Court Rules Facebook Can’t Challenge Demands for User Data (and Can’t Tell Users)
By - April 12, 2017

Facebook is not exactly the champion of user privacy, but at least in one case, the company did go to bat for its users. Facebook took New York law enforcement to court over secret warrants that allowed authorities to collect user data.

Unfortunately, Facebook just lost their case in the New York courts. The court ruled that only users themselves, not facebook, can challenge law enforcement demands for their data.

The only problem is, the court orders usually come with a gag order as well. Facebook is not allowed to tell their users that law enforcement is taking their data. And Facebook is not allowed to challenge these orders on behalf of their users.

So in true kangaroo court fashion, the only people able to challenge the government are those forbidden from being told that the government is investigating them. Well isn’t that convenient for prosecutors.

How are gag orders even Constitutional? You would think things like free speech and the right to know your accuser might cover that. But again, the government plays by no rules.

While the Court of Appeals acknowledged that the case “undoubtedly implicates novel and important substantive issues regarding the constitutional rights of privacy and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure,” the majority found that they were constrained by the current law that bars appeals by third parties.

The court said the only remedy for Facebook users is to sue for invasion of privacy after the fact.

Once we are done with you, you can go ahead and sue us. That’s how justice works, right?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • john cummins

    Raw tyranny

  • Cranford Ducain

    Just one more good reason to NOT be involved with all this social media crap. The more the world knows about you, the less true freedom you can enjoy.

    • CCblogging

      There is no privacy anymore. The Deep State knows as much about you as you know about yourself. There may be a few souls who have found a off the grid hideaway for a while but that won’t last. What we have to do is take our nation back and oust the Globalists.

      • mrpoohead

        Blah, blah, blah. You watch out – it’s the funny farm for you.

    • georgesilver

      Sorry old chum you are wrong. They want people like you to be frightened of using social media. They want you to be frightened of using the internet. They want you to be quiet and know your place. The great thing I’ve noticed about social media is that the participants are becoming more and more belligerent against “authority”. The ‘powers that be’ are the ones becoming fearful of the masses waking up.

      • That is as may be, georgesilver, …. They want people like you to be frightened of using social media. They want you to be frightened of using the internet. They want you to be quiet and know your place, in order that their vulnerabilities and their own SCADA administration systems are not exploited to destroy them …… but as you yourself have realised, the more that they plan and float new rules and regulations to retain and extend powers they imagine themselves to have, the weaker and more exposed to catastrophic attack they become, for the masses are no longer as ignorant as they need to be, in order to be so arrogantly abused and misused as before.

        The worm has turned ….. and IT aint no dumb animal to be led by fools on a journey furnished with follies.

        And we must most certainly agree, that such is clear and damning evidence of a distinct lack of necessary vital intelligence in status quo systems and elite exclusive executive operands, and that renders them totally unfit and unprepared to be either campaigning knight or protective guardian for unfolding future programs and virtual reality projects.

        There be new kids on the block and in the ‘hood and they aint like anything ever before…. ??? 🙂 Yep, and aint that the gospel truth!

  • davidnrobyn

    Good luck suing the gov. They’ve got endless firepower courtesy of your money. And what if you actually win, small as the chances might be? Notice the operative word is “sue”, as in civil litigation, not “press charges”, as in criminal go-to-jail stuff. Where do you think the money will come from for the settlement? Haha, out of your pockets, citizens. And we, being gov officials, are exempt from prosecution. Nice, eh?

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      Don’t sue. Get on a jury. Be ‘fully informed’.

  • CCblogging

    I despise the government spying on us and it looks like at the moment, despise is all we can do.

  • georgesilver

    Excuse the language but I don’t give a rat’s arse how much data they collect on me.
    What does it matter? If our wonderful keepers in charge want to stick me in jail or even shoot me they will. Wake up folks and stop worrying about it. They will only go after the ones that actually threaten their power.

  • unreconstructed

    If communists were the target of this data collection, the courts would have rule against the government as they did in the 1950-1980 before the communists completed their conquest of the federal government.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    I won’t follow gag orders, as there is no basis in the Constitution where we granted this power to the government.
    If you serve me with a gag order, then you will need to bring a physical gag with it. And I’ll stand mute while the world judges the judgers.