super Nation North Korea.

    “Lagarde said more global cooperation is needed to stop tax avoidance and to ensure “the net does not have little loopholes here and there”. “A lot of things have gone global but there is one thing that has not gone global and that is tax. It is still very much a local affair,” she said. “International cooperation really has to be significantly improved and we are happy to play our part.””

    Said the unelected queen to her people.

    Armstrong argues that politicians are idiots and governments are broke, so they are scrounging for the pocket change of their citizens. Another interpretation sees the chaotic groundwork of a globalist order being put in place.

    A thinly veiled threat concludes the article:
    “Kim said he and Lagarde are “working as aggressively as we can” to track down tax evaders, and warned anyone thinking about avoiding tax to be “very careful”.

    “When former government officials leave a country and take stolen funds with them we have to track them down,” he said.”

    • kenvandoren

      Stolen funds are one thing, but I consider it my patriotic duty to pay as little in taxes as possible. The missions of WB and IMF are overblown and their workings are contrary to their stated missions. We should completely defund them ex post facto. Except that would be contrary to our constitution, but then, so is subsidizing them.

      • Marten

        Agree,,,every dollar of taxes not paid is a big plus for “Humanity”

    • gomurr

      I really have to laugh at these people.

  • apberusdisvet

    I’m waiting for the first cloud funded guillotine factory; I would definitely be an investor.

    • kenvandoren

      Just wondering, might you be a descendent of Robespierre?

      He used the guillotine to great effect.

  • The idea that toppling the idol (identity mythology) reveals truth is only realised by desire for truth. Desire for vengeance or indeed reinstatement as a subtler mythological variation on the theme is otherwise automatic – because the desire for truth is not part of any world-given ‘identity’.
    I sense the ‘witchhunt will be used to shoehorn forcing transparency of assets on citizens and businesses alike – though in practice the law seems to work or be applied differently to citizens than transnationals.

    Corporate entities and legal tax avoidance are both defined by law. And it is there that more truly aligned definitions need to replace automatically destructive outcomes – as a result of elitist and exceptionalist cartel creation.

  • Freetruthforever .

    This is all part of the elite plan to undermine nationalism and the remaining local support for existing states with the goal being to create one big United State or a United Nations on steroids out of the rubble. The politicians not yet on board will be beaten down and run out of office.

    • gomurr

      It’s called UN Agenda 21.

  • LawrenceNeal
  • mutonic2db

    …..the push-back has clearly revealed that primary results have little or no impact on the ultimate outcome.

    Curly Haughland – The Parties Choose The Candidate, Not The Voters

    Curley Haughland, RNC Rules Committee Member, is asked what the value is of holding primaries if the American primary voters’ votes do not matter. He answers, “That’s a very good question.”

  • gomurr

    All I can say, is it’s about time. Let’s get on with it.

  • ChileChico

    “the Internet is a process not an episode”

    12 years is a long process.

    12 years from now George Soros probably won’t be alive.

    But, He’ll still be passing out those “fellowships” like cracker jack prizes.

    Dirt will be worth too much, so we’ll just bury him with his own fiat paper.

    The internet has many episodes(memes), the psychology of totalism, is a process.

    Broadening the Race War? Soros Creates Anti-Trump Pro-‘Illegals’ Super Pac


    Soros Wars Episode 1: Russian, “aggression, aggression, aggression”

    Soros’ Empire Strikes Back: Assad, “gotta goh, yo”

    Soros’ Revenge of the Sick:, OMG, “CRISES!!!”

    Soros, The Force is Fakin’: Da Tissue Papers…soft, scented, with 1000 sheets!

    Like all episodes, sometimes they just get played out, the internet speeds up that process.

    Welcome to the infohmashun supa highway, see you at the funeral!

  • OlenaG

    “…that the furtive release of the Panama Papers was a botched mission, possibly led by the CIA.”

    Just curios how you arrived at this considering it was a company owned by Putin that released the papers. At least that is what is being printed over here in the European Continent.

    • Martin the American redux

      Now that’s interesting, and if true, we oughtta be rubbing our hands while waiting to see who gets exposed next.

  • Another stage-managed ‘leak’ of documents enamours the world as this time the mainstream media tell tails against the ready made usual suspects of most wicked who have been off-shoring their wealth in tax-havens. Naughty naughty.

    Strange it is that amongst this cast of pantomime villains David Cameron, Britain’s own beloved leader, is probably ‘at it’ too as it is evident his deceased father was an expert in the tax avoidance industry and operated companies to manage his wealth outside of the reach of the UK tax-man’s grasp.

