Did the NSA Create Bitcoin to Usher in One World Currency?
By Joe Jarvis - January 30, 2018

It is true, the National Security Agency created part of the code for Bitcoin.

When you first hear that, it is pretty jarring. It seems like a smoking gun! Case closed, conspiracy theory proven.

But the NSA creates a lot of cryptography code. Some of it works and is widely adopted.

The piece of the Bitcoin code created by the NSA is a hash function called SHA-256. SHA stands for Secure Hashing Algorithm. The hash is the expected outcome. An algorithm can be executed on a piece of data, and the output of that algorithm should match the hash. But you can’t figure out what the data was with just the hash. It only works in one direction. And there are enough different combinations that it is virtually impossible for any two pieces of data to create the same hash.

SHA-256 is not unique to Bitcoin and the NSA. It is used widely, including in SSL certificates to encrypt small data files. Even if someone changes one piece of the file, the hash also changes, and the receiving computer will recognize this by comparing the expected hash with the received hash. This prevents data from being intercepted and changed without detection before reaching its final destination.

That is also the premise behind how SHA-256 is used to create new blocks which represent a newly mined Bitcoin. If anyone tries to falsify any preceding block, the chain of blocks–or blockchain–is disrupted, and the hash will not match.

Yes, the NSA created a piece of the Bitcoin code. No, that is not as actually as sketchy as it might seem.

People are concerned that they installed a “backdoor” in the SHA-256 code to hack and manipulate Bitcoin. But the code is open source. It seems unlikely that of all the experienced people and organizations poring over the code, no one would have noticed a vulnerability.

The Bitcoin One World Currency Conspiracy Theory

The Natural News version of the theory goes something like this.

The government invents Bitcoin to get people excited about digital currency. Then they create their own, or partner with a mainstream bank to create digital cash.

Next, they initiate a global scale false flag attack, like a fake alien invasion, an electromagnetic pulse from North Korea, or a terrorist attack on the power grid. This chaos tanks the economy and the financial system. They blame Bitcoin for funding the terrorists (or aliens?) and outlaw it.

Then the government “saves the day” with their own cryptocurrency, and allows everyone to trade in their fiat dollars for the digital token. The government’s digital token tracks every financial transaction you make. They outlaw Bitcoin, gold, silver, and cash in the name of security so that terrorism cannot be funded.

Then some Biblical prophesies get brought in, and the government requires their crypto transactions be authenticated with RFID chips: the mark of the beast! So no one can transact in the economy without a tracking chip.

The government has complete control over the population. They can roll out automatic taxation, negative interest rates, and any other kind of control they want.

The creator of Natural News, “The Health Ranger” Mike Adams, concludes: “How do you feel about Bitcoin now?”

Well damn Mike, that sounds pretty scary! You know, I check my closets and under my bed after watching horror flicks too. That doesn’t mean being scared has actually increased the risk of a spooky story coming true.

Natural News has some good content. I like what Mike Adams does in general. But he has a clear bias against Bitcoin and basically flings crap against a wall until something sticks.

Take Bitcoin out of that conspiracy theory, and nothing changes. Bitcoin is not at all an integral part of that scenario. Insert cash where it says Bitcoin. And insert digital-cash in place of government-sponsored cryptocurrency. Government creating Bitcoin is an unnecessary extra step.

It’s not that I think the government wouldn’t try (or want to try) that scenario. But I do have serious doubts about their competence to carry it out.

Mike has also criticized Bitcoin speculators for thinking the government is going to allow them to hold onto their gains. So I guess people are supposed to abandon technological progress if the government is likely to outlaw it down the road. Might as well abandon gold and silver while we are at it since those will also be outlawed in his scenario.

In fact with this doomsday attitude that resistance is futile, why bother owning guns, collecting rainwater, or doing anything else to prepare for disaster? Does Mike really think the government is going to let him keep his ammo and solar panels?

He also criticizes Bitcoin enthusiasts for participating in a bubble, Ponzi scheme, or tulip-mania. That’s possible, but then why would these people have to fear the government outlawing something that is going to destroy itself anyway?

Mike has intelligent well thought out insights on many subjects. Bitcoin is not one of them.

So Did the NSA Create Bitcoin?

The NSA wrote a paper in 1996 that some say lays the groundwork for Bitcoin.

This is another fact that sounds pretty damning. But again, this is one of the functions of the NSA. They explore cryptography and its applications. There are certainly similar elements between the NSA outline and Bitcoin. But the paper is still relatively broad.

And the paper was never kept secret, it was published. The real Satoshi Nakamoto could have read it and got some ideas. He, or whatever organization the name represents, would have done their research to review published material on the subject of cryptocurrencies.

