Decline of the Anglosphere is the Result of Deliberate Planning
By Daily Bell Staff - April 26, 2016

Barack Obama and the end of the Anglosphere … When supporters of the Vote Leave campaign sketch out a future for Britain outside the EU, they often point to the Anglosphere of English-speaking nations — bequeathed by Britain’s imperial past. So Barack Obama’s intervention in Britain’s EU referendum last week was a potentially devastating moment for the Brexit campaign. – Financial Times

This fascinating article openly explores the diminishment of Anglosphere power. It is especially important because it positions the subsiding as an evolutionary trend rather than what it really is: a deliberate policy.

And it does so within the context of Brexit – the upcoming vote in Britain on whether or not to stay in the EU.

But the article’s ramifications go far beyond Brexit. It is as if the topic of Brexit is being used as a launching platform to present a much larger repositioning of the Anglosphere itself.

Much of the article is devoted to the reality that we often document: Economic and financial power is moving away from the West toward the East.

Of course, as it is being presented by the Financial Times, the article only gives us part of the story.  What we see as programmatic and deliberate, the article portrays as coincidental and unorganized.


In reality, no special explanation is needed for Mr Obama’s remarks. It has long been US policy to support British membership of the EU. Yet the Brexiters are on to something in a broader sense.

For all the ritualistic tributes to the enduring nature of the special relationship, something has changed during the Obama years. That shift is a growing awareness in both Washington and London of the rise of Asia, which has made both the US and the UK reconsider their approaches to the world — and each other.

You see? Once again the world’s trends are presented as unplanned and evolutionary.

Here at DB, for nearly a decade-and-a-half, we’ve made the argument that the world’s economic and sociopolitical evolution is anything but unplanned.

It has long been clear to us that the world is organized by the same forces that have placed monopoly central banks in almost every country.

We call this organization and its outcomes “directed history.”

Events occur and then are acted upon. But neither the events themselves, nor the subsequent actions are unplanned.

The animating goal of these events is ever-increasing internationalism.

Those organizing the increased internationalism put a great deal of time and energy into making the evolution seem unintentional. It is constantly portrayed as a trend rather than a strategy.

This Financial Times article is perfect example of how this occurs.


The signature foreign policy initiative of the Obama years has been America’s “pivot to Asia”. Amid all the turmoil in the Middle East and Ukraine, the US president has remained grimly, stubbornly, determined to devote more of his country’s diplomatic, military and economic resources to Asia…

The article goes on to say that America’s “biggest trade priority” is Asia. It mentions the importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal between the US and Asia that “now awaits ratification.”

We also learn that “the Cameron government has been conducting its own pivot to Asia.” This is being done “even at the expense of ties to the US.”

Again, the emphasis on Asia is portrayed as ineluctable. It is an evolution of necessity. Nothing  that could have been foreseen.

Yet if one examines the history of Asia, it becomes clear that those countries that make up Asia, including China, are products of Western influences and systems.

That’s not the impression being given by this article.

The text even mentions that “elite educational ties” shall strengthen with Asia, perhaps at the expense of Anglosphere relationships. And we learn that the “rise of Asia” is also having an impact on countries such as Canada and Australia.

The article concludes as follows:

Still, any Brits who feel nostalgic for the Anglosphere … might reflect how much they still benefit from the cultural power of the US. The traditional Anglosphere may be in disrepair. But a different sort of Anglosphere has emerged in Brussels, with English now the common language of the EU institutions.

So the circle is closed! Those who are pro-Brexit should look to the EU to salvage and enhance Britain’s role in the world. As Anglosphere power diminishes, European clout must inevitably take its place.

Conclusion: Thus the argument for globalism is constructed. There is a great deal of difference between an evolutionary trend and what we call “directed history.” Plan accordingly.