    Strange it also is that David Cameron makes oblique statements about if he and his family derive benefit, or will someday derive benefit, from something that in all probability, near certainty, beyond reasonable doubt, exists: a substantial pot of gold buried on a treasure island with a pirate’s map only they have possession of. Why else would his father have formed off-shore companies with board meetings in Switzerland and all if there was no more than the £2.5 million declared in the UK at his death. That is not enough ever for a decent London house these days. We can see; David’s wearing a Panama, we can see.

    The retching hypocrisy is only illustrative of the quality of the material that survives the political system to rise to the top.

    But in the wider scale of things, outside of the blatant perfidy, I am happy the wealthy work so hard to conceal and protect their lucre from taxation and death duties. It is a war of attrition. The higher taxes are the harder more wealthy folk will work to find the loopholes. But the harder it is to find the loopholes the higher taxes will become. If taxes were very low avoiding them would only need to be a little bit complicated. As taxes rise most taxpayers would take prudent steps to avoid incurring them if it is simple and economical to do so. High wealth tax payer’s desire to invest in tax avoidance mechanisms helps keeps tax levels low.

    If it is to be believed; JK Rowling famously admits to paying UK taxes without taking advantage of avoidance strategies and yet she is still one of the richest people in Britain. How can this be? She is a world wide best selling author and clearly has won substantial royalties all round but it is not like she owns and controls a giant global petro-chemical industry or media and aviation empire. Her publisher’s should be earning a few bob too and on other writer’s works also. Could it be she is showing that almost all the truly well-off do not have their money as visible as she does.

    Apparently most multi-millionaires are self-made. Is that because they fritter their spoils away in later life or is that because their eventual beneficiaries have trust-funds and off-shore investments made ready for when the time comes to pass it on.

    The various means of tax planning for the wealthy are not the exception they are the norm. You do not get to earn a fortune to let half of it vaporise in death duties, you do not have that mentality. You do not pay more in tax than you can legal avoid either. And the more that is at stake the more time and fees you will invest to hold-on to it. That is just good business.

    None of this simple commercial reality for the taxation of the prime yielding human-herd tax-livestock is not known to the policy setters. They understand. And more; they understand that the ultimate tax-avoidance includes exiting the nation with all your wealth. People would rather be rich overseas than taxed into poverty. People would rather live on their wealth than slave away to earn nothing after the tax-man has took it all.

    There is a competitive market in the provision of a national tax-efficient environment and top of that game has been for years the United Kingdom – not for the residents, the domiciles, but for the non-domiciles it is treasure island incarnate, with shops and shows and glamour. The UK is the biggest off-shore provider, especially in combination with its extra little tax havens dotted here and there about the world. For the international money/power super-rich there has been nothing else like it. Until now!

    It is becoming apparent that for the globe-trotting ultra money clique the USA is sharpening its offer of hush-hush trust facilitation and with good reason. Having their money in your banks keeps your ‘printed’ money in demand and, in the event of a global central banking funny ‘money’ over-issue crises there is nothing better than to have the rich of the world all keeping their eggs in your basket to focus their attention on keeping the USD then durable for a while longer still no doubt.

  • rahrog

    If you are curious about the Panama Papers “leak”, you might do some research on The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Look into who funds this group.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    Fantastic article. The Daily Bell’s ability to recognize patterns and to keep the eye on the big picture is almost unparalleled.

  • william beeby

    David Cameron the British prime minister obviously has upset people in VERY high places to be named at this stage. It`s pathetic how they have tried to implicate Putin you can just see through it as a propaganda tool straight away . If he is rich what business is that of anybody in the West . He represents the Russian people and ONLY has to answer to them and certainly not the Western mainstream media idiots who continually slander him. Have they nothing better to do ?

    • It’s not clear to us that Cameron is a target. It seems more likely to us that his targeting was “collateral damage” as others have suggested. Time will tell.

  • James Downey

    Nothing surprising here. Started with Alexander Hamilton winning over Jefferson with the US Banking system, giving it back to the defeated British. One question, where does Tel Aviv enter the equation? Aren’t they broke?

  • gordon

    Very good article and of course the absence of any US politician or oligarch from the disclosure has to make one suspicious of the source, if looks like the CIA and it smells like the CIA then it probably is the CIA. They can,t even do that without making a botch of it, pathetic.