It’s really no more nefarious than seeing elements of British Common Law in the American Bill of Rights. That doesn’t mean the British infiltrated the new American Congress.

Some claim that Satoshi Nakamoto can be translated to “Central Intelligence.” And we all know that much like serial killers, the government loves to leave little breadcrumbs hinting at their evil plans.

But translating Japanese is not that simple. As this Steemit article points out, the translation is just as likely to mean, “A clever chronicling of history as a book that is in the process of happening and throughout (all nodes).”

But even if the NSA or CIA created Bitcoin, so what? The US government created the internet, and then the market ran with it and created the most individually empowering platform that ever existed. We shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency out there. Even if the NSA or CIA did create Bitcoin, they inadvertently spurred a competition for the best cryptocurrency. If they created it to fund their own terrorist organizations, that means it is a useful financial tool.

Now I understand if you want to stay away from anything associated with these nafarious organizations. I am no cryptography expert. I cannot say for sure how likely it is that the government has a backdoor or vulnerability built into Bitcoin to steal or manipulate the cryptocurrency.

From my own research, that seems relatively unlikely. But if you disagree, simply divest in Bitcoin, and diversify into other cryptocurrencies untainted by the U.S. government.

That’s the great part about a market for currencies. There are other choices. Unlike the U.S. dollar, you are not forced to use Bitcoin.

A Note on the Conspiracy Loop

Conspiracy theories lend themselves to a never-ending feedback loop.

Sure, it could all be true. But it could just as easily be reverse psychology.

Perhaps Bitcoin is such a promising tool to free people from central banking, that they are desperate to discredit it. What better way than to convince people it was created by the NSA or CIA?

The government’s best tool is convincing everyone they are omnipresent. Seeing agents in everything paralyzes people with inaction. Better to accept the fact that the government has infiltrated certain aspects of society. Armed with that knowledge, you can live your life without self-imposed exile.

Don’t base your decision on an unproven conspiracy theory.

If you do, it is a flip of the coin. Maybe avoiding Bitcoin saves you some money and disappointment when the NSA exploits it. Maybe you miss out on a promising technology devoid of NSA influence.

You really can’t make a definite determination about Bitcoin based on the information available. Therefore the best course of action is to do what you were going to do anyway.

For me, that means holding some Bitcoin. If I lose it all, oh well, c’est la vie! If it goes to the moon, great, I will take some off the table. If it eventually becomes a stable and widely accepted currency, yay, that’s what I wanted all along.

And if our shadowy globalist elite bankster deep state overlords plunge us into a 10,000-year war with Satan himself leading the dark armies, then what the hell was I going to do about it anyway?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Yes, I have wondered this myself many times as it is simply a digital electronic currency and that gives 100% control of all supposed money ! which is why I have not gone there and never will. How many times have they been hacked and or stolen or frauded so far ?

    Even if this was not created by a spook agency for the benefit of central banks and government control mechanisms, it may well be looked at as a model ? Since the original creator has remained anonymous I too have long suspected this is a government creation and being floated as a test model for various reasons. Problem is any and all electronic systems can be hacked or manipulated. Realize there have been many created illusions !

    • Number 6

      Ive always thought it was the one world currency, if “Their’ media keeps alerting me to something, I know its their creation. But I think we need to take note of the way they’ve done it, its been done subtly, they’ve tried to make it look as if its anti establishment, they haven’t over promoted it because they know people distrust the mainstream media, but made sure everyone heard about it.

      And they haven’t done what they’ve usually do and hired a front man “crazy genius Billionaire” in the mould of Tony Stark, to do all the marketing like they’ve done with corporation after corporation before. Like you say They’ve made the creator anonymous, of course it makes it look even more “anti establishment” and nobodies suspicion can be aroused by someone who doesn’t exist, and theres no clash of personalities “I hate celebrity billionaire X ergo I don’t want to use Bitcoin” and they want Everyone to use Bitcoin.
      Gold all the way as far as Im concerned there was no inflation before the bankers imposed their fiat money system on everyone, Crypto currencies are exactly the same except now they don’t want to even pay for the paper.

  • Mai

    “NSA/DARPA created bitcoin under the guidance of the IMF. The IMF has been openly calling for a digital, one-world, deflationary currency for 2 decades. OPENLY. It has been discussed and promoted OPENLY at G8 and G20 summits.
    They want cashless? That’s why they invented bitcoin then right? I’m sure you’ve heard of the NSA paper called How to Make a Mint: The cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash, written in 1996 by the NSA, describes bitcoin to a t. ”

    found on comments here: Davos Elite wants Cashless Society :

  • Praetor


  • Henry Balfour

    My observation regarding cryptos, and the sweaty insistence by ‘anon’ at al that it will ‘free us from bankers’ is that even technically astute people completely ignore how fenced ‘the internet’ (the backbones of data pipes that mesh the world) A sufficiently motivate state actor, esp of the size of the USA can and routinely does monitor and meddle with traffic on the backbones. It’s not that hard. When ‘they’ (whoever you consider ‘they’ to be) want to dark some segment, or all, of web delivery, they can and will. Cryptos are a luxury of a ‘wild’ WWW. That is a fantasy, increasingly laid bare. No electricity ? No crypto… TIA is becoming a firm fact for all packets…..