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  • Rich Faussette

    I saw this in 1979. In 1998, when I learned of Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy I knew it was true. I attended HBES 2000 at Amherst to attend a symposium on evolutionary biology and religion where the subject would be Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy. Do yourselves a favor. Acquaint yourselves with KMac’s trilogy most especially The Culture of Critique. My journal note of the HBES 2000 symposium is here.

  • Bruce C.

    I was really surprised that Obama went to Britain to argue against BREXIT. Everybody knows Obama hates the English. It may sound simplistic but if the Brits have been paying attention they will purposelly vote contrary to his views. Almost every one of Obama’s analyses of foreign policy have been wrong (or at least not pro-American, which he professes) and almost every domestic policy in the US has been subversive. Just the fact that Obama got involved makes me even more confident there will be a BREXIT (unless the popular vote is contested and “delegates” make the decision – ha ha).

    Whether or not a BREXIT will matter in terms of forwarding liberty for the masses remains to be seen, but the political populist trend all over the world is that mistakes, misjudgements, ignorance, and “unforeseen circumstances” are no longer being accepted as excuses, and people are going to start being accounted and accountable. The globalist grand plan is not going to progress as smoothly or as quickly as they may hope. Tribalism, if it comes to that, will be a bitch for them.

  • The emergence of English as the world language is generally
    portrayed in the same manner, yet it was planned like that. The NSA and the British Council held confidential meetings around 1960 in the UK on bringing about the hegemony of English. That meant not English as a second language, but English as the native language of the world. I became aware of this ten years ago when I was researching the mysterious decline of the Esperanto association
    in the UK. The Management Committee had been telling the members for six years that their capital was being eaten up, and that they had to limit spending on publicity and recruitment. My research showed that during that period the capital was actually shooting up, and this was being obscured in the accounts. I was then subjected to ostracism by people I’d thought of as friends and colleagues for many years. A few years later the treasurer was forced to admit that my figures were correct, thus confirming the deception. As I was censored in their publications they were constantly putting out that the decline of the membership was due to all sorts of reasons: to the rise of English, and that all associations were losing members, and that the reason for the membership decline was the same as the decline of Bingo halls in the high streets. They were pulling out all stops to brainwash the members into thinking it just happened. In fact, the decline started just after the end of the Cold War, and followed a suspiciously straight line downward for ten years. Just a glance at that would suggest controlled demolition.

    The president who turned on me ten years ago was a long-standing friend of mine – or so I thought. He had been a professor of Phonetics and Linguistics, working with the British Council. I have to wonder how many of the university departments of Phonetics and Applied Linguistics were mere fronts in the promotion of the government’s global language planning. I think now, though, with the decline of the Anglosphere, there will be a vacuum for a world language. The scramble for linguistic dominance could be every bit as nasty as it has been over the past century. The big question for me is whether the Chinese will make the same mistake as the French did a century ago. They initially opposed Esperanto, then
    I think regretted that as English took the place of French. The signs at the moment are that the Chinese are quite favourably disposed to Esperanto. If the truth gets out generally about the undermining of languages other than English, then I think Esperanto will be back on the agenda.

  • DonRL

    The economic power of the west and the economic weakness of the third world or even Europe cannot be easily integrated together into the new world order which of necessity is economic first and then political. The economic powers of nations must be leveled to allow the necessary integration. The means is to devastate the powerful economies and build up the weaker ones. This will cause the powerful economies to want the new world order which is offered as the solution to world economic stability. The weaker economies are promised to be lifted up by NWO. By these means all are drawn into the web of the authoritarian control of the elitists.
    The result will be the Impoverishment of everyone except the elitists and a much more dangerous world. Nations brought together under one economic and political power will eliminate any possibility of deliverance and any form of freedom. Peace and safety, the mantra of the NWO, will proved to be War and destruction.
    Cain, Hitler, Stalin, Mao would be proud. Death to all who oppose or disagree is their ambition while telling the masses – there will be peace and safety – death and destruction will reign.
    All those who hate God love death.

    • Bruce C.

      I don’t think it’s going to happen. Just because it’s evil doesn’t mean it will succeed.

      • DonRL

        I agree it will not happen – it is happening.

        • Bruce C.

          I not sure what you mean by “it”. The “weaker” economies are not doing any better than the “stronger” ones, which is another reason “they” should weaken the dollar if that’s what they want. Instead there are too many mutually exclusive and incompatible interconnections going on that are blocking any elegant grand plan from creating their “NWO.”

          • DonRL

            “it” means plans and means being put in place to establish the NWO. These things are taking place and the NWO will happen. It may not encompass the whole world but surely Europe and the West. Russia, China and Africa may not be a part of it any may remain opposed. Ultimately there will be a war involving the above mentions nations.

  • JosephConrad

    LOW-MELANIN NATIONS are determined to rule the world at the expense of those with HIGH-MELANIN content. English and superior weaponry are vehicles.

    Yet, the HIGH-MELANIN NATIONS are prepared to DIE PROTECTING THEMSELVES and their ‘Ways of Life’ rather than accept a second round of WHITE COLONIALISM.

    Economic stability will disappear the more resistant the HIGH-MELANIN, ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES are to SHARING the remaining resources all use. The WEALTHY WHITE 10% of the WHITE NATIONS have CANNOT & WILL NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING without STEALING FROM THE HIGH-MELANINS.






  • Zaphod Braden

    Obama is a White hating racist

  • Linda JJ

    Good analysis. I see more and more people pointing out that the ChiComs rose thanks to Western globalists. When you understand this you understand the game plan. If you don’t understand this you don’t understand anything. I saw an article a few days ago in TNA about how the AIIB was partnering with the World Bank. How can the mainstream media have gotten it so wrong? Do they deliberately hire imbeciles as reporters?

    • Rich Faussette

      No, they simply demand compliance from their lackies and destroy the journalists who speak the truth. The degradation of the international free press began in the wake of the Damascus affair.
      My editor, the late Sam Francis, was removed from his position at the Washington Times for speaking the truth. He is now credited with predicting Trump’s populist uprising in his essay from Household to Nation (noted by Raimondo, Kirkpatrick, Limbaugh). He was vilified for describing the attack on the “white race.”
      I discuss the population transfers that were designed to end the homogeneity of western civilization here:

  • MetaCynic

    Since the Power Elites’ major players are presumed to be of the Anglosphere, I fail to see what they expect to gain which they don’t already have by deliberately undermining the power of their home bases and to risk inadvertently favoring, say, China. If the Chinese regain their long lost status as the richest, most technologically advanced and most powerful people on earth with perhaps a gold backed currency, what use will they have for the Anglosphere’s now overshadowed elites or for that elites’ global fiat currency? Are the Chinese expected to shower the Anglosphere’s elites with gratitude for being kind enough to assist China in its ascent? Will China agree to a power sharing arrangement among equals? Why should they willingly share power any more than the Anglosphere’s elites have willingly shared power with anyone else this past generation?

    It seems to me that the Anglosphere’s elites would risk having events spin out of their control if they engineered chaos at home in order to make a grab for global domination. This would be akin to the dog carrying a bone in an Aesop’s fable who upon seeing his reflection in water jumps in to grab away the bone from the dog in the reflection and ends up with nothing!

    • The whole endeavor is risky. But modern China was funded by the Anglosphere. That’s a fact.

      • MetaCynic

        That’s true. But China is not a backwater dictatorship such as were the rulers of Iraq or Libya who could be fairly easily deposed when they got uppity and stopped obeying orders.

        At considerable risk to itself, Hitler and the Soviets were also funded by the Anglosphere. If it were not for a few avoidable blunders along the way, Hitler could have won his European war. This left the USSR as an existential threat to the Anglosphere for about 40 years. Hitler didn’t have the resources within reach to win a war of attrition, and other than its ICBMs, the USSR’s militarized economy was too rickety to challenge the Anglosphere. Despite its reckless credit expansion and mercantilism, China is already an altogether more formidable creature than were these others.