  • altcoins

    “Mike has intelligent well thought out insights on many subjects. Bitcoin is not one of them.”

    Ironically, the same can be said of both yourself and this article as well.

  • meugene

    As a general rule, the vast majority of people do not like change and chaos. They prefer life and family and career to follow predictable patterns and expected courses, and peace.

    But we are in an era of governments literally “forcing change” through chaos—and part of that chaos is ever-changing technology, growing ever more powerful, pervasive, and invasive. Just as the new amorality is destroying the God-given order of marriage and family, technology is quickly coming to rule over us, all in the name of convenience and expedience.

    Quite literally, humanity has become part of a grand Orwellian-Huxleyan experiment where individuals become blips on a computer screen that follow predictive courses of action based on what they are fed and stimulated with.
    The “conspiracy theory” aspect of Bitcoin, therefore, is not difficult to understand. In order to get people to adopt an entirely new way of living, you have to get them to want it. And as even the lottery jackpots demonstrate, you can get millions of people to buy more tickets when the jackpot gets bigger (even though the odds of winning do not change).

    (But before Bitcoin goes bust, we can count on stocks taking a dive. Just as zero interest caused people to put their savings into the stock market to get any return, there will be a future event designed to get people to flee stocks and clamor for crypto. The bankers know perfectly well how to game us all.)

    Video games featuring golden coins (which Mario coincidentally “mined” by breaking “blocks”) have been literally programming us since the late 80s, and use the same Pavlovian feedback techniques that gambling machines feature. (Oh, how we love the “reward” of lights and bells.) We’re no different than rats in a circus maze with fountains of morphine dripping in every corner. (And evidently, not smart enough to recognize and escape the mechanisms designed to keep us enslaved.)

    Clearly, the bankers desire a global currency. It is their wet dream. It also leads toward the fulfillment of some very real biblical prophecies concerning the future—which should be no surprise to anyone who has studied the books of Daniel and Revelation.

  • FreeYourMindinSC

    Does it not bother folks that there is not a scrap of proof that this Satoshi Nakamoto even exists? With Bitcoin’s performance last year, as pure speculation drove its price into the stratosphere, the man credited with introducing it (& blockchain technology) back in 2008 should be as big a corporate celebrity as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. One would expect to see his name & face plastered everywhere. He should have been Time’s Man of the Year! Instead: crickets. If there’s a single validated photo of the man anywhere online, I haven’t seen it.

    Plus, I recall reading that the “Nakamoto” paper was written in perfect British English, & contained other evidence of having been produced not in Japan but in London (probably in the City of London). How interesting.

    While we can debate the specifics endlessly, & doubtless there will be course changes & corrections over time as some machinations work better than others, I would not be surprised in the least should it turn out that Bitcoin & other so-called cryptocurrencies aren’t stealth efforts to familiarize the more independent-minded of us (or who tell ourselves we are) with an exclusively digital currency, as a prelude to a false flag event of some kind that drives out Bitcoin & its fellows, after which the corporate state introduces its own, adopting blockchain technology to record all transactions & actors involved.

    It should be clear that NOTHING we do online is truly anonymous. I have friends who are *absolutely insistent* that their Bitcoin transactions on exchanges are anonymous. Anonymous my ass! I always ask them how they signed up, what information about themselves they were forced to supply as a condition of establishing their accounts. I went through part of the procedure for signing up on Coinbase & got cold feet when the site demanded a scan of either my drivers license or a passport photo. At least I think it was Coinbase.

    Needless to say, I don’t “do” Bitcoin & will not use blockchain technology unless I am forced to. (Yes, it will be coercion as far as I am concerned.) I suppose I am one of those people who fears that technology is gradually enslaving us. Or, more accurately, the masses’ preference for convenience & entertainment are allowing them to enslave themselves, & we skeptics are being dragged along, however reluctantly, as a condition of living normal lives. You cannot live a normal life today, for example, without a mobile device of some kind — a device which is always gathering information about you & relaying your location accurately to Google & probably dozens of other corporations, not to mention government.

    Is this truly where consumer choice has brought us? Seldom can I walk down a city street anymore without someone nearly plowing into me … eyes glued to his/her phone (almost literally)!

    I know that Libertarians worship at the alter of what they call consumer sovereignty. Show me a consumer who is actually sovereign, & I will believe it.

    • James Clander

      “You cannot live a normal life today, for example, without a mobile device of some kind — a device which is always gathering information about you & relaying your location accurately to Google & probably dozens of other corporations, not to mention government.”

      Agree with your comments except that you don’t NEED to be connected to Data except if YOU want some info for a specific reason. Like a map.
      I use my smart phone to make a call or Text & to receive a call . Apart from that I’m hardly ever on the Net because I do that at home on a BIG screen called a Desktop.

  • Bruce C.

    The literal “bottom line” with all of this discussion about Bitcoin is the answer to the question ‘Will I profit by buying Bitcoins now?’

    It’s all about purchasing power and preserving one’s wealth.

    As I understand it, the big gorilla is the “fact” (?) that no more than 21 million Bitcoins can ever exist (A surprisingly arbitrary and “weird” factoid I might add.) Using simple minded math – which seems a bit (no pun intended) ironic given how cryptic the cryptography of cryptocurrencies are – one can do a back of an envelope calculation to determine the ultimate value of a Bitcoin could be something like $3,000,000, assuming all existing “money” on planet Earth is about $65 trillion.

    Now, if you have a problem with that then I would say you’re not alone which is one of MANY problems with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general and even gold and silver.

    Many years ago I worked for a company that assessed new products and services and technologies to determine their investment potential and one of the most common criticisms of things we looked at was that they were often “solutions in search of a problem.” To me cryptocurrencies are like that. They appeal to modern young people who use consumer electronics like a mother’s teat and have no deeper understanding or interest.

    Even many (most ?) readers at this blog site have a sketchy at best understanding of the existing monetary systems of today so I really doubt that the interest in Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies is because of some grip about the current system. IMO it’s all about trying to profit from Bitcoin as a speculative investment, but that’s all.

  • Next, they initiate a global scale false flag attack, like a fake alien invasion, an electromagnetic pulse from North Korea, or a terrorist attack on the power grid. This chaos tanks the economy and the financial system.

    Are SMARTR Quantum Communication Drivers Heavenly Virtual Machines and Alien, or for Real? …..


    The daemon elephant/phantom menace in the room for delivery and destruction and deconstruction of whatever and/or next, they initiate a global scale false flag attack, like a fake alien invasion, an electromagnetic pulse from North Korea, or a terrorist attack on the power grid. This chaos tanks the economy and the financial system?

    Yes, it most certainly is.

    Are you aware of what is rapidly able to change everything all around you, DB? The invisible wonder which has mainstream media both terrorised and petrified into silence because intelligence services are hacked with their national drivering codes cracked?

  • JayTe

    LOL! I like Mike Adams as well. But let’s be perfectly clear for those who don’t know anything about the pre internet days. David Chaum wrote his seminal paper on secure digital cash in 1982. The year before he wrote another key paper on anonymous communication network. He then founded Digicash in 1990 and did it’s first electronic payment in 1994! But there seems to be this meme going around that the NSA invented bitcoin from a paper wrote in 1996!?!

    Second the fact that they initially chose to use SHA-256 is not a major thing especially since there are two layers of security in bitcoin. First the elliptic curve multiplication on a prime field which is a one-way function which depends on prime factorization mathematics which is vulnerable to quantum technology. The other is SHA-256 which is not actually factorisable with quantum technology. But since the elliptic curve public keys in the transactions are on published after the money has been spent. So if you use the fundamental best practice of Bitcoin, of only using a different unique address for every transaction and spend it completely every time you use it to redirect the change to a new address. By the first time the public key is advertised on the network it no longer contains any money so that if it is cracked, one only has an empty address!!! (Thanks to Andreas Antonopoulos for pointing this out).

    So not only does the paper from some NSA lackey have nothing to do with bitcoin but the design of bitcoin hardly leaves any vulnerability that would lead to centralised control. These scenarios only arise when one is ignorant of the real history of cryptocurrencies in general and the design of bitcoin in particular.

  • Varangian Guard

    Buck Fitcoin

  • cuckoo40

    Its to keep your eyes off the real prize gold.

  • Danny Thom

    I disagree with Mike Adams, but I think bitcoin is a manipulation by the Elites. Using bitcoin, people are moving beyond the financial policies of their governments creating one universal currency. People are given something of value and in return they do what the Elites want. Even enlightened red-pilled masses can still be manipulated. And by the way you use the term conspiracy in a negative sense to help disprove Adams’ theory. Don’t you know that it was the CIA in the early 1960s who made the phrase “conspiracy theory” appear negative or actually unbelievable. A really well done manipulation that works to this day.