        • The Ballstone Group

          Think of the expenses and expansion of state power which can be justified by the conflict.

          • Bruce C.

            It can’t happen politically – not again. The US shot quite a load in Iraq and in the financial bailouts (US national debt went from $8 trillion to $19 trillion in 8 years). Another war with anyone is a non-starter, and if “we’re” worried about the Saudis selling $750 billion in dollar assets, imagine how another few trillion in new US Treasury bond issuances would go over.

            Why do you think Obama has to so meekly mention that (only) 250 troops are being sent to Syria? Much more than that and he could literally face impeachment.

          • The Ballstone Group

            I’m not certain which parts of the serial drama genuinely worry the US.

            The Iraq war was not affordable, somehow they did it anyways. Iraq was politically unpalatable, until a reason to go was discovered.

            Hot war may or may not be in the cards, but I don’t see how it is impossible for the reasons you cite.

            Just as much spending can be rationalized in an arms race. The security state can similarly bolster its self. To go back to the OP’s comment, beneficiaries of these processes are probably unconcerned with whichever side comes out on top.

          • Bruce C.

            “Fortunately”, “the Powers That Be” need political cover and cooperation (unless they act in secret) so if they can’t achieve that they can’t do much. There are many examples, but the Iraq war and the financial bailouts (and “ObamaCare”) were all very unpopular but there was just enough capitulation and subterfuge to manifest them. But now people are more aware than ever that they were fooled and I don’t think they will allow much else along those lines, not to mention the financial markets themselves. The only “trump card” that they have now is to invoke fear but even that is waning.

          • MetaCynic

            I agree. Judging by Trump’s popularity, the American people are finally tired of endless wars which are sapping the nation’s treasure and making enemies for no perceivable benefit for us. Any military conflict with China would probably be in the South China Sea over a few islands hardly larger than atolls and contested by China and some of its neighbors. Why should the American people want to go to war over which Southeast Asian country’s flag flies over these rocks 7,000 miles from our shores?

          • W. S.

            Perhaps because, by establishing territorial integrity, they can assume control of the resources that lie beneath… Oil, Gas, REMs and PMs anyone?

            Nautilus Minerals plc, was developing equipment to mine on oceanic sea-floors, and there’s no reason to assume that the Chinese couldn’t do so too…

    • Rich Faussette

      You’re making an assumption regarding the identity of the Anglosphere’s elites.

  • FreeOregon

    Nonsense. There is a 309.6 Year Cycle. It turned September 30, 2015. There’s nothing governments or politicians or you and I can do to change a cycle. The last time people faced a turn of this magnitude Russia defeated Sweden in what today is Ukraine and England annexed Scotland under Queen Anne. It’s simply time for the financial capital of the world to move from New York to Shanghai. It will move again, first to India and then back to Europe, after our lifetimes. Cycles outlast us.

  • philip

    Philip, Rich Faussette.The identity Anglosphere elites needs to be defined as you point out to Metacynic. Who is in control? Who benefits? Follow the “money”. For my part Professor Kevin Mac Donald makes the effort to explain what is going on in terms I can understand. How to change the possible outcome, get DBs opinion on that

  • The end of Word War I was on November 11 (11/11) 1918 at 11:00 AM. It is a remarkable double digit date. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip initiated World War I. At the time of his assassination, the licence plate number of the car Franz Ferdinand was in was AIII 118, which could be seen as a reference to the date of the armistice ending the war.

    This could be a coincidence, but if it is not, then someone knew before everything happened, that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand would be the pretext for World War I, and that the war would last until 11 November 1918. That requires a lot of control, if not complete control, at least if chaos theory is correct. Chaos theory states that even the flight of a butterfly influences the course of history.

    The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand itself is a sequence of mishaps. A planned assassination plot failed. A few conspirators did not act and Nedeljko Čabrinović threw a bomb but it exploded under the next car. Archduke Franz Ferdinand gave up his planned programme in favour of visiting the wounded from the bombing at the hospital.

    After learning that the assassination had been unsuccessful, Gavrilo Princip went to a nearby food shop. There he saw Franz Ferdinand’s open car reversing after having taken the wrong turn as it drove past. The engine of the car stalled and the gears locked, which gave Princip the opportunity to kill Franz Ferdinand. This implies that all the mishaps may also be planned.

    Is this just coincidence? Consider the following.

    D-Day was on 6 June 1944 (6/6/44). The date was chosen by the Allies because there was a full moon on 6 June and because of an expected slight improvement in the weather conditions on that day. D-Day probably was the most important single date of World War II. D-Day means Decision Day. D is the fourth letter of the alphabet, so Decision Day (DD) can be translated to 44, which is the year D-Day happened.

    Normandy invaded England in the year 1066 while English forces invaded Normandy on 6 June (6/6). During the Battle of Hastings on 14 October 1066, King Harold II of England was killed, just after he had killed King Harold III of Norway in the Battle of Stamford Bridge a few days earlier. It is remarkable that two Kings named Harold have been killed within a short timeframe. On 14 October 1944, the German General Rommel committed suicide. Rommel oversaw the construction of the German defences called Atlantikwall intended to repel an allied invasion.

    The beginning and the end of World War I as well as D-Day and the Battle of Hastings were historic mega events so the law of large numbers may not apply because there are a few of such events.

    Consider the following as a plausible description of reality. We live in a virtual reality created by an advanced civilisation, and everything is proceeding according to a script. My mind is controlled by the programme, and your mind is too. You may think that you are smart, enlightened or better informed, but you may not be smarter or better informed than the average Muslim prostrating himself or herself before Allah.

    • The Archduke was shot. Rasputin was stabbed on the same day and hour – allowing for the time difference – in Russia. These two men were the most influential anti-war leaders of their day. For some reason, the Rasputin stabbing is almost never mentioned, though we’ve written several articles about it.

      • Very interesting. Thank you. I will soon include that in my research paper. You might want to read this research. It can be found here:

        • Thanks for the link. Just look up “Daily Bell directed history” on the Internet. Also: Internet Reformation.

          • I have just figured out that there are two weeks between those events as there were two different calendars in use in mainland Europe and Russia, so this one isn’t really that remarkable. But I will read it. Maybe there are some other things that are interesting.

          • You might want to recheck. There’s a good deal of controversy about the timing …

          • You mean this, for example?


            The “one day earlier” immediately turned me off. That is misstating the facts to make a point. The point of this universe being a controlled virtual reality is a difficult one to make, and many of the coincidences aren’t that remarkable on an individual basis, so this is not the kind of material I am looking for. Debunkers will have a field day on this one.

            Anyway, the European powers were preparing for war, and if it hadn’t happened then, it probably would have have happened a few years later (at least if this universe is not a controlled virtual reality in which it was planned to happen, as the license plate might suggest).

  • Praetor

    Yes the plan, without the plan, no world governance.

    This is why time is used to farther the plan. Time is their partner in crime. Time makes it possible for them to write history as they choose. Time gives them the ability to manipulate an event to their advantage. Time does give them more time to farther their plan.

    The thing time does not give them is the ability to control Natural Law and Free Liberated Human action, and that is why, their plan hasn’t succeed, yet.

    Do we not believe, they would not have had world governance along time ago, if it wasn’t because of something, holding them back!!!

  • njguy53

    The big question is, now that the parasitic “banking families” have stripped the west dry of its wealth, who will they leach onto next? They’re not going to go away.

    Probably, the upcoming one-world currency is the answer. They plan on leaching onto the entire world. It’s hard to imagine, however, that the Chinese will play along. Therefore, have they been given a seat at the parasite table??

    • Cynthia McKinney PhD

      Good question!